June 4th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “antithesis”

  1. The assignment on the board read “finish your thesis for homework!”
    The class groaned.
    The girl in the back of the room giggled menacingly.
    My thesis is so bad, I’ll call it the ANTITHESIS!

    By Shannen on 06.04.2013

  2. Her behaviour was the very antithesis of fear. What she was feeling on the inside she did not allow to show on the outside. Just fake it until you make it.

    By Tracey on 06.04.2013

  3. two different things, ideas, people that stand in front of each other, opposing. Moon and Sun, Day and Night, Bird and crawler.

    By alex punkie on 06.04.2013

  4. You can always get a feel for the guys who will snap under pressure. They’re just a little bit… “off,” you know? We had one of those.

    By Chris Clow on 06.04.2013

  5. the other, the alternative;
    that which ceases to be when theory meets reality

    By lucas spears on 06.04.2013

  6. There is no point, we have only begun to stop thinking.

    By Mr. Tagonist on 06.04.2013

  7. All the things come to my mind are the blank, I have no idea about the antithesis. Perhaps, it means debate, someone or something is oppsite to other. Granted that

    By Adam on 06.04.2013

  8. friends are fake at times
    we turn over
    rejection remembered
    a thesis on who we are
    the antithesis of what we want
    if we get too intellectual
    we become what we aren’t

    By Matty M. on 06.04.2013

  9. opposite of something-a counterpoint. counter-argument, other extreme

    By evie mccormack URL on 06.04.2013

  10. i am the moon and you are the sun and it really sucks that i just reflect off of you but we all know who is the modest angel here because god wont you just stop it i live in the dark and i have seen everything you are blinded by and if you wanted to be any more different then me might as well bleach your skin

    By buin on 06.04.2013

  11. They say that demons are the antithesis of angels. I hold that they are not. Both want to live, want men to follow them to accept their teachings. They are beings from two different schools of thought, but they are not complete opposites. Demons do not seek absolute destruction while angels seek to prevent it. If they pursued that course, then they truly would be pursuing the antithesis of life, of living.

    By Tyrian URL on 06.04.2013

  12. by analysis
    and synthesis,
    he realises
    the genesis
    of his antithesis
    his nemesis

    By catbeazle on 06.04.2013

  13. I do not believe in antithesis. I do not believe in complete opposites. I only believe in differences and similarities. And I believe that there is no way I cannot find a similarity between me and you, that is how alike we are.

    By YEsomebody on 06.04.2013

  14. I’m just never good enough for you, am I?
    No matter what I do or how hard I try, I’m always the villain in your eyes.
    There’s only so many times you can be called ‘monster’ before it starts to make you wonder.
    And I don’t want to wonder. I’m not a monster. What you call me is the antithesis of what I am. If only you could stop and really look, maybe you would see that.

    By aura.rayne on 06.04.2013

  15. To be fancy in my description, he was an antithesis to
    myself. When I spent my time curled up with a book under the oak
    tree in my backyard, he was hopping parties and taking so many
    drugs he went under the pseudonym cocktail. Whereas I was dark
    haired and brown eyed, he was Aryan. Usually those kinda guys made
    my blood boil. You just knew that charming smile hid a vicious pair
    of fangs ready to suck out whatever innocence you had left. Yet
    somehow he caught my attention.

    By Kerry on 06.04.2013

  16. the antithesis surrounds me every day so many people with so many oppinions and thoughts flying through the air, slapping peope in the face, offending people and changing peoples mind for alll the wrong reasons. these kids are the deffinition of opposite, their oppinions are just about as diffirent as balck and white. the contrast is extreme and it wont ever change because nobody is willing to change. nobody is willing to listen to somone else about their opinion. this world is filled with antithesis and that wont ever change, because nobody likes change. people dont seem to like diversity

    By claire URL on 06.04.2013

  17. insects, ants, the ant queen motions with her antennae, commands her troops, her servants, her workers, honey slowly slides down the side.

    By Ben on 06.04.2013

  18. The antithesis of my life is YOU. You are the one I hate
    and love. You are the opposite of joy, and yet you give me a
    strange sadistic sense of comfort. Sadistic comfort? Perhaps my
    downfall is being this paradox, the antithesis of purity and

    By Ashley on 06.04.2013

  19. i fell in to a bath while he was o n fire. the wind hit his face increas ing fire but a tornado came upon my bath and suck ed my water away.

