March 19th, 2016 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “angels”

  1. Hell’s angel. That’s who I want to be – in a sexual way. The girl that everybody wants but nobody can have. Isn’t this problematic? What’s worse is that this is the person I used to be once upon a time before I lost myself. Perhaps it was for the best that I changed.. Would you want to know this person? I wouldn’t.

    By mm on 03.19.2016

  2. The angels beat their wings in unison as they descended to the earth. One villager looked up and cried in delight – “I can look right up their dress, I can. Wouldn’t mind getting a taste of that holy grail if ya know what I mean” he said as he nudged his giggling friends.

    The angels were not amused but they ignored the man. They were here to slaughter the entire city after all…

    By TGV on 03.19.2016

  3. Logically, she knew she should remain calm. It was mostly new mediums making everything seem haywire; the fundamentals of the system were strong, and the better angels of our nature would prevail. But human nature became so slippery when corrupted by fear, and she wasn’t sure she had much faith in angels, anyway.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 03.19.2016

  4. “I miss the you with braces-the angel girl.” He says it over and over again, but it doesn’t change a thing. Fact is, he’s the one who encouraged my transformation, encouraged my behavior to go from gasping at curses to swearing like a sailor, from virgin lips to begging to drink at the slightest confrontation. He created this monster…but misses the angel. How ironic. His angel fell and he’s no longer mystified.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 03.19.2016

  5. angels. do they exist. Im not sure. there is no answer. there is no yes or no. but there is the word angels. i think of creatures, holy and white with feathered wings and an aura of light and purity.

    By Patrick on 03.19.2016

  6. My mother told me I should believe in angels, but I didn’t see them until I was flat on my back in the middle of the intersection toward the outskirts of town, having just received the full brunt of the front bumper of a black SUV.

    To his credit, the driver stopped and ran over to see if I was okay, but all his words were mangled in my ears, and I couldn’t see straight. What I did see, well, it wasn’t like my mother told me. These angels weren’t dressed in white or bent over from heavy halos; they were nicely dressed, in blue and red suits, and every single one of them appeared to be female.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.19.2016

  7. Angels, do they exist? Im sure its a question that everyone asks. But why is there only a yes or a no? It seems to simple. When I think of an angel I imagine a creature with radiant wings, and a elliptic halo hovering over its head. Of course who’s to say an angel isnt just the exact opposite?

    By unsure on 03.19.2016

  8. they always tell me that angels come to save

    everytime i see angel, their wings are black
    theyre hands covered in paint
    they leave stains
    angels dont know me
    angels have wings so that they can fly away
    fly far away

    its not good to be an angel

    By Fariha on 03.19.2016

  9. angels dont exist in this world

    they told me angels are of god

    that angels will protect me

    but angels, the ones I’ve met

    have black wings

    and stone cold looks

    when you love the angels I’ve met

    you wont even notice youre gone

    By FS on 03.19.2016

  10. This one line immediately pops into my head:

    “It’s too cold outside for angels to die” [Ed Sheeran; A Team]

    My angel died when she was 17. I was 17 too back then. I never thought death could occur at that age. Of course it would. How naive was I.

    But she’s gone. And it’s been close to 10 years now. There isn’t a day I don’t think about her. I miss you, Shit Brat.

    By Kelsey on 03.19.2016

  11. I believe in angels. They protect us and take care of us. They even stay by your side if everybody else has disappeared.

    By Bluered on 03.20.2016

  12. There are plenty of opportunities to see angels in the world around us if we only open our eyes. I´m not talking about those ethereal figures bedecked with white fluffy wings that we learn about as infants. No, I´m referring to those among us to do good deeds on a daily basis to make life better for the those with whom they come into contact with.

