December 19th, 2009 | 630 Entries

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630 Entries for “alignment”

  1. Alignment. This is a pretty complicated word when it comes to typing a document. Everything has to be properly aligned to make things nicer to the eyes. Imagine anything else in life, we like stuff to be properly aligned

    By Kenny on 12.20.2009

  2. things straight lined up
    all is right
    not crooked
    not askew
    perfect order
    nothing touches
    nothing infringes
    perfect order

    By queen.mern on 12.20.2009

  3. alignment is like a straight line or perfection, never quite attainable. it’s sad when you think about it but it’s human nature.

    By sydnee on 12.20.2009

  4. Reminda me of my class I had about computers and design. Alignment is one of the four thingS I remember. I like to align things. I hope I’m a bed liner or a shoe liner in basic…but I guess thats about what all OCD people can hope for. I would love to be able to align my life straight but alas that day will never come…..anyways I guess I just like to make things straight. Perfect,or at least what I call perfect…what is perfect anyways?

    By Chanel on 12.20.2009

  5. alignment, its the way everything is positioned. it’s the way the earth revolves around the sun, as without alignment we would be lost. We’d be flying out to space somewhere. Or perhaps not, since any other arrangement would be aligned too.

    By Karry on 12.20.2009

  6. Straighten your back. Bone on top of bone. Taller and taller from the hunch and scrunch. I spun like a ballerina.

    By Savannah on 12.20.2009

  7. in a line

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  8. one side is one perspective. 2d, nothing else. 3d? my tires need to be aligned

    By Taylor on 12.20.2009

  9. my alignment of me to my dreams grows slowly but does grow mostly on a daily basis

    By java on 12.20.2009

  10. stars plantes bublmebedls lara croft happens infrequently is always a very imoirtab==== ]]important time and always provides cool effect and magic powers to ppl on ht e mballt

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  11. Off-kilter; sorted left of the center
    where she never meant to be
    tilted; askew; not what you had in mind
    but lately she’s been turning her head
    and you find the sun in her hair
    and the glint of the sun off her irises
    as she turns back around to look at you
    that motion
    the twist
    as she turns to you
    it seems perfectly straightforward to you.

    By Julia on 12.20.2009

  12. I set up the bells upon the stage. They were all out of order, and I couldn’t understand why. Just like my heart and yours, they were out of sync, out of touch. I don’t like it.
    I can’t stand it.
    We need to be aligned. We need to share something.

    I set the bells straight and watch them fall into place as they ring out their own tunes. I feel each of their voices merge with one another, their lives. I listen to the beauty that they have.

    I wish that we could have that, but you won’t let me align my heart with yours.

    By Madalyn Gildea on 12.20.2009

  13. i had the peices in perfect alignment, the gate opened reavealing a perfect utopia , stragne beasts and plants as far as the eye could see. the sweet smell of soem strange fruit in the air

    By crazy face joe on 12.20.2009

  14. Alignment is something I use everyday. I hate to see a paper not justified. I don’t care if its MLA format to justify it, it look ugly without it. So i think that MLA should change this. thank you.

    By Sapphire on 12.20.2009

  15. I could observe the alignment of stars shining brightly in the sky shaping a cat

    By adri on 12.20.2009

  16. alignment for used to refer to ones out look on the world – were you good, neutral or evil aligned in how you acted towards others.

    now for me it means getting people together, focussed on a single goal, in oder to achieve a mutally desired outcome.

    By Mark on 12.20.2009

  17. Put in a line, perfectly straight.
    When I let my hands go of the steering wheel, the car veers off to neither the left nor the right – I keep going forward in the direction I desire.

    By Cayleigh on 12.20.2009

  18. i love you

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  19. Miss A tells me I need to work on my alignment. My center.
    I try. Hard.
    I fail. Epically.
    Miss A tells me I need to work on my alignment. My center. Maybe I’ll blame it on a spine disease

    By sam on 12.20.2009

  20. The universe is in alignment. Society is in alignment. I’m supposed to be in alignment, but I don’t want that. Alignment is ugly unless it’s meant to be. We aren’t meant to be aligned. We should be scattered in whatever direction life takes us.

