March 21st, 2016 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “endless”

  1. There was once a kid that looked at the sky during the night. He asked himself how the stars seemed endless, so he asked his dad how they were endless. Hid dad explained that the stars weren’t endless but that there was a lot of stars. The little kid then went to sleep unsatisfied with that answer.

    By Jose Sulca URL on 03.22.2016

  2. there was a day that was very endless. the day went on forever and ever. on that day everyone was happy until the end of time and the world eventually was lit on fire and the day did end.

    By Drew Payne URL on 03.22.2016

  3. She leaned over the edge of the dock and saw a reflection, an endless miror staring back at her only to be broken with ripples.

    By Cora Martin URL on 03.22.2016

  4. There was place that was endless. I went there and lived. And nothing never ended and was 1000000000000 years old a more and more and more years away from dying. So my life was endless

    By Zachary Setzer URL on 03.22.2016

  5. There once was a house that was tall as a five story building it had endless rows of lights in the inside.

    By Dylan Montgomery URL on 03.22.2016

  6. Happiness is endless as long as you think positively
    There are many things you can be mad sad or upset about for no reason
    just keep on smiling and everything will be alright

    By mariah coleman URL on 03.22.2016

  7. Is anything endless? Many things can end like books and movies. But there was a Buffet that never ended it was the endless buffet. It was a dream all kinds of food just on and on and it was amazing.

    By Sisley Pryor URL on 03.22.2016

  8. The time was endless.
    It kept going on and on and on.
    No matter how bad I wanted to leave that dark place it would not end.
    The halls even seem endless as we walk down them everyday, getting longer and longer just to torture us.
    School is endless!

    By Andrea Blount URL on 03.22.2016

  9. I endlessly wonder around in the forest like a mouse trapped in a maze searching for the way out. After five years of searching I finally find a way out but when I see the outside world it doesn’t last long for I am now trapped in another endless maze but this time there is no way out.

    By Abigail Miller URL on 03.22.2016

  10. God’s ways are endless, without limitations. His love for us is endless without boundaries.

    By Carla on 03.22.2016

  11. i could feel the endless love that tara was breathing
    she is endlessly beautiful
    her lips are so soft like and endless soft blanket

    By Cameron Payne URL on 03.22.2016

  12. School is endless everyday, We never get to go outside and play. We sit inside and always are bored. Until the bell rings and then life is restored.

    By Madalynn Todd URL on 03.22.2016

  13. There I was falling in my endless nightmare or so it seemed, Literally falling from the seventy two Story building which wasn’t even the spectacular part of my day. No its probably the least bad thing that had happened to me today like me losing my girl to a Mutant freak who kidnapped her and wants to get back at me for destroying his lab. So your probably wondering how i’m going to survive the fall or get my girl back. Well i’ll tell you, I’m a Super Hero.

    By Zerak Thomas Brown on 03.22.2016

  14. Endless, without end … spaghetti strands, Rapunzel’s hair, waves on the sand, stars in the skies … endless.

    By Cindy on 03.22.2016

  15. The long hallway stops abruptly and the only choice I have is to run to the door on my left. I burst through the large door into a room that contain riches beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The walls a ocean blue and the floor covered in tile porcelain that looks as if no one has ever set foot on it. Straight in front of me is a balcony that has a railing made of pure gold seemingly etched by hand. I can tell its Havian made. My eyes scan the walls, searching for some sort of escape. Some sort of hidden doorway.
    There are none to be found.

    This is it. The end. All that we worked for to gain freedom washing down the drain before my very eyes.

    I look to the bright orange sunset that I’m sure will be the last I will ever see. The gold balcony winks at me in the light.
    I gasp. The Balcony! It can’t be that far of a drop can it? I can use Galvier to help me land.

    I sprint to the balcony and look over the edge.

    The drop is seemingly endless.

    My heart drops in my chest. I hear shouts come from the hallway behind me and loud footsteps. I have two choices. Jump and pray for the best or wait until the guards take me to where I never want to be again. A room full of shadows and blood.

    I jump.

