June 3rd, 2013 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “homeless”

  1. they only wanted to keep the pearls.

    By h. b. on 06.04.2013

  2. I am not homeless.
    This is my home, under the stars.
    It is not freedom, make no mistake about that.
    I am a prisoner to my pain.
    But this is my home.

    By Om on 06.04.2013

  3. you used to be my home. you used to be my anchor. and now you left me alone, i am homeless, a wanderer.

    By Cookie on 06.04.2013

  4. there are loads of homeless people in the country.our government should try the best to help these people and provide them with basic necessities.many of the street crimes are committed by people growing in the streets.

    By yazhini on 06.04.2013

  5. Poor people outside in the cold day and night with nowhere to live. They have no money, and no belongings, only the stuff they can carry around as they get moved from place to place. There are certain church halls/areas available for the homeless to go to get free food/soup/drinks but these struggle to be run and rely on charity and the kindness of others

    By Sarah on 06.04.2013

  6. the poor homeless people weep
    the homeless people weep softly
    the people weep softly hardly
    the weep softly hardly seek for the homeless people

    By peachtea on 06.04.2013

  7. I met a homeless man one day and he asked if he could “borrow a dollar” . I look around for a while and decided to tell him no. He looked at me like I had the sun in my eyes and so I decided to hold his hand and sit with him a while instead. He later told me that it was the greatest experience of his life, and that he’d trade anything for another minute holding my hand. I told him he had nothing to trade, and held his hand for a while more.

    By Erin on 06.04.2013

  8. thank the Almighty that i am not homeless. i was not born homeless. I feel that i must do something for the many homeless people in my country. But, the thing is you cannot help the ones who do not want to be helped. The roadside people would rather stay there and beg for food than start working.

    By Trisha Kazi on 06.04.2013

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  10. I see a ton of homeless people in houston. Some of them i feel bad for. most of them actually but it’s hard for me to differentiate between should i help this person, do they want help? Or are they just trying to abuse the system. i feel like jesus wants us to help but when is it a waste of time?

    By CJ on 06.04.2013

  11. You can feel like you dont have a home even when you have a roof over your head, you can feel cold and alone when you are under your blankets with someone right next door, home is love, home is where your heart fills full, home is where your passion lays. I don’t want to be homeless anymore, I want to be with you, I want my home.

    By Grace De brueys URL on 06.04.2013

  12. Homeless I was almost there trekking across the great spanse that is America. No place to land and sand and dirt kicking us as we make our way through what to do but keep going and hoping that it’ll just work out by some magic way or nothing will change but believe it and god willing we’ll have a place to lay our heads.

    By Kiera URL on 06.04.2013

  13. A person that wan’t very fortune in his/her life. A person who needs help and a job an house and etc. The society should help the homeless. I feel bad and sad when i see one.

    By Assar Wixe on 06.04.2013

  14. Stuck between the thicket
    that is my soul.
    Everything in front of me
    but nothing to adorn–
    I have never felt so alone.

    By Jason Ohono on 06.04.2013

  15. A tragedy. An illusion. An unmistakable state of being. A judgement. A truth. A nation void of passion and love. How can some own mansions and millions and many homes, yet another have no roof to keep them from the rain, wind and snow? Greed! Short shortsightedness. Love of MONEY! Hatred of humanity. How would I judge a society? Look at how the least are loved. Seeing children living in poverty on the streets is bad. Doing nothing about it is worse.

    By Jeff on 06.04.2013

  16. i have a home but sometimes I feel like I don’t or shouldn’t or wouldn’t if things had broken differently – which they still might at some point in the not to distant future.

    By Lee on 06.04.2013

  17. I saw a homeless on man on the street when I was a little kid. He was limping and staring at the ground. He had very shabid clothes and one shoe. I remember feeling terrible for him and wishing there was something I could do. My dad must have had a sense for how I feeling, and proceeded to give him 20$. I always do that too now.

    By Dan Apy on 06.04.2013

  18. My heart breaks for the –

    By Dan Apy on 06.04.2013

  19. dont have home , alone street, freedom go everywhere you travel around the word

    By iliana on 06.04.2013

  20. Under a Bridge is were the Critter Slept
    Near the Rail Road tracks is were old Critter wept
    And in a 55 Gallon drum his few belongings were kept

    There were legends as to how he came to this place
    Like the one that proclaimed he was once an ex Air-force Ace
    But no one had the courage to ask him to his face

    I learned that the Viet Cong had cost him his leg
    In the place of his foot there was only a peg
    And now to eat poor old Critter would sit and would beg

    Now the worst part of this story is something we should all know
    For his bravery and his service he had nothing to show
    You see poor ole critters pillow was a rock and his mattress was the snow

    Oh how sad was this story of a fallen hero you see
    I just couldn’t understand how this even could be
    This poor crippled critter fought so we could be free

    By Pillar on 06.04.2013