    By Athena on 12.20.2009

  21. So my mother actually wants me to take her car to the shop she bought it at this week so I can get her tires aligned for her. I guess the alignment is off or something. I really love coming home, but I sometimes do not enjoy doing these errands. No no, I can’t say that. I guess that I really do like doing things for her because of what she does for me.

    By iloisfra on 12.20.2009

  22. My heart is out of alignment. I cannot love anyone but him, I can’t think of anything but him, and yet, he is not mine anymore. Why do I think of him, who do I think I am to pretend that he is mine when I clearly know that he isn’t? Why does my heart want to swerve to hit a tree if he is anywhere near? Why do we mindlessly hold hands? These questions are never going to be answered.

    By Lizzie Bellows on 12.20.2009

  23. svsdvsdvsdv alignment

    By c on 12.20.2009

  24. With the stars.
    With the sun.
    With each other.

    By Steve B. on 12.20.2009

  25. everything in my life right now seems like total and complete chaos, pretty much like a car that needs an alignment

    By cole on 12.20.2009

  26. there once were two planets that hit alignment on the same day. On both planets, unbeknownst to the dewllers on each floating rock, all of time stopped for 3 secconds. This was terrible and great.

    By grace on 12.20.2009


    By st on 12.20.2009

  28. “There’s something wrong with your alignment,” said the mechanic as he came out from under my hood.

    “I’ll give you a blow job if you fix it,” I said, tossing back my hair.

    By banyangirl on 12.20.2009

  29. alignment of the teeth is very important. I mean come on, you ever see someone with a very crooked alignment and just find yourself utterly disguted? Perhaps that makes me shallow, I mean I’m not saying that a person can’t have a good personality, I mean heck, I had braces for 7 years, and now my teeth are in good alignment. Not perfect.

    By Kaitlyn on 12.20.2009


    By st on 12.20.2009

  31. i like to align myself with nice people. it’s a good feeling. you hang out with people who make you feel like a good person, like you’re doing something positive with your life. i like yoga because it makes me feel aligned with myself, with nature, with the earth. you come out of it feeling like you can take over the world because you know yourself that much better.

    By Durrie on 12.20.2009

  32. I have scoliosis. So, I guess, the one thing I need right now is alignment. I have a doctor’s appointment soon, I’m pretty sure. I’d basically rather die than go. I know it’s going to be bad news. My sleeping habits are so screwed up it’s basically impossible for me to wear the brace8-9 hours a night. 7-8 if I’m lucky.

    By Lena on 12.20.2009

  33. Too often, people take rely the source of their ideals on the political party they belong to. In truth, nobody really ‘aligns’ with a party.

    By Paul on 12.20.2009

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    By test on 12.20.2009

  35. balance and poise

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  36. i think the aligning of things is a little silly, why not let things be free? like the wind? the wind is never aligned. just take a second to think about that! haha! so what do you think about bookshelves not being aligned? i think that makes sense! woohoo!

    By kira on 12.20.2009

  37. getting things straightened out. car work, automechanic technician work. toyota celica, black going to the country side

    By Anonymous on 12.20.2009

  38. When she draws maps of cities to be built within the next decade, she deliberately sets cross-streets and main streets at angles of ninety-one and eighty-nine degrees. They look right when you zoom in close, but are just enough to cause accidental meetings.

    By jts on 12.20.2009

  39. alignment of the chakras, ha, the first thing an american mind goes to is eastern religion jargon, not even fully understood, just toiled over, like the secret key to a lock only God can find, locate, mother nature’s disposition.

    By Adam Carmona on 12.20.2009

  40. when i get onto microsoft word, i always like to have my text aligned to the left unless it’s something special then i like it to the right and i really wish my teeth were in alignment but i’m broke and don’t have money for invisalign or braces FUCK right? right. the timer is about up.

    By rachel on 12.20.2009