December 24th, 2012 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “procedure”

  1. procedures are just things that people have to follow because really we’re all just little gremlins following the procedures of life just like hamsters in their wheels running and running
    we should not go by procedure sometimes

    By kathy on 12.24.2012

  2. By Mimgy Samt on 12.24.2012

    Procedure is protocol
    It is to be followed
    Not questioned
    But what if it’s not right?
    What about exceptions?
    Things cannot always be placed in a proper order
    With time limits
    And rules
    Actions are fluid
    And done with emotion
    Not everything can be placed in an assembly line
    Some things can only be.

    By TatianaJ on 12.24.2012

  3. the procedure to be in love is lost your self into the other person; body, smell, eyes, ideas, toughts, arms, just let your impulse be free and trust…

    By ferfiefr on 12.25.2012

  4. I would rather not consider it a procedure in which I am expected to do the right thing. Knowing what is right in your heart is not a procedure but a duty that you must perform in order to settle your heart of its torment. Sometimes you cause the heart more grief and other times the grief simply fades. I don’t know which of these cycles my heart will go through but I know that I did the right thing. Sometimes you put off certain things and you have excuses for even the most minute detail. But when you shake and you quiver because your body is reacting, then don’t ignore it. Instinct is the key to survival. Whether that survival is obtained in one way or the other, I must protect my family.

    By Sandra on 12.25.2012

  5. procedure, rules and steps to accomplishing something. I need a procedure for my life. To clarify, to sort things out, make a game plan. A procedure on how to be a successful woman.

    By molly on 12.25.2012

  6. To me following procedure can lead you down the wrong path. I always believe that people should question authority and develop their own way to approach life. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype that trends direct ones influence but I believe that a true individual seek their own path.

    By Gilliam Martin on 12.25.2012

  7. i tried this website again and it gave me this word AGAIN. is that the procedure? in this website? give a person one word and let them go crazy about it? If you repeat the word in your head it’s gonna sound really weird..procedure procedure. who invented that word anyway?

    By Vivia on 12.25.2012

  8. intact, medicine, operation. Will perhaps go well.
    Or will not, either way it’s going to happen and will not leave you feeling exactly the same as before. Very formal-sounding and intimidating.

    By rebmahcleb on 12.25.2012

  9. orrder chaos law philosophy order efficiency comprehension education educators instructors overseers bod

    By Matt on 12.25.2012

  10. its a real drag having to deal with procedure. like at the DMV all the paperwork, licences, and procedure get my goat.

    By kelly mcgilvray on 12.25.2012

  11. most of the prose I read didn’t warrant serious discussion

    By Matt on 12.25.2012

  12. Out when I think of this I think of science class. I use to be good at science now I am not so sure. Not good since I want to be a nurse. I hope I am.

    By Roxanne on 12.25.2012

  13. This procedure is very important. You will have to let the person in front of the queue wait at least another 60 seconds before you let approach your cubicle.

    By herfst on 12.25.2012

  14. iI will proceed with this particular procedure.

    By ryley allen URL on 12.25.2012

  15. every day we wake up in the same haze, same monotonous out the window gaze. We put on our shoes, our socks, realize we are still stammering for consciousness, and then retry and put our socks on first.

    By Evan on 12.25.2012

  16. The procedure went well, and the surgery was a successful, and I could not thank the doctor enough for saving my life, after the accident. I suffered head injuries after my car ran off the road and struck a wall.

    By victor URL on 12.25.2012

  17. the soap in the dish
    The payoff and the risk
    The procedure and the gift
    The calm and the fit

    By gsk URL on 12.25.2012

  18. The pain in the thought of it. Harsh procedures, easy procedures. The word is enough to make a dead man turn in his grave. Who likes going through those terrible procedures. Doctor’s offices, mental wards.

    By graftedin2judah on 12.25.2012

  19. Is there a procedure on living a great life? No, there isn’t. We just have to fumble our way to the end hoping it’s the right path. That’s what life is.

