June 4th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “antithesis”

  1. Where does this go? At the end of the paper claiming that gosh, look I didn’t just argue the opposite of what I said I would. This is the antithesis. It will fight your thesis statement to the death.

    By leah on 06.04.2013

  2. Hot, cold, black white, dark night, daylight, fire, water, hate love, trust, dimentia

    By Evan on 06.04.2013

  3. Everything that comes out of your mouth is the antithesis of logic, she screamed at me, and I just smiled back at her and said, “You’re right!” She froze, staring at me, unsure of whether or not to get angry at me for saying that.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.04.2013

  4. every morning, at crisp dawn
    the fox meets with the timid dawn
    a toddler day tumbles hasty to meet
    a gray night, on the horizon they greet
    an ocean of grass sparked with due
    the sky a purple reddish hue

    By berenique on 06.04.2013

  5. Hot/cold

    By Kendall on 06.04.2013

  6. He was the antithesis of her personality. She crashed through the room like a hurricane, leaving behind the broken pieces for him to clean up. Her devastating aftermath was matched with his calm waves, the saltiness of ocean tears mingling with the shattered and forgotten.

    By musicrazi on 06.04.2013

  7. He lay in the dark, sipping tepid water. The liquid felt helpless on his cold chapped lips. It was twilight, but a blanket of dead clouds smothered the sun. There was no escape. He would wait, but his friends would never arrive.

    By Scorpio on 06.04.2013

  8. She had always been my antithesis. On my wedding day, she wore black to offset my white. I played with dolls, and she ripped their heads off. I went to college, and she fell into performing in an unknown city in an unknown town. I called her and left a message, and she deleted it with a grin.

    By Nicole on 06.04.2013

  9. She brushed her fingertips along the walls like railings,
    her feet moving fast from bridge to bridge, over the slick waters
    that parted like crowds. Below her, vast caverns yawned, their
    depths damp and comforting; below those, the multitudes of eyes
    watched and whimpered busy whimpers. The surface dwellers might
    have had skyscrapers, but below, they had just as grand a

    By jess on 06.04.2013

  10. i have absolutely no idea what this word means. It makes me angry for reasons unknown. When I hear it, I think of Satan. When I see it, I think of Ed Norton. It turns all of my bad feelings into good feelings, while simultaneously making me want to vomit.

    By Marcus on 06.04.2013

  11. The antithesis of fear is peace. Or calmness. Or bravery. I’m not really sure actually. I just no that I’m none of those things. I really don’t think that I’m scared. But I’m not at peace or calm about anything right now.

    By Julie URL on 06.04.2013

  12. the opposite of a hero, who helps him some way that makes the difference in the story. When will the villain have his chance? He is only just a victim of the chaos of the world, after all. Life is messy and complicated, nothing is ever black and white. Decisions makes us or break us, only if we let them. To all the villains:

    By AnnaLeBelle on 06.04.2013

  13. adversity never leaves even in the face of are your own worst enemy. the most basic thoughts are mostly loneliness.

    By cl on 06.04.2013

  14. antithesis, i know nothing about this word. it sounds like it could be an animal or a rare disease, not quite sure which one yet. or a magical kingdom; thats very far away. i like that idea. antithesis, tit tit tit i. hesis. sis. sister, brother, connections? ant, small, young, doomed.



    By madi URL on 06.04.2013

  15. i am totally antithesis of what i have been taught all my life by my family.

    By Ammy on 06.04.2013

  16. antithesis, i’ve already written about this word
    will i find another word soon?
    will i find another world soon?

    By madi URL on 06.04.2013

  17. antithesis struggling, a pauper on the highway’s edge. rustling through newspaper dandruff. always the beggar, mango hand, cool cool cherry in a plastic bag, or is it something else, wild twirling madmen become sane when they ask for a dollar, then start twirling again.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.04.2013

  18. What is the opposite of being true to your friends? Would it be suing them? Because I’m suing Mario. Heck, I don’t mind burning this bridge if it’ll keep me from going into debt. I might make money. And really, money can buy me a whole new set of friends. Not to mention tuition…

    By Ruben URL on 06.04.2013

  19. opposites

    Fear is an antithesis of courage
    She is an antithesis of her beliefs
    Laughing is an antithesis of sorrow

    By Heloise on 06.04.2013

  20. All of my thoughts contradicted each other, nothing made any sense. I found myself slipping, unable to determine the difference between reality and false facts and ideals. My mind is poison, and there is no escaping the constant question:
    Who am I?

    By saachosaurus on 06.04.2013

  21. He is all grinning cockiness and sneering sarcasm. The prodigal son. He has been told from an early age that he is special, that he is so much more than the average child. Gifted and bright, a force to be reckoned with.

