January 25th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “ahead”

  1. Alpha

    Thats what my uncle Sam taught me.

    By Omar H on 01.26.2013

  2. Relief ahead for area motorists after braving icy roads. look ahead is a head.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.26.2013

  3. Sometimes you have to let go and let everything get unscrambled to get ahead. And being ahead has nothing to do with being at the front . Madela said it best when he said
    ” You need to lead from the back as well as from the front”.

    By sallyann della casa URL on 01.26.2013

  4. I say “ahead” is to reach success and thus go forward TOGETHER, because “together” is always better than going ahead “alone”.

    By Rhz on 01.26.2013

  5. The road ahead looked clear, until we got closer to the corner. There lying on the ground was debris of metal and wood, that was placed there by the protesters who displayed, their dissatisfaction with the school policy on involvement in civil protest.

    By victor URL on 01.26.2013

  6. Footsteps came from all around, but there was only one figure ahead of me. Their hair was long, yet their stature was male. A voice called out, I think it was mine. “Excuse me?” A scream called out, definitely not my own.
    Three long strides brought me towards the sound, brought me to be kneeling beside the collapsed man. I felt the blood on my hand as I touched his side. It quickly surrounded us. The footsteps faded out.

    By Emma URL on 01.26.2013

  7. ahead means going forward. its a great inspiring and motivating word. forces u toards ur goals. it goves a great hope.

    By richa on 01.26.2013

  8. Ahead, is my future. What should I do ? What do I have to look forward to? Is my future what I decide to do now? Do I go ahead and follow my heart or my mind? Ahead is scary because ahead is the unknown.

    By Sheryll C. on 01.26.2013

  9. I think I walk ahead of my contemporaries. Not in a sense that I am better, or any more developed, but just that I, as being myself, know all things when they happen. Subjectively, this is true, objectively I am insane.

    By Jan2510 on 01.26.2013

  10. ahead is a road
    the road is long
    the road will not be there for long
    it will disappear
    the road is a mind journey
    life is what you make of it

    By darcie on 01.26.2013

  11. The bed lay up the stairs, beyond the pre-sleep journal entries, through the mist of finished showers, tasting of mint and exhaustion. It lay ahead of her, it lay in wait.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.26.2013

  12. It is about progress, about thinking how to do better, go further… it is about dreaming! About being original. Follow your heart for people, but do not obey the rules blindly!

    By Tania Postil URL on 01.26.2013

  13. I look ahead… in front of me is a road. Completely empty, which seems odd since it’s downtown. There is the constant hustle and bustle at literally any other time of year.

    By Michael Notti on 01.26.2013

  14. You’re ahead of me. At the beginning I was the one ahead, and you were the one miles behind struggling to catch up. But before i knew it you’re suddenly in front of me sprinting off at the speed of light like it’s nothing, leaving me behind in the dust. And suddenly I’m lonely and I miss you and I realize that your unique as Hell and there’ll never be anyone that’ll ever compare to you and so I try my hardest. i run for all I’m worth. And thought I’ll never be ahead of you again, I’m content to walk beside you, hand in hand.

    By Mya URL on 01.26.2013

  15. He went ahead the rest of the team, leading their way into the shadows of the cave, prodding at the ground in front of him and peering at the ceiling, looking for anything that had the potential to hurt his crew. He didn’t want any casualties, especially not when his First Officer was with him.

    By Loren URL on 01.26.2013

  16. She looked ahead down the road. She did not know where she was headed but anything had to be better than home.

    By Jerri URL on 01.26.2013

  17. How to get ahead in life is a tricky question, and one that not everyone has an answer for. One day I will feel that I have gotten ahead in life and I hope I will feel more satisfied about my life at that point. In the mean time I have to learn to just enjoy the journey.

    By Emilie Roe URL on 01.26.2013

  18. ahead is where you go when you’re going somewhere. when you know your destination. you can walk, run, drive or fly, but you’re moving ahead…getting somewhere. you have a purpose. Ahead is where I am not going while sitting on the couch.

    By Toni on 01.26.2013

  19. ahead seems to be an ordinary word but it is used with some sentence then it changes the course of life.example is time is ahead of everyone.

    By mehak on 01.26.2013

  20. When did life start to be about keeping ahead? Your paper qualifications, how big your house is, the brand of your car – do they all really matter so much?
    We could just be thankful for what we have, be happy about having enough. It could stay that simple. But still, we all succumb to the pressures of society in the end.

