October 26th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “artistry”

  1. The way their relationship worked was three-fourths based on their common artistic sense, and a quarter based on actual feelings. They though that, as long as they made their relationship beautiful, they’ll learn to love each other in the long run. At least, when it came to, they didn’t have to argue about who goes in the front seat of the car. They know when the painting deserves that priority more.

    By Circinus URL on 10.27.2011

  2. What the audience beheld was artistry beyond that of any other charlatans at the festival. This trickster was indeed a magician without performing any miracles. Thoughts adrift with the stuffed wallets of the pigeons about him, the artistry he had formed was imperfect because it shown through in his snide grin at every turn.

    By Ian Arthur Adams on 10.27.2011

  3. I watched my mentor: he made it look so easy. He pulled the baby bird up from the ground and held it by its wing. It cheeped sadly, but didn’t fight.

    “Don’t make a mockery of what we are,’ he said and, reaching up, placed the bird back in its nest. “We are artists, not animals. Refine. Practice. Be proud.”

    “So what next?” I asked.

    “We go hunting in the place that deserves us,” he said, and pointed to the east, to the lights of the city blinking on the horizon.

    By Aly Blythe URL on 10.27.2011

  4. What a very strange word. Sounds quiet like “art history”. I must admit this word stumped me and I do not enjoy it simply because I am unsure of the definition.

    By Cee Turtle URL on 10.27.2011

  5. There is artistry in the way you twist your words,
    Silent and enveloping,
    stifling the logic I want to call my own–

    until it’s just your logic, your perfect plan

    planted as a seed, nestled in my mind.

    [and i can’t shake it]

    By ObsidianSky URL on 10.27.2011

  6. This is form of art. It is doing what you have to do to come up with something that is pleasing to people eyes. It is way of expressing your feeling in different ways. It entails using your experiences and knowledge to express yourself.

    By Lyd on 10.27.2011

  7. the art of being artsy, that artistry of that art is rather creative in a way that i am obviously not. i wish that it was another word that i know a little more about, or perhaps talked about before

    By adnrew on 10.27.2011

  8. When I looked up at the portrait in the dim room, I couldn’t see his face at first. He was turned a way, with the lines of a grimace only visible from the corners. I frowned in response, and turned away.

    By Regina on 10.27.2011

  9. Artistry is a weird phrase. It seems to try to contain too much for such a small word. Art in itself is such a broad subject, therefore there are alot of artists. To be quite frank I have no clue what artistry even means. Is it the act of being an artist, or a study of art? God.

    By Khashayar Kalantari URL on 10.27.2011

  10. She looked the blank page before her and knew in her heart that she could create something beautiful. She had no idea what but she knew it was there. Thinking, and thinking, and suddenly creating, and suddenly something was beautiful. She wanted to destroy something beautiful.

    By Kayla URL on 10.27.2011

  11. There once was a young popper named paul. He had always dreamed of being a famous young painter. but instead he roamed the medeval streets he lived on as a peasant. A beggar. He stole bread from sales men from their crates.

    By Grace Wallace on 10.27.2011

  12. It isn’t the thing that is done, so much as the thought behind it. Artistry is not a thing to be learned, but a gift to be perfected. Not that art can ever be perfect (or imperfect). Since it is in the eye of the artist and the beholder, art is able to be both perfect and imperfect simultaneously to different people.

    By Hunter Field URL on 10.27.2011

  13. You lay your bones out for me and, by every deity there ever has been, I swear it’s beautiful. In every light and in every angle and in every way. You are beautiful the way you are.
    You are a work of art. You were made to be seen. And I’m so very privileged to be shown your bones, guts, skin, soul.
    You are art, artistry, and an artist, somehow, all at once.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.27.2011

  14. the artistry of nineteen
    of late night
    of love insanity
    is all but one
    is all but lost

    i wonder if you’re thinking about me?

    i hope so

    By Tescia Schell URL on 10.27.2011

  15. artistry what the hell? such a random word. as such art should be. random. out of nowhere. it should just be art. be beautiful, cool, creative, just what it is. no thought. i want to do this become artistic. use colors and crafts and make something artistic

    By ingrid on 10.27.2011

  16. Everything about this big artistry is quite compromising. What is this definition on artistry? What is that? An artistic being? A full load crap of art? Something cool or something stupid and just the most stupidest thing?

    By Eliza URL on 10.27.2011

  17. Artistry is life. With a simple pencil you can create life; a whole world. Imagine that; a whole world at your fingertips, just waiting to be created.
    To possess some sort of artistry in your body, is to possess limitless possibilities of what can be created and achieved. To waste a talent is denying to right to reach your true potential.
    Art is beauty.

    By Charlotte on 10.27.2011

  18. is an abused word. everyone is an artist in their own right, right? fine, i’ll accept that with its subjectivity and clauses. but what pisses me off is everyone thinks their van gogh, michelangelo, an epic photographer, thom yorke, elvis fucking presley. true art is producing something that is rightfully your own without the aspiration to be the talk of the talk, minus the pricetag, minus the facebook likes, the retweets, the friends that visit your gallery and shows telling you ‘fuck, you’re so talented’ yet have not a clue what your art is REALLY about. unless of course you’re into that fame and social-approval bit, but that’s just sad aint it?

    By sayla URL on 10.27.2011

  19. take something and turn it into art…show off your artistry. penguin, fish, turtle, pumpkin…take an idea and turn it into something else! this is a skill we all have deep down.

    By sophie on 10.27.2011

  20. when i write, i dont feel anything. all i feel is bullshit running out of my mouth. the same story you have. a release of emotion, but nothing with meaning. is that artistry? what do i have to do to feel like a real artist? when i draw, i see nothing. the same thing. an eyeball, a fucking peace sign. nothing new. you’ve drawn the same things. that’s not artistry.

