December 19th, 2009 | 630 Entries

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630 Entries for “alignment”

  1. No.

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  2. to the left to the right to the center to whereever i wish my teeth were aligned my mom has needed a wheel alignment on her car everything in straight order everything right everything perfect everything corresponding everything just the way it should be on everything always

    By ray ray on 12.20.2009

  3. The first thing I think of is the alignment of the planets in our solar system. When I was little I thought that all of the planets were lined up in the galaxy, but then I realized that Mercury and Venus would be blocking the earth from the sun! hahah

    The second thing I thought of was the alignment of two people’s lives when they fall in love. I believe that soul mates must meet at a certain point in their lives to realize that they belong with each other.

    By Danielle on 12.20.2009

  4. the alignment of the physical body with the soul has become askew. you must heal the body in order to help heal hte soul. such fragmentation only leads to further pain and disjointedness. to be aligned is to be full.

    By cori on 12.20.2009

  5. I feel myself aligned to you because we belong together. I’m attached to you. I want to be with you because we just go together. Like it was meant to be. Align myself with you and all other second thoughts go out the window– there are none.

    By Melissa on 12.20.2009

  6. alignment of self maybe someday things will be better. How many times can I say that…. Fill

    By Ever on 12.20.2009

  7. its a way of lining up something. if you are on a line with another person, you are on alignment. i think. also describes the way the straight line of the picture frame fits with the straight line of the wall

    By sam on 12.20.2009

  8. its a way of lining up something. if you are on a line with another person, you are on alignment. i think. also describes the way the straight line of the picture frame fits with the straight line of the wall

    By sam on 12.20.2009

  9. I don’t get why you have to align cars. I wonder if you could align human things as well…such as hearts, minds or feelings. I wish. Maybe humans would be simpler if we were machines that just needed to be fixed. Oh well. At least one benefit is that we have hearts. Hearts make friendships and relationships can make things worthwhile I guess.

    By Kim on 12.20.2009

  10. When stars align, people often say that big things will happen. When you fall in love, don’t some people casually use the phrase, “Well, the stars aligned, and BAM! There was Johnny, my furture beau.”

    By Kayla on 12.20.2009

  11. his back wore on and on and when we went to the doctor they told us he wouldn’t get it back again but then he did and it was awesome!


    By casey on 12.20.2009

  12. Lines sucks. they make us want to be in line with other things, other people,aligned. Why can’t we just make lines of ourselves. Lines that we draw, personally, with friends, with the people who surround us and that we truly love instead of following the .. alignment.

    By Jessica on 12.20.2009

  13. fuck you

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  14. alignment

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  15. It was off, and the fucking car kept pulling to one side. He wasn’t aware of the nervousness swelling around him like a sausage coat splitting in the heat, but when he made his usual quick left on the 53, his tires pulled and he was down off the road and toast.

    By J on 12.20.2009

  16. Paladins, assassins, bards, barbarians, and druids were all characters with alignment limitations in previous editions of D&D. Now, with little emphasis on structured morality…

    By Forrest McDonald on 12.20.2009

  17. straight line. ordered. everything is arranged. red. clean.

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  18. a line ran me over . mentos come up in conversation. a late lover . mint. find. a light

    By awei on 12.20.2009

  19. alignment is a figment of our scattered imaginations. nothing is truly aligned. only mildly familiar.

    By mlh on 12.20.2009

  20. the alignment of the antimater beam was off. Joe knew that but he could do nothing. the ship was vibrating wildly know and the end was near. if only he had a stantion release bar. then he saw it.

    By Joey Bag o donuts on 12.20.2009

  21. this is a weird word. sooo…
    lets see
    hey this is a great way to learn how to spell something. yeah thought so. sooo… yeah
    i guess you could say that it puts things in place, together.

    By Jackie on 12.20.2009

  22. I think of straight, and cars. I think of being in the right place, even at the right time. I think of order, perfection, arrangement. Everything in its right place. A song by Radiohead. Aligned. In the right place, location. Everything in order, where it should be.

    By lish on 12.20.2009

  23. Things that are in a line, Hearts in line.. Bodies

    By marion on 12.20.2009

  24. i hate css alignment. it always fucking you over – like you try and make something have a z-index, but you need a fucking alignment classifier. while i understand you kinda need to classify your alignment all the time, it’s just fucking stupid ’cause typically it has to be fucking absolute instead of relative and it just fucks everything over.

    By fffuuuuuuuuuuuu- on 12.20.2009

  25. My alignment is.. .Confusing. I tend to think of myself as chaotic neutral, even if that’s not TECHNICALLY an alignment. If we’re only counting the “real” alignment,s I’m true neutral. I like for spontaneous moments and never can quite choose between good and evil.

    By Angelius on 12.20.2009

  26. Wherever there are multiple things, there is an opportunity for alignment. There may be parallels of every object in existence, but I feel that this is highly unlikely. I do not want a twin.

    By paige on 12.20.2009

  27. some things in life have to be together therefore we go through a period of alignment. this is where we align our thoughts, words and deeds so that they can be strung together to form something called our life. times like these are precious and humans often fail to have moments like this.

    By Celine Chew on 12.20.2009

  28. There is nothing to be done! The planets are coming together tonight and then my plan shall be complete, once and for all! Tonight your life shall end and mine shall begin anew. Anew with my mother, myself, and no one else! Take that, together as one! Let the planets align and watch as your precious world crumbles to pieces!

    By Tasha on 12.20.2009

  29. I tried to adjust the alignment of the wheels but they just wouldn’t budge! The trolley lurched uncontrollably around the supermarket with me lurching equally uncontrolable behind.

    By eillek on 12.20.2009

  30. “Ouch!” she gasped. “That hurts!”
    “Your spine is way out of alignment, sweetie,” the wizened chiropractor explained. “Do you participate in extreme sports?”
    “No,” Veronica sighed. “The most athletic thing I do is walk up a flight of stairs every morning.”

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009