    She was the antithesis of him. She was smart in her own way, and that led her to keep her head down. Away from the spotlight he so craved. She isn’t delusional enough to think of herself as more, and so justly set herself up for a life of as few disappointments as possible. He had words for what she was doing—snide, whispered things that were said when he didn’t care enough to check if she was within hearing range: “idiot, fool, incompetent, stupid, failure.”

    She heard everything. But years had toughened her skin to the point where his words could not burrow into her, tear her apart from the inside out.

    Funny, she thinks. He sounds just like her parents.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.05.2013

  22. the opposite of thesis is the place i live
    the only whereabouts of the last known survivor is in the place where i blink
    these are the last words i can write without knowing what i am against.

    By oscar on 06.05.2013

  23. Hero and antihero are strangely one in the same, so while not a villain, the moral ambiguity shades could be described as a host of foggy, smoggy, gritty grays.

    By Intuition on 06.05.2013

  24. I really don’t know how to use this word……what is it again? yes ‘Antithesis’ but i will find that out.

    By Yetunde on 06.05.2013

  25. I have no idea what that means but I guess it means something or someone who is against writing thesis for classes. I mean I hate coming up or planning a thesis for an essay because there is always no where to start. Who knows maybe there is a group out there for people who have a hatred for thesis. I’d sure join if that were an option.

    By Lina URL on 06.05.2013

  26. a very pretty word that I don’t know how to handle

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 06.05.2013

  27. Yoochun would say, no, we’re both men, but he would kiss Jaejoong on the lips like nothing in the world mattered.
    Jaejoong’s addicted. Drowning. He’s afraid, but he can’t break out of the poisonous circle. He goes in again, for Yoochun’s denial., and his touch.

    By southernpumpkin on 06.05.2013

  28. i just don’t know what the helll this word means and iam not even thinking about writing about this…
    why am i not thinking i dont know..thesis means something related to a thing which describes about a certain system or a method that has been followed..anti..which means basing on these two i simply say anything that oppresses a certain theory basing or saying that the matter that has been described in the base is false..

    By prasanth on 06.05.2013

  29. No reaction. She sat there not moving a muscle in her face. I watched her and wondered what went on inside her head. I was filled with joy and she was filled with bitterness it seemed. What went one inside her head?

    By M on 06.05.2013

  30. We all have our own beliefs and are guided by certain undeniable truth, However they are those who would like to place stumbling blocks in our path with all types of antithesis that is of no effect what soever.

    By victor URL on 06.05.2013

  31. something that you write in your dissertation. Goes against the thesis. Disproves what you had thought. I’m not entirely sure what this means. i think it also means something to do with knowledge, perhaps knowledge you learn after an experience? also a scientific thing, maybe like photosynthesis? lol i’m an idiot :(

    By roxi on 06.05.2013

  32. This word is about opposite word
    if i say yes antithesis have to be no
    did u get it???

    By joonseo URL on 06.05.2013

  33. I did it just now first I didn’t get it but soon I get it
    www I am Korean so I am making so many typing mistake how about u guys? no time ahhhh

    By joonseo URL on 06.05.2013

  34. balance
    the antithesis of our generation is living

    By Thomas URL on 06.05.2013

  35. it was everything that i detested. It directly contradicted my wishes for the life ahead of her. Living this life, with this thug of a man was the worst thing that I could imagine for my child.

    By Lee on 06.05.2013

  36. Why is it that my good intentions and my behaviour work in opposite directions. It is as if willing something to happen for all good reasons kills my motivation, as though my active spirit in the here and now is the antithesis of my future self. It behaves like a spendthrift, leaving my future self poor with few options.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.05.2013

  37. She was the antithesis of beauty – thick-set, dark-browed, short-legged. And yet she had the most fascinating curl to her broad and sensuous lips.

    By mrsmig on 06.05.2013

  38. She lay on the green grass facing up. A slight breeze blew her hair across her face. She smelled the distinct sweet scent of cut grass. The sun warmed her face. Dark clouds began to fill the once blue skies. The sun disappeared and a chill filled the air, she shivered. Droplets began to fall from above. The smell of death suddenly lingered in the air as the trees began to sway violently on this suddenly dark day.

    Tranquility and Chaos.

    By Amanda on 06.05.2013

  39. Her life had become the antithesis of all she meant to do. This was the last straw. Back to the drawing board, with multi-colored markers. Permanent markers.

    By Delaney on 06.05.2013

  40. A beautiful disaster happened that day, the collision wreaked havoc on the frail structures of the truck and the tractor, their metal twisted like some sculpture signifying the destructive creation of the universe. The lorries load, a rich plethora of paints, was spilled across the tarmac, laying delicately like a butterfly sunning it’s wings. Though there was pain and injury, the lasting sentiment from that day was the art of chaos, an antithesis of joy from suffering.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 06.05.2013