    By Sophia on 10.27.2011

  21. I wish I had artistry. Is “had” the write word? As a business major I just feel like it’s impossible for me to be anything but practical. And efficient, that’s a big one too. And I feel like artists are neither of these things, but now I’m just generalizing. I just wish that artistry was something more legitimate for my life. Artistry-I’ve tried so many times to make this a part of my life but it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

    By Megan on 10.27.2011

  22. Jensen writhed on the ground and swore to himself, “This is some tricky artistry, I’ll give them that.”

    And then the blast wave hit.

    “Fuck me six ways to Sunday,” Jensen exhaled quickly as his body was tossed across the playground like a dried leaf.

    By chole URL on 10.27.2011

  23. Swooping and twirling, the water-soaked mop dances over the grease spatters, cleaning the floor as supper burns on the stove.

    By Essays35 on 10.27.2011

  24. cleverness, over substance? NO, for it to be artistry it must have both, not just the briefly impressive fireworks. Floristry, forestry, interesting word…

    By georgie on 10.27.2011

  25. they had an artistry to them that she hadn’t imagined could come from her fingertips. All perfectly round, with tiny little crosshatches in the top. Crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. She spread them with jam and butter, she ate them with cheese and bacon.

    By Rose on 10.27.2011

  26. The artistry of violence
    Embedded in her bones
    Bruised into her face for all to see
    The signature of the artist black around her eye
    Bleeding from her lips
    Who are you to say this is not art?

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.27.2011

  27. artistry for me is something really creative and only an artist can be good at artistry and artstry is something special

    By Aarushi on 10.27.2011

  28. She slid her brush across the canvas, slowly and accurately. Her hand was steady, her precision excellent. Painting was when she felt most alive. It was the one way she could express herself. As she made the final mark in that blood red shade, she took a step back and eyed her work. Before her was a once innocent girl lying there on the floor in a puddle of blood – broken, dead and gone forever.

    By Vanessa URL on 10.27.2011

  29. “Artistry” is a good word to use when teaching music. Tell the kids to think about their “artistry” when constructing their musical phrases. A middle-school aged kid gets very excited by this concept, that they can be artistic and their musical concepts are valid. They don’t have to just do what I tell them to!

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.27.2011

  30. Maybe it’s popular opinion, maybe it’s personal expression, maybe both, maybe neither.Either way an enigma. Best left unanswered.

    By ascribblingidiot URL on 10.27.2011

  31. Ifind that artisry is an unnecessary word that is just used as a fancy way of defining thins that could definitely be explained in more relatable terms. Well no. I didn’t really stop to think about what the word meant, I just wrote based on my first impression of the word. Huh. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes I guess it can be a good thing, because it can raise the most absurd questions. Whether they ever end up leading anywhere or not is another matter, but still, it’s definitely interesting to follow them regardless, because you never know without trying ;)

    By rebecca on 10.27.2011

  32. i made a splotch on my notebook. he kind of looked like my grandmom’s cat. with its right foreleg shorter than the rest.

    By sitara URL on 10.27.2011

  33. The way he signed his name was pure artistry. I presented sheet after sheet of paper, until the house was his, my love growing with each flourish, each zip of a crossed ‘t’. And then it was finished, and he shook my hand.

    It took me a week to master it. Every wall in every room covered with it. And now I need more. Starbucks in one hand, scissors neatly concealed in my purse, I walk to the door of his newest purchase, speech practiced so I won’t stumble over the words.

    He opens the door and lets me in.

    Who lets a mortgage broker in?

    He smiles, I offer coffee, and the scissors grow heavy in my bag.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.27.2011

  34. To siren lullabies,
    grown babies fall gently
    crack-rocked to sleep
    on cold cement under
    a blanket of vomit and vodka.

    Babies who were abandoned
    by love, or by hope,
    or by their dreams
    that dare not even return
    in their sleep.

    By drew URL on 10.27.2011

  35. I hurt and I wonder how it will ever stop. I am an artist in that I can deflect the pain from the reality I live in. It is not something I am proud of, the artistry of lying. The end result is always the same. I have to fight back and bow my head in shame for pretending I am good. For being this con artist. For taking pride in this deceptful artistry and bad intentions. I just want to run.

    By Lauren on 10.27.2011

  36. It is surprising how many people simply lack artistry. Four out of five adults, statistics say, are unartistic. They prefer to while away their time staring at the tv rather than doing something creative, such as writing or painting. This shocked me initially, but then when I met Mr. McDonald, I understood what unartistry was all about. He was as boring as a wall! Not a single passion or obsession, Mr. Donald loved inaction! He reveled in laziness! He took pride in his sloth!

    By Abhinav on 10.27.2011

  37. In everyone is some sort of ability to create art. Not everyone is a Picasso, a Shakespeare, or whatever, but everyone has a message they can convey. By delving into that message, they can make the world a more beautiful place.

    By Bobby64 on 10.27.2011

  38. Thomas lifted the heavy canvas up. It was his latest work of art and he had a habit of hanging up his masterpieces as soon as they were done. He usually waited for the paint to dry but this time he hung it up immediately.

    By Nick F on 10.27.2011

  39. Artistry. The art of art. The art of making things. ARTISTRY! EPIC! YES!….
    Artistry. Remember. The art. Of. Making. ART! YEAH!
    Bye! :)

    By yanah on 10.27.2011

  40. What a beautiful word. It makes me think of God and the world that he has created. It makes me realize that he has asked each of us to be artist. If each of us was pursuing artist

    By teri looney on 10.27.2011