December 23rd, 2012 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “actual”

  1. Christmas this year is actually going to be one to remember. I wasn’t home last year, and I feel that the presents I have gave them were lacklustre and lazy. This year though I have put thought, effort, and emotion into what I am giving my parents. This year is the year that I actually tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

    By Operator on 12.24.2012

  2. I cannot recall the time I had an actual encounter with a figure, an entity that can let its very existence abolish my very being.

    By geniepyuun on 12.24.2012

  3. The streets that separate us grow in number
    We’re at the time together where we’re in perfect peace and perfect terror

    I can’t stand the touch of your hand
    A kiss on the lips is poison.
    A smile is okay
    But at the end of the day
    My tears turn a shade of crimson.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.24.2012

  4. Actual is real, and real is alive. I want to be alive, stripped to the bone and fluttered against the wind, alive like birds and dirt and cries and everything that makes you feel. I want to be actual.

    By Maddie on 12.24.2012

  5. reality the truth what is occurring in real time not fake, happening life plants society not dragons me you

    By aa on 12.24.2012

  6. The actual meeting time wasn’t for another 20 minutes, but he had gotten there early to have a drink before their date, he had never been this nervous. As he sat down at the bar and ordered his scotch he looked up to see the most beautiful sight he could imagine. There she was, with her drink, looking just about as nervous as him.

    By Matt Burke on 12.24.2012

  7. The actual Peter Pan’s story was first told by JM Barrie, a beautiful man with deep psychological issues. He did alright. But Peter was beyond the realm of just one life, just one imagination. He lived on and on, in more lives than one. He was not only never but ever.

    By Hannah Spangler URL on 12.24.2012

  8. What is actual. What is real? That is all dependent, on what we we THINK about a given object. When something is fake we may consider it to not be “actual”.

    By hhhg on 12.24.2012

  9. we always see a part of the truth. not the whole actual truth. A story comes to my mind. there was this elephant and 6 people were blindfolded and asked to describe what was in front of them through touching it. 1 said a strong pillar like a leg of some animal,other said a “U” shaped sharp hard thing(tusk) and so on. All of them werent wrong,they were true to their part but the whole truth,the actual truth wasnt a tusk or a leg of some animal,it was “the elephant”

    By Jenis on 12.24.2012

  10. Actual fact is something we can’t get away from. It’s the matter of something being undeniably a certain way. There are no two ways about it. Its an actual fact.

    The sky, in actual fact is blue and always above our heads. The sea in actual fact is salty, no matter where you taste it. The sun will always be our one required energy source, without which In actual fact we cannot live…

    Life is in actual fact whatever you make of it.

    Or it might just in actual fact, depend on how you look at it.

    By Tammy on 12.24.2012

  11. acting actress airplane air actually action attorney angel aniway allways arrow anxiety awsome amazing ancient

    By Eloisa on 12.24.2012

  12. actually ,real, not a fake, the truth, the original, not a copy, classic, not a lie, a fact, politics, animals, food, problems, ignorance

    By Kitty on 12.24.2012

  13. Love actually is everywhere. It’s an actual fact that this is the actuality. Actual, factual. What is actually real? Is that actually for us to know? What if there is actually life on other planets? Actually, for us to think not would be arrogant.

    By Cheryl on 12.24.2012

  14. Actual. Now there’s a tough word to write about. What is actual? Is actual the things that we see, that we touch, that physically surround us? But then is pain not actual? Is happiness not actual? What about love, actually? How do we define the actual?

    By Helen on 12.24.2012

  15. The actual true isn’t always absolute. I’ve been told many things by many different people and it’s rarely the same. How can so many people have so many different opinions about something that’s suppose to be fact and yet they’re so different? Beats me.

    By Gilliam Martin on 12.24.2012

  16. Actual. It’s the real deal. It’s not some made up fairy-tale, a lie that sounds sweeter to the ear. It’s what really went down. Sometime’s it’s the cold, hard truth, but that’s actually just the way it is.

    By Stephanie Force on 12.24.2012

  17. What is real and actual is different for each person. But what is real for each one of is also true for each of us. Reality is what you perceive and believe.

    By D on 12.24.2012

  18. The meaning of this word is what is happening, what is real and what is not, except what is actual is relative just like everything else. The “actual” way someone sees something is defined by the way they interact with it.

    By Aaron Robertson URL on 12.24.2012

  19. what is my actual potential?
    could i actually reach my goals?

    By sarah marie URL on 12.24.2012

  20. “the actual factuals??” He looked astonished.
    “What?’ she shot back at his condescending bewilderment.
    “You sat they most stupid things. What the fuck is wrong with twenty somethings?” His question was directed to the ceiling. He turned his back to her and left her there unaware and stupid.

    By Aley on 12.24.2012

  21. никогда не думала об актуальности
    это не так уж и важно для меня
    главное чтобы нравилось,а когда нравится,ты все сможешь сделать актуальным
    вот :3
    sorry for writing in russian!

    By V URL on 12.24.2012

  22. bir tür iş,hareket bildiriyor

    By dilara on 12.24.2012

  23. We all know what we want, but do we know what we actually want. we all want to have money and power and fame, but do we know why we actually want it. The answer is simple. NO. We don’t know what we actually want we just blindly follow what the society think we want. So today as you are walking down your house stairs, or if you are walking to work or school, think about what you actually want.

    By noob on 12.24.2012

  24. A matter of fact. Real, not fake. What I’m really thinking about. The fact of the matter is that what is actual is real. I’m sitting in the room thinking of actual things and people.

    By Delisa on 12.24.2012

  25. Actually, I love you.

    Actually I’d die for you.

    Actually, you don’t know I exist.

    By Jenni on 12.24.2012

  26. real, the truth, what is, something tanigble, not ephremeral, an object that can be handled, truth, reality. Someting which can be comrehended and come into being. What someing rea
    ly is.

    By Chris Downey on 12.24.2012

  27. actual backwards is lautca isnt that some type of jewish food or something speaking of jews happy hanukkah unless that boat already sailed if so i hope the menorah was cool i’ve always wanted one

    By Kayla on 12.24.2012

  28. A leopard print dress can’t change it’s spots.

    By Perri on 12.24.2012

  29. The actual climate was nice. I really liked winter. It´s coldness, its beautifulness wrapped arround my soul. It felt lonely in the outside just like it did in the inside. Understood, isn´t that all we all want?

    By Ava Blue URL on 12.24.2012

  30. Actually, that’s not his girlfriend. His girlfriend is the cute brunette in the corner who’s flirting with the bikey. He’s a little too old for her, sure, but she’s hooked anyway. The boyfriend is somewhere in this building making out with the waitress. Yeah, they’re quite a couple. I’m gonna get a glass of wine.

    By .Theo on 12.24.2012

  31. An actual thing is something very true. I am an actual person! A C T U A L. Actual considerate thing and U are lame. QUITE UNCREATIVE THIS TIME AROUND oops left caps lock on. HAPPY hOLidays!

    By Phil on 12.24.2012

  32. Actual. Precise or not. Or actual-ly. Like Lee. Well, actually, I think we should break-up. What?! Well, actually, I thought things were ok and grand and lovely, but boy, did I not see things as actual…

    By victoria URL on 12.24.2012