October 26th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “artistry”

  1. Without artistry, the human race would be doomed. As crude as some art may be, it reveals to us what is possible instead of what is-art makes life livable.

    By dan URL on 10.27.2011

  2. hhhhhhhh

    By Jessica on 10.27.2011

  3. One, two ,three four:
    Strokes upon a canvas,
    Count into a tune,
    Heartbeats in witness
    To their greatness.

    By smattc URL on 10.27.2011

  4. He moved the brush over the canvas with
    harsh, angry strides.
    He was the master of that brush,
    of this medium,
    of his life.

    He was beautiful.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 10.27.2011

  5. Tilting my head up, I gaze in wonder at the illustrations displayed above. How the art seems to wrap and curl around me. I can’t seem to grasp how beautiful and unearthly it is.
    Strings of questions dance in my mind. A human person created this? How long did it take them? How is it possible that one mind could create this much beauty?

    By Isabella on 10.27.2011

  6. artistry is the execution of art by an artist, a sort of work and profession to do with art, as opposed to just drawing or painting for fun. er. um. and is not a very commonly used word. alex guzelian.

    By Alex Guzelian on 10.27.2011

  7. It was a difficult craft, making sculpture out of simple wooden found objects, but Jason thought to himself “I am totally the motherfucker to make this bullshit into something meaningful.” And he did. He made a sculpture that was so goddamn artistic that Lucifer cried.

    By Tim on 10.27.2011

  8. Probably an urban myth. But all the same it can be pretty important.

    By sam on 10.27.2011

  9. is a new found talent and passion of mine thanks to my dear old, new friend . she is as mad as a horse on a rainy winter day i say. What she thinks of amazes me, flatters me. She loves ons of my friends who also enjoys artistry

    By Lizanne on 10.27.2011

  10. artistry is awesome. some people have natural artistry. Artistry is the art of being an artist: painting, drawing, etc.

    By mccrazy URL on 10.27.2011

  11. Artists are in artistry and paint or make pictures of all kinds.

    By Giraffe URL on 10.27.2011

  12. artistry is always, it is here and everywhere
    art is on paper
    artistry is paper
    paper makes art, uses art, becomes art, explains art
    Artistry is taken up in paper and art

    By Lizanne on 10.27.2011

  13. Her artistry is very awesome. My brother has a very artistry taste in his talent.

    By r@y@nne sn!per URL on 10.27.2011

  14. I am artistry(I think) because I <3 art! and art is AMAZING!!!! And every one has there way of art!!

    By Twerewolf URL on 10.27.2011

  15. i love artistry in englend.

    By tyler101 URL on 10.27.2011

  16. artistry means to be creative.

    By chunkymonkeyfudgepops URL on 10.27.2011

  17. There is alot of artistry in new york and big cities like that. Artistry is an odd word to be perfectly honest. Artistry is usually art work. Here in this class we do a little artistry.

    By bean! URL on 10.27.2011

  18. The artistry of the artist is very unique.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 10.27.2011

  19. I’m artistry=)

    By Taylor6699lilbug URL on 10.27.2011

  20. We work with artistry in digital design. I dont know what else to write

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 10.27.2011

  21. The artistry in the room is very beautiful. It was a wonderful piece of artistry. Her talent has an artistry touch to it.

    By bowman URL on 10.27.2011

  22. it’s what gives us
    our many stories.
    what makes us open
    our eyes
    and breath in our
    surroundings one sip at a tip.
    it’s what reminds us of
    our own
    our own
    our own limits.

    By NuSol URL on 10.27.2011

  23. Watching the fighter in the ring, Michael couldn’t help but be stunned by the sheer grace and artistry of his style. It was like seeing a movie in HD for the first time. It was as amazing as the first experience he’d had with a girl back in summer camp.

    This guy was good.

