October 26th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “artistry”

  1. I’m an artist. I’m talented – I create lies instead of sculptures. I break the rules. I paint onto other people’s canvases. That’s what every good artist does, right? Shocks and deceives.
    Or am I thinking of an illusionist?

    By Katy URL on 10.27.2011

  2. Artistry is how something is well-done or well-made. Singing, knitting, painting, nearly every type of craft is full or artistry. The people who do these things make it look like they aren’t even lifting a finger.

    By Damaris URL on 10.27.2011

  3. In the hall above the side table hung a portrait of the woman of the house. Her face revealed nothing, but that she was alone.

    The man of the house had suffered some sort of mental spell and was currently living in an institution in Connecticut somewhere unknown to the rest of the family.

    By Les URL on 10.27.2011

  4. what is artistry? painting a canvas or plotting something sinister. I’m an artist in my head playing with these words until they stop making sense. I’m a standing still artist that stops time when i close my eyes. did the clock stop just now or did i just disappear?

    By manicE URL on 10.27.2011

  5. I just wrote about this like a minute ago. Got an account with OneWord, and now I’m given this word again. Artistry. Alright. So I’ll say kinda what I said before. Artistry brings out what we only imagine. Encourages our escape from reality. Artistry is a sort of lifestyle I’m aspiring toward.

    By Emily URL on 10.27.2011

  6. the love of painting. feeling and showing and giving to the senses of everybody. beauty and grace and love. colors and everything that goes with them. messy hands covered in paint. something i love. the feel of paint on my hands.

    By Talia on 10.27.2011

  7. what is art these days huh? we dont really define it, we just walk around at ooh and ahh at other people’s ridiculous work. Some of it is amazing sure, but what happened to the real stuff? What happened to painting on ceilings? Artistry these days sucks, unless you’re a street artist and then I pat you on the back my friend, that stuff is fucking awesome.

    By katie URL on 10.27.2011

  8. sometimes i feel like an artist. sometimes i don’t. am i creative enough?

    By Cordelia URL on 10.27.2011

  9. There’s more to art work than putting a brush to canvas or sculpting tools to marble. There’s more to beauty than making it look nice.
    She told me that, but I don’t think I ever really believed her.
    I fought with the brushes, and the tools, and myself. I stared out the window, at the window, before dawn, and wanted to cry when the back of the studio just stared back, all a mess, a messed up artist standing in front of it.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.27.2011

  10. I not good at artistry at all well maybe some artistry!!!!!! $-)

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 10.27.2011

  11. if you are artistry you are a good artist i think

    By shminky URL on 10.27.2011

  12. Artisry comes in many forms, music, writing, dancing, sculpting, drawing. It is all art. It is all a talent. It all takes time to learn to do well. It is all artistry.

    By stripes URL on 10.27.2011

  13. My brother is very artistry. He can draw very good. He draws funny pictures. They make me laugh. I like laughing.

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.27.2011

  14. The artistry i make is very good and has many word that express it.

    By epicfaceofdeath45 on 10.27.2011

  15. artistry is . . . . . idk so i not writing to make myself foolish;( hahaahahaahahaahahaahahahahhhaahaahaahaahaahaah

    By Leo URL on 10.27.2011

  16. I have absolutly no idea what this word means. So i have nothing towrite about this word.

    By madmax1587 URL on 10.27.2011

  17. Sydney is one of my really good friends and she is very artistry!

    By loveninja URL on 10.27.2011

  18. Skye is one of my really good friends and she is very artistry!!!!!!!!!!!:p

    By Sydney URL on 10.27.2011

  19. i dont no what this means so i dont know what to talk about.

    By Noah Gray URL on 10.27.2011

  20. The artistry was pretty. The artistry was funny looking. Artistry is usually found in an art museum. Most of the time, anyway.

    By danielle scott URL on 10.27.2011

  21. Artistry, a way of showing enjoyment in writing, reading, arts, sports, & anything that is enjoyable too you.

    By kaylee Roud URL on 10.27.2011

  22. Artistry is the history of art.

    By elayna baca URL on 10.27.2011

  23. is incredibly easy if you’re willing to open your heart to what inspires you. Open your soul to what feeds it and open your eyes to the world. Artistry is breathing living proof that we do have a soul, it can be a song, a painting a dance, any kind of expression of feeling and heart. It makes people who they are and helps them become who they will be.

