June 4th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “antithesis”

  1. Marrying a person for the looks when alas you notice it’s not the look that matters most but the attitudes to live with.Good words soften the hard-rock heart and bad words harden the even soft silky hearts. So, watch out your tongue.Coz silence has its virtues.

    By Anne on 06.04.2013

  2. I have no idea what the word antithesis means. So how do I write about a word i dont know? So i just write about nothing…

    By Briannabrown on 06.04.2013

  3. How would Madonna define success? How bout Mother Teresa?

    By Pillar on 06.04.2013

  4. Racking my brain for how to write about this word for a whole minute. I have used this word before but for the life of me I cannot remember in what context. I think it is the core of something. Anti makes it seem like it’s opposite, so maybe I’m all wrong. I feel my brain racing in an attempt to grasp the definition, which seems to be fluttering just out of my reach.

    By Coness on 06.04.2013

  5. Why is what I want to eat always the antithesis of what is good for me. Good choices are not necessarily the easiest to follow. Why is that? Why would we not naturally love raw fruits and veggies? They taste good, but not as good as cheese-smothered, chocolate-covered or fried.

    By English URL on 06.04.2013

  6. I hate antithesis. It’s not even pronounced how it looks phonetically, and the English teacher overuses it. Class is a waste of time; I’d much rather be sketching up stories outside on the beach. No more rhetorical devices and essays for me. I want to immerse myself in a different world.

    By Kristina on 06.04.2013

  7. is a ant disease with out a cure until a thesis is written about it and sent to a medical hospital for correction. it is hard to get rid of so becareful you do not catch it other wise you will have to live with it forever

    By Bohem Chai on 06.04.2013

  8. Antithesis. It was written on the board, and I didn’t know what it meant. Anti-thesis? How can you be against a thesis? I started to write about how much I hate writing thesis statements. My teacher checked my paper and started to laugh. What’s so funny? Antithesis has nothing to do with a thesis? It’s the opposite? Oh, it means opposites?

    By Heather on 06.04.2013

  9. the opposite of something that is the anti of the pro the complete and total thesis and then its opposing force the color of love and anti theatrical things that oppose what you’re trying to do not what you meant the opposite of it the thesis is what the total argument is and this is the opposing arguement anti

    By A on 06.04.2013

  10. the antithesis
    of everything i said
    i wanted
    please let me know
    before you dive from
    the cliffs amidst the plumeria
    please tell me that late
    at night
    when you are in your tent
    clutching stained letters
    you think only about me

    By Ariane Elizabeth URL on 06.04.2013

  11. The end to an end, it doesn’t always come up clear as the blue sky as people would love to envision it. Sometimes the beginnings of great stories often weave into the corners of final chapters of endings.

    By Betsy on 06.04.2013

  12. The Captain of the Philanti Guard was the absolute antithesis of cowardice. No one had seen anyone like her. She had begun her military career as a noble private of the Duke’s Personal Squadron, before being recognized as the only survivor of the Red Infiltration of Philanti. Her bravery earned her several promotions, and she was especially most well known for taking out an enemy sergeant with a pocket knife.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.04.2013

  13. Reina its Javier, Contact me please.

    By reina villanueva on 06.04.2013

  14. I can’t think of anything to write because I’ve already written a poem on this and I can’t continue.

    By Hayley on 06.04.2013

  15. my first language is not english but i have studied it since i was 3 years old. okey this is amazing how they tell me to write about the word antithesis and i am always thinking about myself and writing something that has nothing to do with the word. i think it means something you do before a project. i am in my last year in high school and i have to hand in a project called thesis, so i guess antithesis means the thing that comes before the project, like an introduction

    By Cristina on 06.04.2013

  16. First thought: what was it again. Just smimple : the opposite of thesis, making a point! The essence is in the word!

    By Bartel URL on 06.04.2013

  17. I hated writing them in high school. I never knew exactly what I should say other than “But…” That is exactly how you DON’T write an antithesis. It’s an argument without arguing. A different perspective without totally obliterating the idea of

    By lexxi on 06.04.2013

  18. You. Me. We are mirror images. Identical and yet so very opposite. It’s been at the forefront of my mind long before I could even reason and draw up the concept for it. Where I try so hard to maintain my stern countenance, you revel in the madness. Where you try so diligently at showing kindness, I cater always to my own cruel whims. And, sweet sister, I will hate myself until the day I die for all that I’ve put you through. Because our inverse natures, I know that you’ll never stop loving me… my consolation and my curse.

    By MsMoon URL on 06.04.2013

  19. Antithesis is an unknown let familiar word to myself. Investigation of this word will be my next task.

    By Coral on 06.04.2013

  20. I am opposed to this thesis — morally, viscerally, and every bloody which way. I am “anti” this thesis. Get it? Ha. Ha. Ha. Now I am patting myself on the back because of how clever I am. Sigh.