    By Tim URL on 10.27.2011

  24. Contrary to what it may seem, I’m not really an “artist” per se, guess I just happen to be an artsy person in the crowd. My love of going to art shows and fests should not be confused with assuminb I am an artist myself, in my family I’m probably the least talented of these people. Well as far as visual art, my medium are words, I suppose my mixed medium would be loving and meshing different languages. Tis funny when I go somewhere and introduce myself at an art event then realize, whoops, I didn’t bring my
    business cards along for my aunt and brother in law etc. Me myself? Oops, that’ would just be ackward. I work with words, that doesn’t mean I can ever find them in real life talking to strangers. I’m the shy type that watches and hides in corner to scribble my thoughts instead of just telling them to everybody in sight.
    I may llike to get my paws good and messy with rainbow colours now and then, but do not be mistaken, I am not really an artist. Anything I do will only be abstract and left open to much interpetation, not like I can get my details across how I’d like to. It MUST be interpetted.
    Maybe you could call me a big fan in the club of artistry culture, like you have musical groupies and such for different communities. I just love the atmosphere, the moods, the feel of these people as they get together to celebrate and revel in the event of CREATING and enjoying, taking the time to revel in life and experience it fully. Tis addictive and makes a person feel they belong.
    So there you go, do not be confused, I am not an artist person, I just happen to love them.

    By apogeekette URL on 10.27.2011

  25. a person could have a artistry. There is artistry chicken. A person could be an artistry.

    By Laurez Hernandez URL on 10.27.2011

  26. a person could have an artistry. artstry is easy.

    By lil-gaylord URL on 10.27.2011

  27. i have no idea what artistry means i am blank. the word has artistry has the word art. mabey thats what it is about. i have artistry. i have to write about artistry.

    By pinkydinkydoo URL on 10.27.2011

  28. Artistry is a way for people to show their different emotions in ways to make them beautiful.
    Artistry be a way to show anger, sadness, love, depression, as well as hope.
    Not many people can see the way a person is feeling in a painting, unless they feel it as well…

    By cupcakebunnyeater URL on 10.27.2011

  29. an artist spinning together a masterpiece with long, slim, rough fingers. a violinist moving his bow to his imagination and dreams. rain tapping against a window while a writer makes that book that you can’t put down from her pen. a baker decorating a cake with elaborate icing vines and flowers with leaves peeking out from the edges. a graffiti writer making her words twist and melt into a wall while risking her life. there is artistry all around us.

    By Sophie A. on 10.27.2011

  30. artistry’s root word is art
    artistry is a funny word

    By Legit Llamas URL on 10.27.2011

  31. artistry’s root word is art ;D
    artistry is a funny word :D
    artistry broken down is art-is-try :D

    By Legit Llamas URL on 10.27.2011

  32. loopiness, crazy, fun, not serious, could be studied, beautiful, i don’t know what else i want this test to be over i have to go to a meeting! this is a pretty word and i wish i was more of an artist anyway.

    By JL on 10.27.2011

  33. As I wandered through the market place, I could help but be astounded by the sheer artistry these craft makers possess. I glanced jealously at their work, wishing that I could replicate it or even be able to do it better. Damn.

    By Ashley on 10.27.2011

  34. Weaving the tapestry of life, will intertwined with destiny. Hope intertwined with fear. The beautiful artistry of the fates.

    By Amy on 10.27.2011

  35. artistry is what allows one to purge themselves of watever is going on inside of them..let the brew be made into a wonderful cup of art…the things rumbling inside a person..

    By Khari Malik on 10.27.2011

  36. To be an artist means you are a master. A master has spent thousands of hours on their area of artistry. They have analyzed and imitated the works of their predecessors. They have poured blood, sweat, tears, and more into what they are trying to accomplish, which is perfection. They relish pain and challenge it to defeat them.

    By Dave Mercer on 10.27.2011

  37. Artistry brings out the creative abilities of a “normal” being. Artistry is inside all of us, bringing out the world we imagine. It encourages our escape from reality.

    By Emily on 10.27.2011

  38. bohemian-bohemia. we watched a clip from the musical rent today. this is really ironic. they’re all poor artists. “music ignites the night with passion” that’s what stuck out to me the most. god, this time is not enough of a window for me to wirte. i should probably relax.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 10.27.2011

  39. I’m an artist. I’m made of artistry. I’m talented – I create lies instead of sculptures. I paint deception into other people’s canvases. I’m an artist.

    By K on 10.27.2011

  40. artistry can mean many things. It can define humanity as a whole. Artistry is in what you do every day not just books or paintings. Its in the way you dress or the way you choose to convey your image . The way you get on the bus or how you make your breakfast. Artistry is a way of life.

    By Stephanie Jimenez on 10.27.2011