November 13th, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “arts”

  1. It is something of an art, the arts
    When delivered so confident and self-assured
    All while knowing it was nourished in a heap
    Potent mix of both fear and doubt, a pile of peat
    Twins in the night
    Forcing us to reach out for the light
    What goes around comes around, tendrils twine
    Unknown is how many times will it be magnified
    Beyond its original scope
    Awash in a new haze of intent
    Something retrospectively envisioned
    Something a shade beyond the term unique

    By Intuition on 11.13.2012

  2. God, Love, painting, theater, frames, pictures, nature, fun, friendship, colors, red, pink, way of life, happiness.

    By marina on 11.13.2012

  3. Artworks, illustrations backed by different and incomparable motivations. The dark form of dragon across the sky, a sparse black world visible behind a draft of sparkling stars. Layers, bounds we crossed them to cross that sentence out; rewrite, review, resee – check our dictionary; become the new Shakesphere, create words to fit our purpose. Mine the Elysian fields for blooming regrets, and set our hands across the clouds in the sky – complete the bunny’s ears, the ladles end and lay, peacefully, from dawn to late in the night. Hear a violin, piano quick keys, heartening, brightening, peaceful hearkening, seeking a place within ourselves, the envisioned solitude of some inner sanctuary. A build, low it rises, motivation, on the horizon, a long sunder of the bow. Over the mountains a pan, a ship upon the sea, a rocky cove, a cave and then longing for a home, more of an identity than a location. Circular journey. Romantic fate.

    By Eric Harrell on 11.13.2012

  4. fine. color. studies, and different thoughts, many people like, class, sculpture, painting, college of, pictures, monet, colorful lines and vangho.

    By mpage on 11.13.2012

  5. arts
    flood the space
    stares penetrated
    the layers
    the walls flooded with color
    each brush stroke was a symphony

    By Susan on 11.13.2012

  6. I don’t know when why we consider ourselves “bad artists”
    We each have our own art and hobby.
    Honestly, who can say that they aren’t good at something?
    We aren’t ‘good artists’ when we can’t trust our work.

    By Ivory on 11.13.2012

  7. How do I start with art.
    It is a movement within that insists that it must get out.
    It is never second guessing.
    It is resilient,
    it is insisting,
    it is a friend.

    By Jake D. on 11.13.2012

  8. Simple and smooth is
    true art, layers make shapes in
    space, larger than life.

    By Ivory on 11.13.2012

  9. A sacred call to the hill on the other side of the island,
    A collection of rag tag humans with the sake or arts on their side,
    A hopeful stream of wistfulness still exists.

    By Simone on 11.13.2012

  10. It’s just the way the icy water hits my leg from the faucet
    It’s just the way

    By Jackie on 11.13.2012

  11. I have given up on the arts. After graduating with a degree in theatre, I’ve dropped everything that had been my life for five years. I’m not even sure I miss it. Now, as a teacher, I often think about what it is that I am doing and how it may prove to still be artistic. I have given up on the arts but have they given up on me?

    By JD Flook on 11.13.2012

  12. There was a steadily growing pile of rubbish and debris around her. “There!” she exclaimed proudly, holding out her mangled candy corn turkey for inspection. “Finished.”

    Arts and crafts was not her forte.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.13.2012

  13. There’s a drama in the way your eyes dance.
    There’s music in the marble of your voice.
    There are paintings in the freckles on your skin.

    Your existence is a whirlwind of poetry which dizzies and dazzles me to a point where I don’t know if I can love anything but you and your arts

    By Perri on 11.13.2012

  14. The arts. A powerful, exaggerated, often colorful way of expressing oneself.

    At least, that’s what I thought when I took that paint brush in my hand… I never thought it would lead to my own undoing, lead to my very death. Ah, how could I be seen as a heretic, by the very god I worshipped?

    Art is a powerful, exaggerated, often colorful way of expressing oneself.

    It is also a tool that leads to one’s own demise.

    By Wes on 11.13.2012

  15. i love the arts it is one thing that allows your mind to escape and set free things you didnt know exist. Art is the expressions inside, the true meanings of what your mind and or brain may be experiencing, it is all around a great way to escape from reality. show the worlds something new by expressing your thoughts into images.

    By Zach Ray URL on 11.13.2012

  16. therea are many arts – dance, music, visual, fine arts, crude arts, mud arts and porceline arts but there is absolutely no wrong arts. All arts are spectacularly necessary even those no one ever sees.

    By Elleszar on 11.13.2012

  17. I do art. Only because the human beauty is too good to pass up, it needs to be known. Everyone is beautiful, art is something that helps one see that.

    By Ashley Straub on 11.13.2012

  18. art. how can there be a plural of arts? art is an all-encompassing term. You cant have more than one art because that would imply that theres more to encompass beyond… well, everything. Maybe there is, but that’s getting awfully philisophical for “arts and humanities”

    By Leah on 11.13.2012

  19. Arts arts like ants in my head. They echo and craw, like monsterous birds, swarming around. All beauty is sadd. Voices in my head. They said I was crazy. They said art wuld help me. Help me get out my… Perpetual anger.

    By littleredowl on 11.13.2012

  20. arts. weird that there’s a plural. art, because it’s so universal, seems like it should be singular. I wish I wasn’t singular.

