December 18th, 2009 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “sage”

  1. I remember first coming to Tennessee and visiting with my family hearing about all th e neat things I’ll be starting in this new life. Sage is half the name of my aunts store she’s had for nearly 4 years now. She’s always wanted a store to call her own and sage is a word that will always remind me of home.

    By Mallory on 12.19.2009

  2. A sage does lots of cool stuff like magic and shit, I love sages for this reason alone! why do so few sages exist you ask, good question, becoming a sage is really hard ad not mfor

    By christian on 12.19.2009

  3. What is sage? Is it a color? Or, is it some sort of spice? I may never know. I gues some of the simplest things can really be the most complex. When ou think about it, no word is really simple. It takes a lot to make a word work.

    By Stephanie Powell/ on 12.19.2009

  4. Sage sat on her patio, staring blankly into the snow covered woodlands. A dog howled in the distance, and the forest echoed with nighttime sounds. Tears rolled gently down her pallid cheeks, her hazel eyes bloodshot from crying.

    By Lizzy on 12.19.2009

  5. simon and garfunkle comes to mind. a beautiful song that provokes dark emotion. aside from music experience, sage means next to nothing to me. maybe i’ll change that tomorrow when i cook dinner…

    By daniel on 12.19.2009

  6. Tampax to be jailed in the feminine body along with a hint of sage and a three prong plug to be coated in silver fermented ferrets that coo with the pigeons shot through their soft bodies with hard bullets splintering bone and skin the feast is ready to be prepared: pick out the tiny shards and place them on a shelf like a tiny memory with two hands, a nose, and something that once resembled an eyelash batting battering on a light bulb that refuses to be changed.

    By Adam Wulfmeyer on 12.19.2009

  7. i know a girl named sage
    shes so pretty
    but she hides behind the lens
    prefers to capture life around her
    than live in it,
    but thats okay cause people
    will still love her anyway.

    By heath on 12.19.2009

  8. every time we go to chapel in Wyoming, they give us a sprig of sagebush. that is my favorite part of the trip, i wish i had saved some of them but i always let them wilt by the side of my bed

    By eloise on 12.19.2009

  9. i love the smell of sage. i think it’s one of the most beautiful smells in the world. yay christmas :)

    By aj on 12.19.2009

  10. what the fuck is a sage?

    By joe "fuck you" on 12.19.2009

  11. Beautifully magical. Majestic naturally. Is unbelievably wise and often a hermit. Few understand the ways of the sage. As a mater of fact, only the sage understands himself. While at the same time, understanding everyone else as well.

    By Spiritualives on 12.19.2009

  12. sage is someone that acts just for himself and knows more because he thinks deeper than most average people

    By daniela on 12.19.2009

  13. He was a wise man. A learned man. A cautious man.

    Would he be heeded?

    Or would the hotheads win the day?

    “SAGE!!!” yelled the /b/tard

    By Jesse on 12.19.2009

  14. i have no idea what this word means. it sounds like something i would put on my food like a spice or something like that. i went to this restaurant called blue sage. it was for vegetarians but the food was awesome. i would go there with my dad when he would come up and visit me. it was good food i enjoyed it.

    By la on 12.19.2009

  15. a spiritual mentor who is know for extreme wisdom.

    By rebeca on 12.19.2009

  16. wisdom comes from not just age but wine and bravado. Sage is not just a great seasoning for chicken and pork it is also a great spirit washing smoke to cleanse yourself.

    By kracklestar on 12.19.2009

  17. this is a girls’ name. it is also a spice i think. not sure what it’s like really, but that’s what it is. the word is in purple too. is sage a color? I don’t think so. but maybe it is. i think it’s a spice primarily. related to incense? I don’t know for sure. what is the point of this? i don’t know.

    By richard on 12.19.2009

  18. The smell of sage filled my nostrils and transported me back to my home. i looked at the sea of it around me, sheltering all these animals from the sun.