    By camrey URL on 12.25.2012

  20. I found him laying on the ground, facing the wall. A clock was ticking somewhere in the background reminding me that I had to see my doctor. I kissed him on the forehead, he didn’t wake up. Before closing the door, I looked for the last time at his white chest and pink lips, that I would never touch again. I was about to cry. The doctor, I must see the doctor,

    By Sorina on 12.25.2012

  21. produceacharicature. wail on my lambda ifliture. have a filly talt on the right skone for railing the wail away. without a fork with which we could find the tooma, the wailing willow willed our wilting whiles away.

    By courtney on 12.25.2012

  22. The procedure to be happy sometimes simply escapes me. I’m trying real hard Ringo, but can’t seem to diagnose my blues. A shameful existence to be true. For most earthlings it seems to come natural. But for me, it takes a lot of effort. What a waste of me.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 12.25.2012

  23. The walk to the waiting room is always the hardest part. The parents are waiting and they know what the odds were, yet never did they imagine they wouldn’t turn out in their favor. This is just procedure. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last that I must deliver this news.

    By Jamie on 12.25.2012

  24. A procedure is the time periode while something is going on. a procedure is depending for a result, whether its gonna be good or bad. this procedure can be a time for learning and failing, and it can also be depending. Procedure in my asss ehrhehehhehehe procedure is too advanced

    By Rebecca Sørum on 12.25.2012

  25. The word procedure, reminds me of this horrific operation, where the doctors go: “let’s hope for a smooth procedure” or “the procedure will be short and quick”.
    You know it won’t.

    By saachosaurus on 12.25.2012

  26. This is the prodcedure from Miami to Ibiza. The song is amazing and the girl of the videoclip is stunning. I’d love to marry her but I don’t have any possibility. Starting, how can I get to know her? Where does she live? I don’t know man. I have to go. Talk soon.

    By Alex de Graaff URL on 12.25.2012

  27. A method or distinct instruction. How something should be done to obtain optmimum results – it must be done, like an order. It implies that that is the only correct way to do it, so must be drawn up by experts or creators. This shows that that this is probably a product they want their customers to be satisified, or they could be arrongant and narrow minded since they think that this is the only possible way.

    By kajal on 12.25.2012

  28. If I was hurt someday and I had to go to a hopsital, I would hope that I would live, yet the procedure is considered deadly. I would have my favourite people come in to visit me, and I would tell them things I have always wanted to tell them. But after my procedure I would be fine and then I would simply have stronger bonds with them. But I guess that is kind of psychotic/

    By Sarah on 12.25.2012

  29. vitriolic hyperbole
    dripping from the corners of your mouth
    such is the hypothetical
    that you’re able to evade responsibility

    it’s funny if you think about it
    words as a weapon
    i want to punch your face with barbed wire
    talking to you is like surgery
    a delicate procedure
    that i hope you don’t make it through.

    By Matty M. on 12.25.2012

  30. procedures can be tiring in time they will make you crumble. But the most unlucky ones are stuck in the routine forever.

    By Sarah on 12.25.2012

  31. A surgery or something that tells you how to do something step by step. Something surgeons do to repair things. Used in Science class also used in a doctors office.

    By Raydean Bannister on 12.25.2012

  32. There was a certain procedure for obtaining illegal alcohol.
    1) dressing the part [flapper]
    2) knowing which speakeasy to go to
    3) knowing the password
    4) having enough cash to order top-shelf swill – anything else is probably poison.
    5) rinse and repeat.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.25.2012

  33. She picks up the scalpel and rips into the pale skin, the brown, clotted blood spilling across her clothes. She’s done this many times before.

    By Gwyn on 12.25.2012

  34. It’s a simple procedure, really. Three steps: Clean, slice, stitch. Clean the scalpel, slice the skin, and stitch it back up again. And repeat.
    Very easy. Very simple. Anyone could do it, really.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 12.25.2012

  35. Just a simply simple procedure
    Over a simply sparing time
    With some simple anesthesia
    Before a simple I.V. prime
    Then a simply small incision
    And a simple certain slice
    To fix a simply simple problem
    In a way simply precise
    Last the simply simple stitches
    To help the self simply remake
    Just a simply simple procedure
    Why won’t you then simply awake?

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.26.2012