March 19th, 2016 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “angels”

  1. are found in earth too!!! They are the ones who guide & help other ppl all the time!

    By Raja on 03.21.2016

  2. Angels scare me. I don’t know if they’re real, if any thing is actually real.

    Wasn’t satan an angel, cast from the heavens?

    What makes us think that angels are truly out for the good of human life, if they’re actually real? and where were they when I needed them?

    By Vanessa on 03.21.2016


    By cowmom URL on 03.21.2016

  4. There was a war going on in his head. It went beyond right or wrong, and instead ventured into a fierce battle between angels and demons.

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.21.2016

  5. “For all the angels and saints, can you please stay still?”, the mother yelled to the child, who continued to move even after being yelled at.

    All the other adult customers in the store, turned to look at where the angered mother was.

    By Gigi URL on 03.21.2016

  6. Angels are a supernatural figure that are considered to be the most gorgeous creature in mythology. Angels are considered holy, yet in other forms, can represent some of the most manipulative souls to affect the minds of mankind.

    By Carine Bierlein URL on 03.21.2016

  7. heaven

    By Riley Meier URL on 03.21.2016

  8. heaven
    my best friend: angel

    By Kaitlyn Parker URL on 03.21.2016

  9. good,friendly,kind,sweet,honest,

    By Angel Carl URL on 03.21.2016

  10. white

    By Kaylee Horton URL on 03.21.2016

  11. holy gods servents helpers cool good people that are on the side of god and how they help the lord with everything there is

    By Damenator URL on 03.21.2016

  12. Angels. One of Gods great creations.
    Living the life of god you can become one.
    People chose not to believe and that’s fine.
    No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.
    God forgives :)

    By Brittany Turnbough URL on 03.21.2016

  13. Dr. Zomboss was being an angel when he said that Super Brains could test out his new invention, the zombot hero tron, and then super brains was very happy to use his invention, and to finally destroy the plants for good, doing this would make super brains seem like an angel to everybody for destroying the plants.

    By Dr. Zomboss URL on 03.21.2016

  14. if there were more than one angel Carl this world would be the most retarded world possible they would ruin it

    By Ethan Mayes URL on 03.21.2016

  15. Angels are every where sometimes I think that there are none

    By Evan Cavender URL on 03.21.2016

  16. religions clouds halos harps flying

    By jason payne URL on 03.21.2016

  17. Angels. One of Gods great creations.
    Living the life of god you can become one.
    People chose not to believe and that’s fine.
    No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.
    God forgives :) <3

    By Brittany Turnbough URL on 03.21.2016

  18. Guardians, Protectors, God, Jesus, Love, Peace, Calm, Heaven

    By Alexa Hampton URL on 03.21.2016

  19. The angel of god told the young man that a messiah was born.

    By cad on 03.21.2016

  20. The angels of god guard the garden of eden even though only because of one little mistake by Adam and Eve.

    By cad on 03.21.2016

  21. Angels of God helps bring the souls of the dead into heaven or hell.

    By cad on 03.21.2016

  22. “Who am I speaking with?”
    “What do we see when we die?”
    “Is Heaven real?”
    “Should I believe in God?”

    My voice trembles and my hands shake. My mouth goes dry. I lose all color, looking like a spirit myself.
    It follows me..

    By Tanner Kasinger URL on 03.21.2016

  23. “there are none, angels,” he said.

    I used to be like him, I guess. Doubting grace and miracles. But then Alicia came to me, and I remember the day.

    By Janelle Brin on 03.21.2016

  24. Marie loved the idea of heaven. A place to go when your life juices ran out that was full of love and peace. It calmed her at night to think of her final resting ground. She imagined a place with gold statues and big towering houses.

    By anna on 03.21.2016

  25. The white feathered creatures who guard you from above. Their cloths white as well as their wings. Angels are everywhere they say. Whispering it in your ear, Even you can be an angel, your nature and care.

    By Angel on 03.21.2016

  26. They were there when I woke up. I could barely roll out of bed and stand to greet them, but I didn’t need to. They called out, ‘Hello,’ and got to work: vacuuming, scrubbing, tidying. My angels’ chatter was heavenly music.

    By Carolyn on 03.21.2016

  27. I felt a rising pain in my chest. I took away my fingers from the wound and saw the blood on my hands. Then everything blacked out.

    By Behdad on 03.21.2016

  28. It’s kind of like a god and she lovely, an angels is female. It’s not real person.

    By Ziheng_777 on 03.21.2016

  29. The sky was filed with puffy clouds surrounding the beaming sun which shone too bright for me to look directly at it. White winged creatures skidded across the morning sky and sprinkled golden particles which landed on top of my hazel hair.

    By Lal0 on 03.21.2016

  30. A=a bird
    N=notch from minecraft
    G=gel for hair

    By Angel on 03.21.2016

  31. blessings. love. choir. hope. honor. safety. security. faith. joy. understanding. mercy. grace. peace. serenity. everything. singing. praise. praises. Jesus. God. church. Everything i wanted and more.

    By Terrence Johnson on 03.21.2016

  32. the angels of the lord are hovering over us even if you cant see them or hear them they are watching you and if you fall they will pick you back up if you allow them to

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.21.2016

  33. angels….can’t help but think they’re all dogs, or ought to be. Every little buddy i’ve ever had ended up a doggy angel. I’m sure. I miss them all.

    By rhkennerly URL on 03.21.2016

  34. I believe angels are all around us protecting, hoping to guide us in the right direction. There are angels surrounding Gods throne in awe and worshiping Him. They can’t understand us as humans, why we don’t realize how blessed we are to be sons of God

    By Pam on 03.21.2016

  35. steadying hands as you stumble home drunk. the smell of cigarette smoke and his jacket around your shoulders. harsh truths. bleeding lips. turning scars into love bites and death into second chances.

    By jess96 on 03.21.2016

  36. What feathery creatures thou art. Your wings cut sharp through enemy formations. Tis no wonder they call you an army of angels.

    By nadyab URL on 03.21.2016

  37. Angels are where heaven is, they are holy and beautiful and pure and angelic. They wear white and have glowing skin and are just perfect. Angels can do no wrong, except for the Devil who was actually an angel for God but he turned bad. It’s quite sad for people to die but they get to become angels. I want to be an angel, a guardian one, where I can look out for people and keep them on the right path. Angels are people of God, God is our master and we love him.

    By Natasha on 03.21.2016

  38. I’m sure I’ve had times in life where there was an angel with me… But unfortunately, I may have been too faithless to have noticed them.

    By knaveugly URL on 03.21.2016

  39. There are many angels in heaven each time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.

    By Dylan Montgomery URL on 03.21.2016

  40. the angels came down from above and took Jose to heaven. abby likes to draw angels on fire and them killing people with weir powers

    By Drew Payne URL on 03.21.2016