June 4th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “antithesis”

  1. As the two word’s met the kings of both world’s collide to make war of the good and evil. The Dark or so they are called and the light ones started to have war until the end of time. There was a battle that would decided to who will win and rule over this new world that shall be called “Ferngully” but over the year they battle and battle until a new worldly thing came for the heart of ferngully and yelled and in a dark

    By Devin Davis on 06.05.2013

  2. O.O I never see this word used. I don’t even have a context to put it into and my brain is so tired early in the morning that I can’t even begin to write a sentence for it. So I’ll ramble on. Anti puts it as the opposite of. Is it the opposite of a thesis?

    By Serryphae URL on 06.05.2013

  3. She looked like me, dressed like me, and hung out in my circle. But everything I said, she disagreed with, and all that I held dear, she disapproved.

    By Soft URL on 06.05.2013

  4. ahhh the antithesis of life is death is it not? today i witnessed death, my dog killed a young skunk. his reward? a giant spray in the face. traumatized and soaking wet, 4 bathes later he emerged a clean smelling dog – well almost. its amazing how much trouble taking a life can cause, is it not?

    By Jacob Rene on 06.05.2013

  5. for peter was the rock the church was built on
    but judas was the architect
    (“do not do as i have done”)

    for john alone was his most beloved disciple
    but judas planted the kiss
    (to set the plan in motion)

    for jesus was the one who shed his blood
    but judas sacrificed his name
    (history had been most unkind)

    By h. b. on 06.05.2013

  6. Against writing thesis’? Atheist? Ahhhhh! I dont know! What does this mean???

    By Emma on 06.05.2013

  7. I don’t even know what that word means. I don’t know what a lot of things mean. I can’t fathom my thoughts into actions because I don’t know what they could possibly mean. The truth is… I’m afraid of the unknown.

    By Alex. on 06.05.2013

  8. Joy and frivolity being the antithesis of what she was about, V hefted her balloon gun and aimed: pop! pop! Red balloons burst out, sending the kittens scattering. Another romp successfully annihilated before it could become a full-on kitty rave.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.05.2013

  9. What would happen if I were to jump up from this sky rise? I can’t even begin to talk about what would happen if I buried the past. I am not about to do anything that goes against what I know. I am trapped by myself. By everything everyone has ever told me. Words and ideas are shackles, and the only way to build anything.

    By Carte on 06.05.2013

  10. antithesis. one word that i had no concept of. I had no idea what to do with it or even how it should sound in a sentence. What I could do with it I couldn’t say.

    By ncgettler on 06.05.2013

  11. personalities
    characters in books
    hard word
    all over
    in nature in people in life in objects

    By diana on 06.05.2013

  12. my friend jordan is writing his thesis. it’s about religion and things having to do with god. i used to believe in god, YHWH, Jehovah. now i’m not so sure. it’s seems possible that something made everything, but i no longer have the faith to write a thesis.

    By nathan carson URL on 06.05.2013

  13. Nothing like it, that isn’t what I meant at all, and he just didn’t understand. So frustrated, the heat is coming from my shoulders, red in my face. My fury is growing, and my mouth is clamping down. I can keep these thoughts in if I just calm down. Slowing my breath, slowing my mind, slowing the anger.

    By glogic URL on 06.05.2013

  14. The unexpected antithesis to her argument was more valid than she would have hoped. She searched among the honeyed words, looking for a fallacy or inconsistency, but none appeared.

    Distressed, she stared hard at him. What was he trying to do to her by creating such a harmful opposite? What was his benefit?

    By Simone on 06.05.2013

  15. It was the antithesis of war: Peace. He wondered at the absurdity of it all. He looked around and saw destruction, ruin, and hatred. Could the answer truly lie in killing? He saw children running scared, and now scarred for life. All this to bring about happiness, tranquility, and living with your neighbor in unity? He wondered …

    By Audrey on 06.05.2013

  16. My name is Mei, Mei Koizumi. What I like the most .. well, I don’t really like much things in this world. I only want to survive all this tragedy. It really annoys me and I’m afraid of all this, I just want to stop this crrazy time.