    By Leah on 11.13.2012

  21. if there was an arts program where a bunch of mules were in one room together what would it be called. politics. because all they do is make an ass of themselves while they could pretty much be doing arts and crafts. they are useless puppets and figureheads and some (george bush) pretty much have the minds of children.

    By Justin Smythe on 11.13.2012

  22. I’m very into the art world. I love everything about art. I think that with out art in this world eveything would be plain. Art is what makes the world so beautiful and complex.

    By Eliza on 11.13.2012

  23. He found his life in the simple arts of dipping a stick into watercolors sprayed out in streams in a private river he kept flowing through his bedroom, perched on a bridge that he built from bamboo and stray strings of bark and sinews holding together his dreams on a monument, constantly stroking the vigor back into the walls of his old establishment owned by a father who didn’t exactly enjoy the brightness of Picasso or insanity of Van Gogh.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.13.2012

  24. Anyone someone can express himself.

    It also rhymes with farts. Well that’s awkward.

    Pop tarts.
    Paul Blart.
    Grocery mart.

    By Alexandra on 11.13.2012

  25. I am the arts
    of my own
    creativity and lifelessness
    I am
    you have never seen

    By DesertPromQueen on 11.13.2012

  26. meow meow. i live to think, i live to feel. the arts capture me and make me renew myself, my thoughts, my perspective, the air that surrounds my mind. the way i shape my thoughts. it’s been a long time since ive hung my head and written, but i will do it. i will do it. i will. i must let the thoughts escape.

    By catie on 11.13.2012

  27. The arts are what keep me grounded, really. They are my ecstasy. They give me that deep love just like the drug. Giving me that escape from the world, as if I were in the midst of a rave waving my arms back and forth. The serotonin in my brain is running wild giving me deep love for the moment. But instead of a rave and love for others it is love for this brush going to the paper, creating something that I cannot describe in words.

    By sturmzie on 11.13.2012

  28. “Some people may call it a skill or something that I have been trained in. Others may say the skills I have are a curse. But I believe that the art that I practice is a blessing in disguise. Who else can claim that they are gifted in the arts of espionage, murder, and thievery?” I cross my arms, glaring at the guy who stood carving another message into wood.
    “Your gifts will cost you,” he says. His blue eyes briefly hold mine. Then, they swing back to his riddle. “Are you willing to take those risks?”
    Mingling in the cool, dawn morning air, the vapor of my sigh drifts into oblivion. . . .and I can’t help but think that my life could very well be like the vapor. It will disappear into bleak blackness, leaving no sign that it had been there before.
    “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

    By KenzieB19 on 11.13.2012

  29. i love the arts. i am a dancer. i am a creator. i love to make things, to express myself in a way i have never been able to get out with words. dance is my preferred art, though music is a close second. there is just something about going into an empty studio late at night, only the lights of the streetlamps illuminating patches on the floor. dancing in and out of the patches while music blares from the stereo… it’s candidly, expressively, incredibly… me.

    By Shayla on 11.13.2012

  30. Arts
    flood the wall
    brush strokes of symphonies
    bright colors paint the walls

    By Susan on 11.13.2012

  31. Artistic abilities hindering me to blind to see the light is shining past the trees and absorbing directly into me because of this I will find the peace to cure the doubt without the beast.

    By MariahH. URL on 11.13.2012

  32. “What about the arts?” he asked, with a small smile on his handsome face.

    I squirmed. “What about them?”

    “Do you enjoy them?”

    “Well I suppose I do …. I prefer Banksy though, and other street art. I tend to feel out of place at art museums, ballet shows, and opera houses.”

    “Hmm.. well we’ll see if I can change that.”

    By Aimee B. on 11.13.2012

  33. I love art. There are many forms of arts. Personally I like music that is my favorite type of art. I like how the artist makes rytham and writes his or her lyrics to match their feelings.

    By Jason Puthusseril on 11.13.2012

  34. arts are in every culture. It defines everything that the human brain thinks up. It is a form of expression, it shows what the artist is thinking. There are a multitude of types of art. THere’s painting, drawing, music, drama, photography, and others.

    By Tori on 11.13.2012

  35. Measurement of time in pictures. Methods. Moods. Knowledge of the day. Legacy of past. Art.

    By Jeff on 11.13.2012

  36. The arts, its something we should all appreciate.
    You can find beauty in anything,, really.
    Sometimes you just need to take a step back.
    Or get to know a piece real well in order to fully understand it.

    By AngelDuCiel on 11.13.2012

  37. Les arts
    Les beaux arts
    Les beaus arts sont vie.

    By Mary on 11.13.2012

  38. “eugh arts” says mr shankly
    and tells me to do chemistry
    i can’t.

    i did an art exam once
    (three times)
    (actually it was this morning)

    there was matisse’s icarus
    and caravaggio’s (caravan’s) somebody else
    (actually to tell the truth i am captain of this sinking ship)
    (actually i love it)

    By steve on 11.13.2012

  39. “You need to do performing arts,” they’ll say. “It’s good to have. It’ll look good”
    Performing arts suck.
    Cooking is the only art form I enjoy.

    By alessandra on 11.13.2012

  40. happiness
    Expressing feeling
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    By Anna on 11.13.2012