    By blaise on 12.19.2009

  19. Don’t forget parsely, rosemary and thyme. That would be a sage idea.

    By Joseph Leff on 12.19.2009

  20. was a flower that was used in medieval times to spice foods. it was also a common name for young women in those times.

    By anna on 12.19.2009

  21. green green kitchen my kitchen’s green and my oregano’s green and i put it on my sandwiches with provolone cheese and i put it in my olive oil with garlic to dip bread in.

    By haley on 12.19.2009

  22. magical guy who casts spells. Someone wise, usually in fantasy books and stuff. Herb used for cooking or an ingredient of some kind. internet term against trolls.

    By nobody on 12.19.2009

  23. Sage a spice by any other name. Sage is not something I have ever liked. Not really. Kind of like rosemary, I never liked it either. Or dill. The only spice that is really for me is salt, pepper or crushed red pepper flakes. I’m a spicy kind of girl and that’s how I like it.

    By Brianna on 12.19.2009

  24. sages, pages, mazes. ahhh, rhyming. its great when writing poetry. or stories. or anything. but not dialog or monologue. kinda gets annoying then. but weren’t sages some part of medieval history? or was that page…I don’t know. sage is a nice herb, though. (:

    By Kara on 12.19.2009

  25. The sage blew through the house, filling it with the smell of wonderfulness. I adore the scent of sage, and today was no different. The turkey looked amazing. When I took it out, it was a lovely golden color. I couldn’t wait to eat it, with all the lovely sage in the stuffing.

    By DiscardedHarmony on 12.19.2009

  26. Its is a matter of opinion what the use of the herb sage is. it can be for tea ( my favorite use) in sugar cookies ( i wouldn’t suggest it) or it cooking (just dont add too much).

    By ELita Miller on 12.19.2009

  27. i used to think about smoking it. then i realized it was a color…my imagination runs rampid because i feel colors.

    By Anonymous on 12.19.2009

  28. His eyes were like two brilliant beams of light, penetrating my very soul with the force of their intensity. Intelligence lay within his every move; knowledge lining his face.

    By lulu on 12.19.2009

  29. Sage green is my favorite color. If i could have any color at my wedding it would be sage green. It makes me smile when I see that color.

    Sage sage sage
    page page page
    cage cage cage
    rage rage rage

    rage in the cage
    sage on the page
    funk the need
    be the speed
    do the deed!
    be the creed!

    By Megan on 12.19.2009

  30. sage. I dont really know what it means. I mean, I do, somewhere in the back of my mind, but I don’t use it so the meaning has slipped into the back of my mind somewhere. It happens with far too many words.

    By Effsie on 12.19.2009

  31. a wise one. a spice. a scent. what exactly are we all looking for? one big question; one little word, or world. whichever you prefer.

    By clpersephone on 12.19.2009

  32. rosemary sage, parsley sage. remember me she once was a true love of mine…I don’t really know tht song…Parsley? sage..rosemary sage. balls.

    By Katie Paul on 12.19.2009

  33. His body was grizzled and torn, laid low by age, the weariness of a long life. And yet, reflected in his one eye was a glint of something more, something greater. A spark of defiance, of sagely wisdom born from memories of a time long past. Even as his days were coming to a close, he maintained a quiet dignity, a certain ferocity that spoke volumes of his experiences and his being.

    By Kom on 12.19.2009

  34. sage is the color, os maybe a type of scent of something? im ont exactly sure. cut whatever it is, people like it. there are a lot of typors in this paragrahg, becayse im trying to go fast with writing about sage. but im off topic now and time is oue now.

    By lili on 12.19.2009

  35. i already wrote about sage. but i will do it again. sage is still something i am not familiar with. i love nick. i knkow that has nothing to do with sage but i cannot help tell the world! i think sage is like something leafy? that is what it reminds me of. maybe im wrong.

    By Lili on 12.19.2009

  36. green

    By virginia on 12.19.2009