December 20th, 2009 | 465 Entries

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465 Entries for “supreme”

  1. It’s kind of funny how she thought she was. She always figured it was her right because she was born prettier than everyone else. Of course. That’s how it was. That was why people loved her. She was a queen. She was supreme. She was wonderful. But, she wasn’t, was she? She wasn’t anything, and that was the real truth. She didn’t mean anything to anyone.

    By So B. It on 12.21.2009

  2. Ha. Supreme.

    God. The Almighty.

    Pizza with everything on it.

    Supreme, supreme
    The American Dream

    Yeah, it’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted.

    By Jesse on 12.21.2009

  3. the best. maxing it out. the ultimate.

    By smho.x3 on 12.21.2009

  4. sjupreme the ruler above all. supreme, best of all who is supreme the king the god the whoossit is supreme

    super preen super premium preeeeeeeeeem supreme is it is the tops youre napoleon brandy your the tops your ice cream and candy youre a symphhiony by strwhen auss and supreme isnt what imy typing is when theres 0560 60 seconds to go how long is it anyway supreme su su su pre pre pre me me me is that all its about? and how did i get so many words written about so little and when will this end and will it beep at me but it cant because the sound isn’t on. his supreme majesty what is that any more it isn’t there is no longer a supreme majesty becasue so many are asn

    By z on 12.21.2009

  5. oleg

    By Anonymous on 12.21.2009

  6. almighty!

    By tori on 12.21.2009

  7. Supreme pizza is gross. I dont like this word. It makes me think of that pizza and now Im not hungry anymore. Thank you for your time. Have a good one.

    By Mona on 12.21.2009

  8. supreme is amazing…if i was supreme at music then i would have the best carreer ever…although that wont happen anytime soon….but i wish i head a boyfriend in music, now that would be supreme…dododododododo do do got extinct like dinosaurs,,,but noas ark was saved with animals so i guess it all worked out ok in the end

    By bnw on 12.21.2009

  9. What reigns supreme? Dust bunnies. Banish them from beneath the woodstove & they run up the walls to merge w/ broken strands of webbing.

    By @ on 12.21.2009

  10. Got to love the supreme anything!

    By maxine paradiso on 12.21.2009

  11. The ultimate guide to the torturous babble known as “Silliz”. The basic premise of this worse-than-mideival-torture-device (WTMTD) is to simple speak babble over and over until you die.

    By Rusty on 12.21.2009

  12. It came to be the supreme champion of the land of tittlesworth announced that his final vacation lays in the hands of the nuns of earnsworth. Most people simply denied such extraordinary claims of the supreme champion.

    By Biscto on 12.21.2009

  13. I think a supreme person is all about power. Its all about conforming into what other people want too. Its the best of the best, we are simply beneath it. I wanna be a supreme person.

    By narlovenar on 12.21.2009

  14. magnificence and power combined in one being. you are the head of nations and peoples.

    By Anonymous on 12.21.2009

  15. I like supreme tacos from Taco Bell. I imagine that most supreme rulers are obnoxious or snobby, but I like to write supreme ruler characters who are kind to the people of their country. Mmmm supreme tacos…

    By Lauren on 12.21.2009

  16. Supreme pizza with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheese, garlic, and supreme delicious taste.

    By Melissa on 12.21.2009

  17. Supreme being supreme bean supreme gasoline supreme turpentine supreme

    By Rae on 12.21.2009

  18. Supreme only reminds me of pizza and Tacos. This must be because of the fact that the only time I hear the word, or at least when I heard the word at my most impressionable (about 5 years old maybe?) it was in reference to pizza or tacos (supreme pizza or taco supreme?).

    By Marshall on 12.21.2009

  19. Supreme again? What else to say…
    Supreme also reminds me of some sort of cartoon-ish character standing on top of a mountain with a cape in a stance that suggests victory. It’s a vague visual and is seen from below and looking upward.

    By Murgle on 12.21.2009

  20. Supremes, the singing group of the 60’s wrote no mountain high enough no river wide enough to keep me from you, the promise I gave to my husband almost 40 years ago when we married after only knowing each other for 4 months.

    By Anonymous on 12.21.2009

  21. this being is the biggest, the best, the bad-assest. ever. it may not even be a being. maybe it’s a caramel latte or a cute boy’s eyes. maybe it’s a sunday on the couch watching tv with your mom. either way, this is the coolest everrrr.

    By jamie on 12.21.2009

  22. like a pizza, what you know about that? sun.

    By The James on 12.21.2009

  23. being, on scene fiending for a higer meaning.

    By Anonymous on 12.21.2009

  24. When I’m at work and I know I’m doing a good job I feel supreme. When Nicholas tells me he loves me with my whole heart I feel supreme. Sometimes I like to eat supreme pizza but more often than not I get a frozen Dijorno pepperoni pizza with cheese stuffed crust.

    By Brigitte on 12.21.2009

  25. It makes me think of burrito supremes at Taco Bell, but I don’t get that. I like the 7-layers. Yum.

    By Fat ass on 12.21.2009