November 12th, 2012 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “somebody”

  1. When I was a young child somebody offered me something so special which i now hold dear to me. He was my best friend through life.

    By Mary on 11.13.2012

  2. Somebody like you, I’m sure I will meet one day. But not now and not in the distant future. For I am scarred and I hide in the corner whenever as much as a shadow pass by. But I am sure that later on in life, when I am forty, fifty, an ageing woman with fine wrinkles and a throaty laugh, I will perchance on someone as equal as you could have been.

    By Yuki on 11.13.2012

  3. I saw somebody i know that day, sitting on the park bench and drinking artificialmstarbucks coffe, spittle dripping down their chin. Ill admit , it was not a pretty picture. But I knew them, didn’t I? I knew that somebody all that well, had the spectacular misfortune of meeting them out of all the people it is possible to meet in a world populated by 9 billion people. Or is it 7 ?i guess that it doesn’t matter.

    By Zaphra on 11.13.2012

  4. Somebody once told me not to think,so today I will not think.I will just be.Today I choose to let go and let God. Somebody once told me that sign that says think think think is not for me

    By Briana on 11.13.2012

  5. Somebody somewhere is acting like i am. sitting there watching tv wile they wast away their youth. watching the world go by…going away from them. I need to get out and find not just myself…but my reality.

    By Al Honzay on 11.13.2012

  6. Something something for some reason I can’t seem to come with any ideas or inspiration. Perhaps this will help me blah blah blah, and see I keep making these typos I can’t believe I’m talking to a screen…this is because I always get distracted. I hate you screen. Oh ok. I refreshed this and now I get more screen time. Wonderful. So you want me to rant on. Really? Ok. So I wanna come up with a character concept backstory thing before tomorrow. Have to complete that summary too. Probably the insomnia and ADHD, whatever.

    By Jade on 11.13.2012

  7. I what to be somebody but i am a no body it is sad.

    By 123boy = ) on 11.13.2012

  8. i know somebody named alan a person it can be a girle or a guy

    By vidal on 11.13.2012

  9. somebody stool my stuff at my hose.I will find that somebody.

    By xaiverva on 11.13.2012

  10. i’d rather be a somebody than a nobody

    By hun236 on 11.13.2012

  11. the only person i now is me i am somebody and i like the song the somebody i used to now!!!!

    By Hope on 11.13.2012

  12. I saw somebody that i use to know a few months ago at their school.

    By ccv1999 on 11.13.2012

  13. Somebody once told me, “You, my child, are destined for great things.” Me? An insignificant nobody with flaws that outnumber the sprinkles of sand on the beach? Me? A girl with no talents, no strengths, no power? Yes, me. I’m somebody who will make the stars shine brighter, the birds sing louder, the sun blaze more passionately. I am that somebody who will change the world.

    By Deborah Lin on 11.13.2012

  14. I thought I knew somebody once. I was shopping in the street market in a north London borough. It was a wet day and the people bustled by, jostling me with their bags of vegetables and flicking drops of rain from their umbrellas. I caught sight of a man who was buying some grapes at a stall. There was something about the way he stood and his manner that felt familiar. I paused and started looking for clues. He glanced in my direction and didn’t pause. I wondered if it was someone from my neighbourhood or someone I shared the morning commute with, I stood irresolute wondering whether o approach him. Excuse me, but you look familiar. We would begin the possibilities and he might politely humor me, but was there any point? Would it be a wasted conversation. And then what? A chance to perhaps catch up and reminessce about bygone days? He paid and moved on. I watched his retreating back and let him go.

    By Philippa on 11.13.2012

  15. I love Nick Brand, he amazing and he is the somebody that I need in my life.<3 He's soo adorable and compassionate, kind and understanding(: I love him<3 He is mine not yours.

    By Sarah on 11.13.2012

  16. somebody you love, who depends on you and you on them. the one that, if they dissappear, you life suddenly loses its colour, becomed black and white. Shape without form, shade without colour as Eliot said.

    By Chesca URL on 11.13.2012

  17. Now, you’re just somebody that I used to know. That song was once associated with someone else; but now, I can only assign meaning to you. I was in love with you. You were my somebody for one month, until we parted due to life and probably fear. I still miss us, you….. somebody.

    By CJO on 11.13.2012

  18. i think i used to want a stranger
    somebody to tell the emptiness to
    somebody who couldn’t
    my meltdowns
    (like everyone else did)
    (you could see the tallies in the cracks in their fingers)
    (whispered behind their hands in the middle of a school football game)

    By v. gregan on 11.13.2012

  19. what does it mean SPLORKING

    By Goran URL on 11.13.2012

  20. I saw him next to me,
    he sadly stared.
    It was you.

    By selinau on 11.13.2012

  21. somebody is the opposite of nobody. or perhaps everybody is? but everybody is somebody, and we are all just bodies, trapped in space and trying to get by. i am somebody to others, and they are just ‘somebody’ to me. there is a sort of beauty in this word, knowing that out in the earth, everybody is just a ‘somebody’.

    By jesu on 11.13.2012

  22. I used to know somebody. They were my whole world, then all of a sudden, everything just ended between us without any notice at all. Things in this world can’t always be explained. But I’m glad we’re not together anymore. Life is better that way.

    By Samantha Hansen on 11.13.2012

  23. told me once that my hair would be completely white by the time I was 20. They were wrong. It was 35. My mom always wanted me to start dying my hair when it started turning gray…..but I was too cheap and too lazy. And I’m glad now that I didn’t. What a bother, and so many chemicals, too. I’m okay with white hair. Not sure about Randy, though….and Tyler pulls his out when he sees them.

    By Sally on 11.13.2012

  24. Somebody that I know gave me the greatest gift ever. It was the gift of love. Perhaps life. I do not know for sure if there is a distinction. but I know that it gave me hope as well. Life, love, and hope. that is the the essence of humanity. The struggle for those three plague us, drive us, allow us to be who we are and strive to be better yet.

    By Jonathan Veres on 11.13.2012

  25. Somebody once told me that life would go on, that we would heal from heartbreak, and that even the smallest of miracles can mean the most in the end. We may seem lost and confused, but every lesson we have gone through in our past has prepared us to build a better future.

    By Ashley on 11.13.2012

  26. He was a nobody. A coward with power. A shaking mess…that brought him down. – He used to be no one before he was lost. A loner of the field. Now a somebody of the past.

    By Silver on 11.13.2012

  27. I wish somebody would call me. somebody that i love. i wish somebody would tell me what i mean to them and i would feel the same. i wish wsomebody would. i wish somebody would hold me and keep me warm at night. i wish somebody would kiss me and make everything alright i wish somebody would

    By Ashley on 11.13.2012

  28. When you find that somebody you really care about, you think you are in heaven . Its like your life is complete. You wish there was nobody else who would take up that somebody’s place. and You wish that somebody feels the same way about you.

    By Palash Siddamsettiwar on 11.13.2012

  29. Somebody waits
    Cigarette flicked
    Eyes lowered
    Somebody is me

    By Bridget Gettys on 11.13.2012