March 19th, 2016 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “angels”

  1. angles live in Heaven
    they have wings
    they are you when you die
    they are pretty and beautiful
    angles help God

    By Zachary Setzer on 03.21.2016

  2. The word angels makes me think of religious beliefs, of how some people are Christian and they believe in angels. Most of the time you think of white angels that have white wings, and how they bring messages to people.

    By Jose Sulca on 03.21.2016

  3. The angels floated in the clouds like a water lilly on a lake.
    The angles look like majestic dancers as they watch over the world and float delicately.

    By Ballislife22 on 03.21.2016

  4. The beautiful angels fly through the sky holding Gods hand, palm in palm answering prayers and making life better.

    By Cora Martin on 03.21.2016

  5. Angels are like pigeons they both have fluffy feathers and they both poop on your head

    By Abigail Miller on 03.21.2016

  6. Gardian angels protecting me.
    Watching me from Heaven.
    Looking down on me from the sky.
    Making sure I do good in life.
    With white wings on their backs and halos above their heads.

    By Andrea Blount URL on 03.21.2016

  7. Angels are very beautiful
    They are always there like best friends
    Angels are peaceful
    They always make you want to do good
    Their home is where everyone wants to be

    By Sisley Pryor on 03.21.2016

  8. Angels fly above the sky
    they sing me sympathies to meet my needs
    they are beautiful like a dandy lion in the breeze
    Sugar and sweets always remind me of the lovely angels i will once be.

    By Madalynn Todd on 03.21.2016

  9. The bright light of her wings shone through the vast darkness that had become the world. Her Halo and, the Halos of the company that had gathered around her, blinded me with a light that made me squint my eyes.
    ¨This is who I really am.” She said shyly.
    She was the most magnificent thing I had ever seen.

    By Emilia on 03.21.2016

  10. angles beautiful and bright
    so beautiful they catch your eye
    they are in the heavens on the ground and all around this town

    By mariah coleman on 03.21.2016

  11. i saw an angel
    it saw it in an angle
    the angle flew away
    it took landon
    it cleaned landon

    By Cameron Payne on 03.21.2016

  12. we could see the angels looking down from above ( me and my love )
    ,but she could see the demon in me when no one else could
    not even Death himself can see the true evil that is hidden deep within me
    because I wear the mask, one that resembles me like them ,but for me its all pretend.
    I have to fake my emotions and sometimes my idea’s and belief’s because they don’t exist in their world.

    By Zerak Thomas Brown on 03.21.2016

  13. made in heaven
    glowing with light
    halos on their heads
    wings like birds to fly away like birds

    By Landon Jimmerson on 03.21.2016

  14. i saw an angel
    it saw it in an angle
    the angel flew away
    it took landon
    it cleaned landon
    now he has a gf

    By Cameron Payne on 03.21.2016

  15. I saw a lot of angles on Sat. I was in a church for a funeral and felt their presence.

    By vupshaw on 03.21.2016

  16. Where is the science that angels exist? Dont get me wrong, I would find incredible comfort if they do. Just knowing angels are real would provide such a safe haven in my mind.

    By Below Average on 03.21.2016

  17. Angels are symbolic of religion and also of bringing piece. They are a silent listening ear.

    By Mary on 03.21.2016

  18. All Angels I’ve met
    Were girls on this planet Earth
    Behaved as Devils

    Name your daughter Angel
    And she’ll be a stuck-up bitch
    Toy dog in her purse

    Name a boy Jesus
    Gang member he’d likely be
    Or a total ass

    By HAIKUDUDE!!!! on 03.21.2016

  19. I saw an Angel once
    I saw a demon spawn too
    As a person they are one
    In movies, a different two
    Not in a glowing robe of mage
    Nor wearing a loincloth and fangs
    Both roles played by Nicolas Cage.
    (Challenge: name the two movies in your writing using angels.)

    P.S. the word is angEL NOT angLE! Learn to be attentive and to spell !!

    By DLP on 03.21.2016

  20. They were my angels, they were always there for me. I knew that they hovered above my head watching for danger to cross my path. Not only were they my angels they were my friends. Yes, I was friends with my guardian angels. Their names were Steve and Sara.

    By Bre on 03.21.2016

  21. Angels are all around. Coincidences happen because of angels or both. serendipitous

    By jensanti on 03.21.2016

  22. She used to believe in them. They told her that they’d look over her and watch her, but through every hardship, she waited and they never came. Now, she believes in herself, and that no one will help her, but her.

    By Natasha on 03.21.2016

  23. Angels are the most beautiful of all creatures, they fall from the sky, yet fall graciously. However they are hard to come by, but when you come across one you will know. But the devil was once an angel.

    By Robert on 03.21.2016