    By Sue Tennander on 03.20.2016

  13. i think anles are really cool but i have never seen a real anglesoi do not know but i thinkthey are nice

    By isabella URL on 03.20.2016

  14. well i think they should have a good life with god i meen who will not have a good time with god

    By isabella URL on 03.20.2016

  15. Thank you for helping me with my oneword!!!!!

    By Avarie URL on 03.20.2016

  16. They were called Angels, because they were beautiful. Heavenly creatures. But in Angels, beauty never existed. They were truly horrifying creatures, with wings of fire and eyes of pure light. They weren’t beautiful, they were monsters.

    By Margsa on 03.20.2016

  17. angels are beautiful.. i have a guardian angel.. or thats what i would have liked to believe.. angels can sing, dance and bring happiness, isnt that what everyone wants!

    By m on 03.20.2016

  18. if anyone could ever come close to looking as angels did, it was abel – hardened from work, but still soft in a sense that cain didn’t quite understand. he was truly, incomprehensibly gentle, and for all cain was a simple man, even he knew gentleness was a rare thing amongst mortal men.

    By Gee N. on 03.20.2016

  19. Angels are my babies.
    Not the idyllic, winged cherubs found
    on the ceilings of cathedrals,
    but the climbing on the counters,
    covered in peanut butter,
    drawing on the walls,
    giggling children
    who clamber at my legs
    While cooking.

    By Jenny on 03.20.2016

  20. wings, curly hair, nice smile, kindness, flying,white, female,

    By christina cottell stålhandske on 03.20.2016

  21. When I think of Angels, I’m inclined to revert to pop culture television and movies. But, the truth is that angels are everywhere, carrying out small acts of kindness and guardianship everyday, be it in people or ethereally.

    By Susan on 03.20.2016

  22. I never believed in angels. Creatures with white, wide wings, living in heaven (in that I actually haven’t believed in either). Heaven, for me, was just people trying to make themselfes feel better about their limited and finite time. One moment, and then we just disappear. Forever. Into the unkown. And because that was a pretty… uncomfortable thought, people created the idea of heaven – or reincarnation. Because that way, their life wasn’t finitely. I never needed to know where I would go after my death. I didn’t need to. Because I wouldn’t be there anymore…
    But things changed when I got the news of Michael’s death. 19 Years old and dead. Bam. Gone. Just like that.
    When I was facing his grave, his (it still feels weird to say it, even after two years) coffin – where the only thing of him left was – it was the first time in my life where I wished something like a heaven or reincarnation existed. Because it didn’t seem fair to me. His mind, his life force… it was gone. Forever. And since then, I make myself hope that there comes something after. Something that maintains his spirit, his soul. Because he had been incomparable. He made me a better person. And that can’t just be lost. It has to outlast somewhere.

    By orangefish2 on 03.20.2016

  23. Angels appear differently for everyone. For me, my angels manifest themselves in the people I love. My family, my friends, my lover. They offer me a holy salvation that traditional angels could never deliver.

    By Kumquat on 03.20.2016

  24. Angels always fall into this world, whether is because they want to bring joy into the world or because they couldn’t keep up with the standars of heaven. Those angels may be called demons and they always surround us

    By Abe Martinez on 03.20.2016

  25. The hierarchy of angels is not to be revealed to the masses. Only the sheriff and his secret police are allowed to know. They are all named Erika. One of them is black. They have eyes all over, covering their wings, their faces, even their hands.

    By Naomi on 03.20.2016

  26. Angels. Are they really there? Watching over us? I was once told that all the horizontal lines on the edge of your palm represent all the guardian angels you have. If that’s true then I’m pretty lucky because I have a lot. But does that mean I need a lot of guardian angels because of how I live my life?

    By Jeremy on 03.20.2016

  27. They are all around us and in us at the same time. Sometimes I feel like we are angels, in a different form – taking a break from our divinity for mortality

    By vimbai on 03.20.2016

  28. Ew, angels are gross. This is disappointing. Look at my time at the bottom just FLYIN by!
    It’s blue and fun to watch. I never realized time was so fast! Look at it go!