    By Mei on 06.05.2013

  17. i have no idea what that means
    what is up
    sounds like english
    but not
    this is interesting
    like a thesis
    but anti
    so an antithesis
    is that not a thesis
    like no thesis

    By Lian on 06.05.2013

  18. In fact, I don’t know what is antithesis. Just now I see how I need to practice more writing. I have to read more and learn some news vocabularies. Thanks’!!!

    By Paula on 06.05.2013

  19. Antithesis is something that is the opposite.

    By Paula on 06.05.2013

  20. The antithesis of life is death, of course. When you’re born, everyone celebrates and says that you look like an ugly space alien, even though you don’t. When you die, everyone mourns and says you were the most attractive person in the universe, even though you weren’t. But there’s more to death than people’s reactions…

    By Isis on 06.05.2013

  21. Crudely despise the twinkle in her eyes, what makes them twinkle? Her light. Her light, she assumes is right, as do they all! Light-seekers! HA! Deluding yourself to pass the time. I dreamt of dead rats and broken bones of birds and I woke up smiling. What lies inside of me is not a tree, is not a rose, it is blood, it is bone.

    By white moth on 06.05.2013

  22. Darling, I will cut this idea down until it has nothing to stand on.
    It will be rough for the rest of the writing when all my ink is gone.
    I type every word at a rate where I forget where I am and lost without a clue.
    You can’t help me so I will struggle and you will hate me and I will forget you.

    By Bardley URL on 06.05.2013

  23. Some say love is the antithesis of hatred,
    but in truth,
    it is not.
    The antithesis of love,
    is not hatred,
    but indifference.

    And I am indifferent,
    to your pains,
    and your gains.

    I am indifferent,
    to your skies’,
    shade of blue.

    I am indifferent,
    to whether your
    rises from east,
    or from west.

    I am indifferent,
    to you.
    I am indifferent.

    By Noufita on 06.05.2013

  24. the moment you start to wake up the day comes and gets you with a black cloak and spiky whites then it’s time you know it to start running into the blue or whatever flower you find in the midst of your tiny dream for hope in the reality or with drunk chipmunk drivings while

    By reluctant URL on 06.05.2013

  25. It is not a thesis. It is not the meaning of the paper. It is the anti-thesis. the opposite. I actually have no clue what this means, but I know that a thesis is the meaning of a paper, and anti-means opposite so an anti-thesis must be what the paper does not mean, and what it is most certainly not trying to prove

    By Gabby Mancuso on 06.05.2013

  26. I never quite enjoyed talking about the antithesis in English class.

    By KT on 06.05.2013

  27. opposite of thesis

    By Baba on 06.05.2013

  28. This is it the antithesis of everything I stand for. There is no coming back after i make this leap. I can not even imagine how this will effect others. Right now I have to think of myself and how steeling this map will put me on the path to being free.

    By Michelle URL on 06.05.2013

  29. shards come at the people in the face of me at the stoplight in cities where umbrellas abound in the light under the facy crazy stop and go people under the bridge where nothing creates into nothing but cement which can break but crumbles

    By reluctant URL on 06.05.2013

  30. I don’t know what that means. Anti-thesis? Like a sentence that doesn’t tell you what the paper is about?

    By Haven Brown on 06.05.2013

  31. my antithesis is this: Gadhi was nothing like Hitler

    By Robby on 06.05.2013

  32. antithesis is about different think or different opinion between each other. antithesis happen for every person

    By wawa URL on 06.05.2013

  33. mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    its simple
    take a word any word and replace the last syllable with the letters A and H
    Join become Jah
    Today become Todah
    Bill Becomes Bah
    out of all these words there is still one special word of the bunch
    mah has no specific meaning it just goes well with anything and promotes happiness
    use it at parties or reunions

    By Mr. Mah on 06.05.2013