November 13th, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “arts”

  1. Hand holding
    Forehead kissing
    I smile from across the room
    Or an understanding twinkle of the eye.
    These are
    The arts
    Of sharing hearts
    With another.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.14.2012

  2. remember when you and I wanted to go to different parts of the Art Institute of Chicago so we separated. which I thought was a terrible idea. we met at the gift shop and you said “I think you’re my favorite piece of work”

    By Joselyn on 11.14.2012

  3. I want to study the arts at uni. In primary schools, I thought the arts meant specifically painting. I didn’t ever think that writing is an art. But it is.

    By thnee on 11.14.2012

  4. Liberal arts, thats the first thing that popped into my mind. Yet right after that thought, I started to think of music, paintings, dance… Yes, arts are so much more than just one thing, let us just enjoy all kinds of art form today.

    By Luc on 11.14.2012

  5. goodness of human. nature of human. Gods’ sign in space. Inspiration. Soul , flying souls

    By Bilgehan on 11.14.2012

  6. The arts find truth in beauty, just as science finds beauty in truth. Expression is key.

    By Henry. on 11.14.2012

  7. A world beyond our means. We can strive for high ideals, but always there will be greater and lesser than ourselves.

    A form of human expression, deeper than emotion could ever take you

    By Martha on 11.14.2012

  8. Vad är konst? Allt är konst. Kanske för att allt är konstigt ändå.

    By Sara Borgström on 11.14.2012

  9. the arts can be defined as pretty much anything, so why even bother calling anything the arts when something else completely different can be just as, if not, more beautiful.

    By Matt Trombley on 11.14.2012

  10. crafts, music, literature, paintings, creativity, infinite, imagination, drama, acting, theatre, limitless

    By Sukanya on 11.14.2012

  11. Arts express feelings. When art it is produced, often, an alternate reality is produced as well. This reality that only exists in the mind, the soul of the artist.

    By Em on 11.14.2012

  12. I love the arts, a new way of skinning a cat–things that aren’t even cats. It’s great to be taken out of the mundane and uplifted into a new realm of possibility. It’s a necessity of the human condition.

    By pretard on 11.14.2012

  13. My arts and crafts class is really fun! We make a lot of cool stuff in that class.

    By Madison on 11.14.2012

  14. i’m good at arts

    By alexandermc on 11.14.2012

  15. arts are a buttleful thing

    By Dylan on 11.14.2012

  16. Art is such a broad term for any person to utter. It ranges from the expression of the soul to the defiance of a system. Art is an enigma. A construct that burns and devours it’s own definition perpetually.

    By Alex Centeno on 11.14.2012

  17. My brother used to do arts and crafts in school but now he doesn’t. He was good at doing crafts too.

    By Shelby on 11.14.2012

  18. there is arts all over the world there is paintings , colors and then there others

    By wyatt on 11.14.2012

  19. My friends next class hour is arts and crafts.

    By Rebekah on 11.14.2012

  20. Art is a very beautiful thing.

    By Destiny on 11.14.2012

  21. Arts come from anywhere at any time but true arts are very hard to find because only a true artist can do art.

    By Annette on 11.14.2012

  22. there is an awesome arts class in this school:)

    By Kilee on 11.14.2012

  23. There are a lot of arts out there and they are pretty cool. Arts are really fun you just have to know what you are doing.

    By rodney on 11.14.2012

  24. I belong to one of the arts supported in school. That art is called music. I hope to also join the art club in high school.

    By karen on 11.14.2012


    By Hope on 11.14.2012

  26. There’s a lot of different kinds, and I always struggle with if they really are or not. Sometimes I’m tempted to say that everything is art, but then I look at some things and that can’t be true. Is it only a human endeavor? I don’t know. Strange thoughts at ten in the morning.

    By B Mads on 11.14.2012

  27. Arts. I´m majoring in Arts. Right now I kind of hate art. I want that to change. It just seems to be so insanely hard to find oone good piece of art- any art- anywhere.

    By Juri on 11.14.2012

  28. Can be beautiful, can be crap ether way It’s mine.

    By jack on 11.14.2012

  29. The arts is music, creative arts, and other things like that. Some people like things like that and some people don’t. Music and creative arts are the most popular.

    By Megan on 11.14.2012

  30. I think that arts are a very good way to express yourself.. I think that art can be expressed in many different ways. You and draw or paint for art, or art is also singing and dancing. Arts are a wonderful invention. Speaking of, in our art class this year, we work on drawing.

    By Callie on 11.14.2012

  31. Talent, painting, Acrobatics, Dancing,

    By Reed on 11.14.2012

  32. Talent, painting, Acrobatics, Dancing, play, musical, band, Musical instruments, fame

    By Reed on 11.14.2012

  33. Can be beautiful, can be crap ether way It’s mine. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of it. It’s MMMIIINNNEEE :) YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH SSOOOOOOOONNN. <:0)

    By jack on 11.14.2012

  34. The art of music affects me as I hear the ding-dong-dinging of the oh so reverent church.

    By Mr. Boss on 11.14.2012

  35. Talent, painting, Acrobatics, Dancing, play, musical, band, Musical instruments, fame, beauty at its finest, Delicacy creativity all being shown at the same time in one amazing show Thats what I think of when I here arts

    By Reed on 11.14.2012

  36. Arts can be writing or singing or dancing or drawing or painting. People have different ways they like to express them selfs and some people like to express them selfs through art, weather its dinging or dancing or drawing or painting ect. I think that arts are great. Personally, I love art. Some people are famous for their art.

    By CD on 11.14.2012

  37. All the many ways we say to life: I LOVE YOU

    By james on 11.14.2012

  38. mUTIAL ARTS.. Arts class. Writing, and painting.. To expresss yourself in a artistic way. If it is a wall painting or a poem, it is something you can do. Everyone can join in their own way, no one will be left out.

    By Sofie on 11.14.2012

  39. I love the world arts that you see everywhere wether its on the streets or up on stages .

    By Pamela URL on 11.14.2012

  40. Arts are a way to express yourself thru colors and styles, not words. They dont really have to have a purpose, but it does for artists and many other people

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 11.14.2012