    By nodochinko on 06.04.2013

  20. God how I hate getting a word like antithesis when I decide to exercise my incredibly poor writing skills by visiting A word like antithesis creates a mental block that prevents me from even being able to recall the actual meaning of the word and I’m not that stupid. you are cruel…

    By Joe Carey on 06.04.2013

  21. Something that’s the opposite of something else. Black and white. Tall and short. East and west. You and I. Hmmm..?

    By AL on 06.04.2013

  22. My teacher once told me I should always write a thesis. But what if I wanted to write something else, like an antithesis? I think society would have a fit. I would be too different for the worlds liking. I want to be different. Like an antithesis.

    By Jade on 06.04.2013

  23. I wanted to love her, but she was the antithesis of my entire being. I couldn’t love her…I just couldn’t. She said we were of the same material cut from life…I believed her. But I couldn’t admit to it. I’m sorry.

    By M.M.C. on 06.04.2013

  24. the one thing that killed my father in the end was antithesis. it followed him for years, hiding in every shadow he passed. but he couldn’t escape its omnipresence

    By Devin on 06.04.2013

  25. the anithesis is a prompt that will contradict your thesis with the aim to make it false and prove it is wrong. The antithesis surge when someone publish something contrary to what you said or published.

    By Ricardo on 06.04.2013

  26. i believe is the epidemy of a thesis i guess dont have a clue of what it could actually be. antothesis a new word for my dictionary

    By carol camilo on 06.04.2013

  27. antithesis is a word thats stands for something most english teachers wpould hate. a senetence that has nothing to do with the paper being written. therefore, i am subject to believe that i have no inter

    By tony on 06.04.2013

  28. Antithesis. A not Thesis. Write words in 60 seconds, and
    see what you come up with. Can you do it in time?

    By Dean Marshall on 06.04.2013

  29. love

    By Julia on 06.04.2013

  30. i don’t knkow what this word means but it remids me of french like antipathie, with means antipathy which mi not really sure what that means, but it sounds like a [retty good word. however im pretty sure its a mean word like for dislike or something. yes indeed i had an exam in french today and so thats all.

    By merritt gates on 06.04.2013

  31. the antithesis of my life is that I have a gift that I want to indulge, but I am too broken to figure out how. I wish I had more time in my life to really figure out who I am and fix those things that will make me better.

    By Ardena Woods on 06.04.2013

  32. im not sure what this is. so, im going to write about unsureity.
    Being unsure, not knowing. I really dont enjoy not knowing something. like how my future will be or how im gonna look like in 60 years.

    By Audrey on 06.04.2013

  33. I remember something about this from my AP history class, but not much. I only remember how slow the clock seemed and how horrible I felt when my teacher called on me and I couldn’t answer the question, didn’t know the answer, couldn’t force it out of my mouth, whatever.

    By Claire on 06.04.2013

  34. Bizzarro Superman woke up from the longest sleep of his life.
    He had just been born.
    The anger and pain and loneliness all manifested themselves into this manifesto of evil.
    He was hate.
    And he loved it.
    All that was not right in himself was left.

    By Siege URL on 06.04.2013

  35. not sure what this means but i have a feeling it has to do with the way people act and psychology. i feel like it is also a character is a story, not like an antagonist but something like it but i’m not sure would like to know though

    By emma akers URL on 06.04.2013

  36. What does that mean? I reloaded the page and it still appears. Apples and pears and polar bins running on thin ice eating little rabbits while Pinocchio watches and smokes out of his little wooden tobacco pipe made of bamboo. And then pisses in the lake. Ha, but I figured the trick, I just hit submit without entering any information and the page takes me back to write more. So I’ll continue with my story. Pinocchio takes a shot of Jameson after his leak and continues to bake is beans over a fire. It worked a second time. The scent of smokey beans over the iron cast pot made him want to take a big crap. The end.

    By Bond on 06.04.2013

  37. aquello que contrastado vale
    y de lo contrario no existe

    By sebastian on 06.04.2013

  38. The absolute opposite of what you are trying to convey as a
    message to someone. The antithesis of an argument about the
    existence of God would be that I am a Nihilist and don’t believe in
    anything at all.

    By Bofo URL on 06.04.2013

  39. The antithesis of this paragraph is unknown to me because I’m not sure what an antithesis is. And so, I’m just going to continue writing about this word. It is spelled with an A, an N, and TIT, an H, and an ESIS.

    By Jeff on 06.04.2013

  40. Gemini was always the antithesis of gracious. It wasn’t that she was drop-dead clumsy or anything; she never did any grievous bodily harm to herself or others, but she did earn herself a reputation. And some enemies.

    By Amy Shackles on 06.04.2013