    By cherryade URL on 01.26.2013

  21. I looked, but I could not see. They told me to go, and go I did, but I could not see. Then, there it was. What I was looking for was just ahead, just outside, I could not see it before, but now I can.

    By Cindy on 01.26.2013

  22. what is going to happen soon and what may happen far away. Everything that is in front of oneself.

    By Brody Tripp on 01.26.2013

  23. I looked ahead, to the future. The future that seemed straight and orderly and perfect. And I knew that that wasn’t what i wanted. Not what I needed. I needed uncertainty.

    By Anna on 01.26.2013

  24. Go ahead, get ahead, move on. Grow, take chances and live life. It’s ok. Go on, try it. Take a risk. Get on with it and try. Imagine, plan, do, act.

    By Sarah on 01.26.2013

  25. Ahead. 5 letters and 2 syllables. Ahead describes an action, such as “moving ahead” or “getting ahead”

    By Joshua Allen on 01.26.2013

  26. Move forward to accomplish what goals you have set for yourself. Experience freedom. Enjoy being in the lead. Stay ahead to stay motivated and enjoy progress and success.

    By Karen on 01.26.2013

  27. That’s what i tell myself all the time. I make mistakes, that’s right. But i should always learn to look ahead, ahead to my goal. That’s when i start working again. I think i can do anything i want to if i know how to keep

    By Kaylee on 01.26.2013

  28. go ahead. lead me into whatever dark abyss you live in. you know i’ll follow you, that’s the dangerous part. You could lead me to my death and i’d happily move my feet forward in steps. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to tell you no, and you know that.

    By Kort URL on 01.26.2013

  29. Looking ahead is what keeps me focused on the present. It motivates me and inspires me, so that regardless of circumstance I keep moving forward even at the harshest moments when I just want the earth to crumble from beneath me and devour me whole. I love ahead. It gives me hope.

    By meghan URL on 01.26.2013

  30. Ahead, terms like go ahead come to mind. Letting people go in front of you and not putting your needs before others. Go ahead, at the four way stop, or go ahead at the line for lunch. Ahead can be a very important word for people to learn to use.

    By Brian DiGioia URL on 01.26.2013

  31. Ahead, there is a little boy with a ferocious appetite and an abounding joy. He runs to me, and I so deliver my maternal affections: “Samuel.” But, are you there? I don’t know.

    By Gabi URL on 01.26.2013

  32. I wonder what is ahead of me- and then I realize I don’t care. As long as I have my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend by my side- I can face the heavens, the world and the circles of hell with her by my side. :3

    By Karan URL on 01.26.2013

  33. GOing ahead of course
    That’s always the aim, isn’t it?
    I wonder if we will though
    I wonder if we are
    Are we?
    We only ever fight
    We only ever argue
    We have disagreements
    And perhaps we learn something from them
    We go back to our past, delve into it, understand what it is that makes us us
    And well, we reach a calm
    WE move
    through a tumultuous path

    By Radhika Chandrasekaran URL on 01.26.2013

  34. Ahead there lay a broken path, like a shrug to my eyes. It slipped suddenly and silently from view. I though that if i followed it, I might too

    By louise on 01.26.2013

  35. Look ahead. Don’t look behind you. Something lurks there. Something chases after you. Run. Move your legs faster and faster still. Don’t stop. Don’t think. Just go.

    By Victoria Krajci on 01.26.2013

  36. Ahead of him, the road rose. It fell. It wove through the hills. Would he follow it? He’d better make his choice soon. He was loosing blood. His wound was open, getting infected. He would die soon.

    By M. Shaw URL on 01.26.2013

  37. “Don’t go to far ahead!” The kitten’s mom called after her as she raced her siblings. The little white kitten stopped as soon as she heard her mom’s warning. She looked back to see that she was far from her mom and a little ways from the rest of her siblings. She started to run back to the other kittens but there was a blur of movement that caught her eye. She could only stare as a hawk came swooping down to her. She was picked up easily by the giant bird and the last thing she saw was her mother running towards her, too late to save her only daughter.

    By Matty URL on 01.26.2013

  38. I am just so depressed at the moment I can’t go ahead with any of the plans that come up in my mind. They just get blocked and frozen in some invisible destructing wall of thought.

    By Nuno on 01.26.2013

  39. Just ahead around the corner was a warning road sign. With the sleet raining down on the car windshield made for poor visibility.

    By Mark on 01.26.2013

  40. Ahead is full of stupid questions.

    (Q: wasn’t yesterday’s word ahead?”

    By diana on 01.26.2013