    By Les URL on 06.04.2013

  21. The opposite of Thesis. Something that denounces another form of thesis.

    By Arteneus on 06.04.2013

  22. Where there is love, there will always be hate. Time and time again these words have proven to be honest, but now they appear to be false. And still, they haunt me. I fear that hate is simply taking it’s sweet time and love is growing tired. Soon enough, hate will be near, and it will devour all else.

    By Ebony Bird on 06.04.2013

  23. Felicity sank into the tub of water. Fireworks exploded as she plunged the razor into her arm. So beautiful. The colors.

    By penny dreadful on 06.04.2013

  24. We looked at each other, wondering how we could be together, but it was okay, because I loved him with his quiet demenor and he loved me, no matter how loud I was.

    By riley on 06.04.2013

  25. some words are meant to be savored
    soaked in
    how your tongue makes its way around the inside of your mouth
    hitting the roof, then your teeth, then the roof again

    By montse on 06.04.2013

  26. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis…History…Opposite of thesis? Maybe…Positivism, Materialism…Marx? Nope….Engels? Probably….

    By Valerie on 06.04.2013

  27. two opposites introduced in the same sentence, a contrasting effect. opposites attract, and the sentence ends up making sense, in some weird way. goes against a lot of things except for that one cliche.

    By Dolores Haze on 06.04.2013

  28. “You’re not me. You’re…god, you’re the antithesis of everything I stand for. You’re the enemy.”
    She chuckled. “And what, exactly, do you think you are to me?” when I didn’t answer she laughed again. “That’s why we’re the same. Training, conditioning…we’re each of our species’ perfect soldier. Only we’re both tired of fighting.” she met my eyes. “Aren’t you?”
    I hesitated but nodded. “I am.” I admitted.
    “So am I.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.04.2013

  29. antithesis, im not even sure what that is. i would think the easy answer to that would be that it is the opposite of a thesis. which is like the thesis statment in writing. so maybe its the end thesis statment?

    By lizz on 06.04.2013

  30. Antithesis is the contrary of a proposed thesis or a counterargument to an opinion. I rarely use this word though I think it’s a very useful one.

    By Sona on 06.04.2013

  31. I don’t even know what that means.

    By Jakers on 06.04.2013

  32. Contrasting, different.
    The whole world cherishes these ideas.
    That we fight to keep original.
    Segregation is becoming less of a problem.
    As our differences.
    Become one.

    By Angel of Music URL on 06.04.2013

  33. “You are a crazy woman!”

    “I am not crazy! I went to your club. You weren’t there.” she began ticking the places off on her fingers and he merely glared at her, arms clrossed over his chest, as she tried to prove his nonexistant infidelity to him, “I went to your other clubs, too. Not there. I went to every club where any of your friends meet. I went to the park. I went to the bakery where you sometimes stop. I even went to the flower shop you frequented while we were engaged. Not there. At all.”

    By Maria URL on 06.04.2013

  34. As Batman looked into the Jokers eyes, he knew what he had done. “You killed them, all of them. You destroyed whole Gothham.” “Yes, my dear. Because you wanted to safe these basterds, even from themselfes.”

    By McKannzie on 06.04.2013

  35. I struggled with the word. The woman that had asked me to spell it, was tentatively glaring at me from above her glasses. I thought I studied this.. I could fell sweat drop from my forehead. Through my panic, I continued wracking my brain to find the spelling. The knowledge was stored somewhere. I looked at the woman again. I saw the word. A-N-T-I-T-H-E-S-I-S
    Oh no. What now?

    By Annee on 06.04.2013

  36. And there their sit. For hours without a word, because they both couldnt process how much theire where diffrent. Pure hate and love at once. “So,” GOD sayed,”this is strange.” The devil just nodded.

    By BlackForestGirl on 06.04.2013

  37. I dont know what this word means, but it seems like a very nice word right there. It has sis at the end, which is always great! No one dislikes that, that is for sure ;)

    By B on 06.04.2013

  38. there is no method
    only madness
    and grace is the
    of it all
    chaos springs
    from broken things
    as Summer yields
    the Fall

    By katiekieran URL on 06.04.2013

  39. A superhero just died, a person I have loved since I was six. Peter Parker is no more in the world of ultimate comics and it nearly devastated me.

    It starane only became I know that it’s a fictional world, it’s not real, it’s just a story. But it’s a person I have befriended and been best friends with for as long as I can remember.

    I don’t know what the world would do without Spider-Man. His absence is the antithesis of what is right. But his absence can live on as an inspiration.

    By Kevin on 06.04.2013

  40. opposites, what makes one theory or thesis right and not the other. anti anti anti so negative

    By Alli on 06.04.2013