    By Emilia Morton URL on 03.22.2016

  16. Their love making session seemed endless. It was an unyielding circle of warmth, of sweat and pulsations and buzzes and hums. It was as if they were growing extra legs to wrap around each other’s exoskeletons, shaking and shuddering as if to further increase and intensify the heat. If they had had wings, they would have beat rapidly and loudly, like the growling of jets that struck the skies like steel dragonflies.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.22.2016

  17. The hills stretched out before my eyes; an endless ocean of varying shades of green. The aroma of freshly cut grass, lavender, and fresh air wafted towards me as I dropped my bike to the dirt, closed my my eyes, and collapsed onto the soft earth.

    By embr URL on 03.22.2016

  18. the night is endless. my friend told me that the moon looked brilliant today, but i didn’t go out to see it. i’m studying for physics and it seems like the time to study is not enough, when the night is endless. looks like my time is running out, but isn’t it supposed to be endles?? less end. endless*

    By cielo on 03.22.2016

  19. Love is endless and eternal; locked in our DNA.

    By janet bayer URL on 03.22.2016

  20. Some days are endless while others fly by…

    By Toni on 03.22.2016

  21. Love. I wish it were endless.

    Respect. Endless respect for me.

    My envy is endless. My fury is endless. It turns into an endless river that flows through me.
    Sometimes I wonder if time is endless.

    By nainaraturi on 03.22.2016

  22. Oh the endless visits from my mother-in-law…how can I possibly stop them from happening? Partly this is my fault for allowing them to happen in the first place. If had just been mean and bitchy from day one, I could avoid her (and the whole family) from coming to visit every few months. They are such slobs and never clean up after themselves.

    By Gigi URL on 03.22.2016

  23. When I was young, I could have fathomed what my life would become as I came of age in the era of big data and information. Computers and gadgets, once bewitching in their power, eventually just turn my identity into an endless string of ones and zeroes.

    By asavas URL on 03.22.2016

  24. GIVE IT UP.

    She wanted it etched into her skin with a deep dark knife. Maybe she would change, but would likely only remember until the blood stopped flowing.

    “I can only see red, anyways.”

    You will never break free. It will never stop. Stoop. Come walk all over me. It wasn’t until she reached the end that she realized she was looking into a mirror.

    How do I give up all of myself and become nothing? How do I become someone? How can I? I am drawn.

    By haywirehay URL on 03.22.2016

  25. I sat down, I got back up again. I paced the floor, trying to keep from losing my mind. The endless wait was taking its toll and the strain was peeking through. I closed my eyes and willed the doctor to come out of the operating room with good news, or any news. Just let this end.

    By MsShel330 URL on 03.22.2016

  26. cells dividing. atoms shifting. endless life. endless decay… for?


    By weltschmerz URL on 03.22.2016

  27. it felt endless. This was the last one for today. He knocked tentatively on apartment 345. no answer. He knocked again, with more gusto. Some movement occured behind the door.

    By Tam URL on 03.22.2016

  28. Time is endless. It always goes on. It never stops. Not when the most important of us all dies. It’s ruthless and it’s nice at the same time. It’s funny how sometimes that’s exactly what you need. For time to be endless and never stop. It’s strange to think that when we die, time will still be marching on like nothing even happened. We’ll become meaningless in a world full of meaning. We’ll become the memes of today’s generations. We’ll become the history that we learn so much about in school. In fifty years our plights will look ridiculous and we’ll be laughed at like we laughed at those.

    By Katherine on 03.22.2016

  29. Endlessness in a puddle, she thought. Each small layer of water blanketing the other, and she would shrink herself to lie between them, looking up through the vitrious gel at the world, a little hazy and blasted through with light.

    By YYsee URL on 03.22.2016

  30. the endless sea stretched out before him, threatening to swallow him up. He waded into the waves, contemplating his next move.

    By timn on 03.22.2016

  31. It’s endless.
    It’s never going to stop. Janette’s never coming home. Adam’s probably dead and we’ll be stuck in this fucked up war forever. Other kids look to me for guidance like I’m gonna be able to end this war myself. These pigs with their nightsticks…their sons are probably shipped to Nam and went ape so they go to work and pound some poor blown college kid like it’s his fault his numbe didn’t get called…I never wanted anyone to get hurt.

    By theawkwardalice on 03.22.2016

  32. the endless corridor barricades obstructed festooneries
    abound the foreground within my feathery flock!

    By Milad URL on 03.22.2016