    By HCP on 03.20.2016

  29. The choir was singing and the organ was pounding along and she knew it was supposed to sound like angels but it just sounder like noise. She looked down at her new shoes and clicked the heels together. At least Easter was good for something. Her fancy dress and curly hair made the long day in church worth it.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.20.2016

  30. He was half-conscious so didn’t know whether he was dreaming or whether the white fluttering objects whirling around him where angels or moths. However, when he finally came to, in the hospital bed, he decided to believe that they were angels and get his life together. That was better to dedicate his life to angels rather than moths, he thought at the time. But when he became an environmentalist, he realized that he was really dedicating his life to moths, endangered moths.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.20.2016

  31. Angels check tickets to the underworld where washing your history comes after holding a mirror.

    By L. S. on 03.20.2016

  32. “Angels we have heard on high” says the carol, or so I think? or so I remember? You can never be too sure of your memory these days. Especially with all the papers lyin’ and your friends saying it was this way, not that, and even your little dog asking for more puppy chow when you know she’s already had some– or has she?

    By IAlexandra on 03.20.2016

  33. Angels are not human, they are just an invention of humans to recall their deepest fears and warmest emotions. They are just a creation to feel out the emotional emptiness that we feel when we watch ourselves. They are that important.

    By Diego on 03.20.2016

  34. In the old world, there was a man named Ajium. Ajium spoke the ancient tongue of the long dead tribes. Many came to Ajium to translate the texts of their great grandfathers grandfathers. One day a stranger came to Ajiums village, dresses in black and armed with a cudgeon of pure silver, he carried a book bound in leather. The stranger stood in the dusty town square and called to the people there, “Bring forth Ajium of the old words, he has work to be done”. Ajium was summoned by the townspeople and went to the stranger in the dusty town square, “You call for me, stranger. Show the manuscript and I will divine the meaning therein”. The stranger considered this for a moment, “Ajium of the old words, I am Excellior of the Angels, know this, this is the book of the three, the book of broken kings, the book of empty fields, written in blood of Angels, knowing these words will surely crush you”. Ajium considered this, “Excellior, know this, you are no Angel and what you hold is but a book, the knowledge therein may make me laugh, may make me cry, may solve a problem or cause one, but knowledge is never to be feared, fearing knowledge is what makes fools believe in Angels and gives strength to cruel hearted men who pretend to be Angels for their own gain”

    By Kelvin Wooster on 03.20.2016

  35. “Angel we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plains…and the mountains in reply, echoing their joyous strains…”

    Jonathan hummed along to the familiar tune as he walked along the snow covered sidewalk, Gina’s arm linked through his. “Can you believe Christmas is next week?”

    “It’s surreal.” His girlfriend said, looking up at him with bright green eyes. “But I’m just happy I get to spend it with you.”

    By Blue Iris on 03.20.2016

  36. I never was religious, I was never fully sure of the existance of a God, let alone angels. But when he smiled at me, I understood the intent. I understood why people feel the need to believe in something like angels. Because there’s a feeling, there’s a feeling that’s like nothing else you’ve felt before. It’s like being touched by an angel, when he smiles it’s like being touched by an angel.

    By fernitron on 03.20.2016

  37. “I see angels and signs and demons”…Margo swooned and would have hit the floor if Steve and Ayesha hadn’t grabbed her. They set her down on the couch and waited. They looked at each other and shrugged. They had noticed all of the books on metaphysics when they walked in but they didn’t know what to make of them. They were starting to understand what they meant and why Margo had them.

    By MsShel330 on 03.20.2016

  38. Thinking of Angela – Angellas I have met. Loud, boisterous, impossible to look away angels in the forefront. Not guardians so much as blazing torch women, winged, sure. Won’t sit still for a painting – or a sketch, even.

    By YYsee on 03.20.2016

  39. He was uncertain, but hopeful. He remembered his philosophy lectures on Marcel’s hope, how you can only ever hope when you really have nothing left save for despair. He was so afraid, but his being ached for an answer. He felt as if every thing led to this moment, and when she finally said “yes,” he truly believed that angels do exist.

    By Zoe Jen on 03.21.2016


    By Sameeka on 03.21.2016