    By katy on 10.27.2011

  24. Once there was an artist. And the artist painted a picture. And he called it Bob after his daughter. The artistry looked very Bobish.

    By Seth on 10.27.2011

  25. sing and draw writing poetry i think that being an artist is just expressing yourself and letting yourself go. just trying to be who you are and what you want, and not caring about what anyone think just doing what you like.

    By Anna Lynn on 10.27.2011

  26. artistry can be found everywhere, not just in athletics or cooking or some shit. Artistry is the tour de france champion and the guy in the park who can roll the best blunt you’ve ever smoked.

    By Alex Buscemi URL on 10.27.2011

  27. the artistry of the dance. the artistry of the flower arranger, the artistry of the dessert chef – aren’t they just talking about being creative.

    By Chris G on 10.27.2011

  28. Artistry can be found all around us, not just in athletics or crafts. Artistry is the way a Mother magically makes her child feel better with a few word

    By Alex Buscemi URL on 10.27.2011

  29. Picasso chopped his ear off. I don’t quite remember why; I’m pretty sure it was a gift to his lover. That’s pretty odd. I know I wouldn’t be flattered if I got an ear. I’m pretty hungry now.

    By Ben on 10.27.2011

  30. Artistry is about beauty, it’s about life, it’s about pouring love out through your fingertips, or in your voice, or with your pen. Artistry makes the world a better place to live. It’s a talent reserved for only the most precious of souls. So, when you see artistry in something, pay attention, it’s important.

    By Kate URL on 10.27.2011

  31. The artistry of the engineer lies in the fact that no one thinks it artistry – in fact, if the engineer exercises his or her craft correctly, the incredible feats of concrete and steel they create seem as if natural, a thing so obvious and so solidly rooted in place it could not be anything but so.

    By Patty Acer on 10.27.2011

  32. the sinews in your body are like the careless strokes of the painters brush, and your wisps of hair, a golden brown that could never be captured on a canvas. those indigo eyes hold years of memories that i may never know, but i can love you, even if only from afar.

    By Taylor Kuryliw URL on 10.27.2011

  33. I’m no artistry. I can’t paint a picture of what I want my life to be like right now.
    I just want things to be different…or at least I think.
    I just miss you. a. lot. I miss our talks, our laughs, our memories.
    When will the day come that I let the walls come tumbling down, and let you back in my heart?

    By laughalot on 10.27.2011

  34. this is something that has to do with art. it may be painting, sewing, reading, writing, designing clothes or a house. it can be a man or woman. it can involve a bug, flower, dog, cat, pot, cup or music. you can do it outside or inside. you can even do it in the rain. you can take a picture of it or film it.

    By christie on 10.27.2011

  35. With a single word you can paint a vivid picture. With a phrase you cant paint an entire scene.

    By madamebluebell URL on 10.27.2011

  36. cake cookies painter video red paintbrush stoke make up geisha pine tree calligraphy beauty typeface work love inspire

    By millana snow URL on 10.27.2011

  37. Artistry is when you make some form of art. You must have an artistic eye or be some what crafty to enjoy artistry or be good at it. Engaging in artistry is a good way to express yourself. I personally love drawing with just a simple pencil.

    By Austin Lovitt on 10.27.2011

  38. It was almost an artistry: How she moved, danced, so fluid and graceful through the dance hall, the lapels of his dress flowing out and flaring around her thighs. I longed to dance with her, but who was I to request a dance? Especially with someone of her status.

    By Ian Ryan URL on 10.27.2011

  39. It was an almost an artistry: she danced across the marble floor, the silk of her dress flowing and then flaring out at her thighs. I longed to dance with her, but who am I to request a dance? I am no one.

    By Ian Ryan URL on 10.27.2011

  40. With a swish of his brush, he drew the sky and with another few strokes a meadow appeared on the page, dotted with wildflowers. It was increadible how swift and perfect his strokes were. The way he created images upon the blank canvases was like magic to her eyes and she marveled at his skill.

    By Antonia on 10.27.2011