December 23rd, 2012 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “actual”

  1. Actually, life is a moving picture.
    You blink and you’re going to miss some frames, if not whole features.
    So we come and we go, we see the show.
    Kinks and all, it’s kind of low budget like that.

    By Intuition on 12.23.2012

  2. Oh yeah baby you are my actual pal. I actually don’t like this word. If it were actually I would be able to write something more creative.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 12.23.2012

  3. actually it sucks, that actual thing sucks. it sucks to be actually right. actual factual. i actually hate this.

    By Ari on 12.23.2012

  4. my reality…this is my actual life…words can’t describe how good it feels to actually realize this.

    By courtney URL on 12.23.2012

  5. Everyone sees me differently. I actually don’t remember who I really am. I different around everyone. I’ve been trying to please everyone, I actually have multiple personalities. If you asked everyone that knows me they’d each describe a different person.

    By Chris on 12.23.2012

  6. Actual people and actual emotions. It’s a hard concept to grasp at times. One minute you’re in the moment, and the next you’re in your head, and you just want to escape reality and disappear. And it’s not as if that’s a hard thing to do these days. There are entire worlds that are made up of fake personas and alternate identities, waiting to be explored with the touch of a button.

    By C. URL on 12.23.2012

  7. “Actually, you’re an asshole,” she said indignantly, stomping out of the taxi and slamming the door, disappearing into the night.
    He stared ahead unmoving and unfeeling, the taxi driver uncomfortably shifting in his seat in his periphery. He felt… numb. The frozen weather may have had something to do with that, or the uncertainty he felt toward everything in his life of late. Even her.

    By C. URL on 12.23.2012

  8. The truth. Facts; at least, that’s what you told me. As I sit here in the dark and type away at keys that I can barely see, I don’t know how much of that I should actually believe. It was the poison that dripped from your candy-apple lips that turned me into snow. I sit and wonder, diving deeper and deeper into a mystery that might not be solved. Maybe it should not be solved. However, curiosity killed the cat and one of these days it will set it’s ugly teeth into me.

    By KT on 12.23.2012

  9. She would have liked to think that the smiling, passionate love affair that they had endured would be enough to kindle some type of lasting romance in them both. In actuality, it was a far different scenario. Romance is not kindled from passion, she realized to her dismay. Rather it is kindled from a candid understanding of another person. Did she understand this person to his very core? She couldn’t say. Perhaps all the smiling and rushing around with blushing cheeks had covered up that fact; that they were simply different.

    By C. URL on 12.23.2012

  10. Does it mean current, contemporary? Or is my spanish-as-a-mother-language showing? Well, so that you know, I am olimpically failing at trying to become a human being with decent writing abilities… and spanglish is oficially in the dictionary.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 12.23.2012

  11. what is actual? People think they actually know what they are talking about but then again what is truth and how do we know what people say is correct or not? I guess its all perspective. what side are you on?

    By Thomas on 12.23.2012

  12. An act of kindness. For a second, he was stunned. Where had this person come from? Why had they chosen him to devote such an act, usually only bestowed upon oneself?

    “Hey, you!” he called gruffly to the figure, a woman, rapidly walking away in the crowded street. “Wait!”

    He needed to speak to this person… to figure out why. It had been 60 years. As the years had progressed, the “thank you’s” and the “excuse me’s” – formerly polite responses to human interaction – had slowly disintegrated from their place in society.

    By C. URL on 12.23.2012

  13. The real word, which is always on our lips and that is ‘actual’. The whole world is actually not a reality.

    By Raj on 12.24.2012

  14. my actual name is sam and actually i am not real i am just sitting here and typing on my laptot.

    By ismail URL on 12.24.2012

  15. actual/reality. i’m living in a daydream. i float above my own body. even my friends can see it. i want to be real. but i’m floating. somewhere between dead and alive.

    cheer up lorena
    i’m not sad–just kidding, i’m always sad

    i’m the only one that can say that in front of them,
    because they know i’m not lying.

    they know it’s the truth.
    i’m living in agony.

    By liseth on 12.24.2012

  16. i think about something that is. it isn’t not. it is all you need. it is real and it is now. you can’t forget it and you won’t need to remember it. it is in you. it’s all of you. life with actual can’t be none.

    By Sam on 12.24.2012

  17. rewind, play, repeat. tonight I had actual, tangible contact without the guilt that typically follows.

    By t URL on 12.24.2012

  18. “Is this the real life? or is this just fantasy?”

    The words floated to his head and he chuckled slightly. Lately he had felt as if he were in a fantasy world, disconnected from reality, from actuality. So virtually unaffected from real life at that moment, he felt as if he could simply stand up from his office chair and step into the open air like he was tap dancing without gravity.

    Perhaps fantasy wasn’t the word. Apathy would better describe his reality. An emotionless void. A deep pit of nothingness. A well with no water. When had he crawled into the rabbit hole? It seemed like years, yet it had been only a few weeks. Missing the regular sized key to get back to his life of caring for others, and himself, and his job; he now felt as if he were walking in a daze, with blurred people and colors passing him by.

    By C. URL on 12.24.2012

  19. actual… so this is what my mind is taking me to…actual. i try to fight it but the nature of my mind doesnt let ignore the fact that i question my faith.

    By joshua albert on 12.24.2012

  20. Actually… the story goes like this. I threw the rock, hopped, skipped, THEN jumped. It wasn’t hop, jump, skip. All the kids have the story twisted and nobody believes me. So I’ll just sit here drawing flowers with chalk instead.

    By Stephanie Force on 12.24.2012

  21. actually I’d rather not do meth. People who do meth expire pretty quick. I actually don’t know who I really am. I didnt use the word actual lol

    By deshawn URL on 12.24.2012

  22. There are actual words that actually are very simple and hard to explain, but easy to understand. This word can be used in a lot of different ways, but it simply indicates a sense of truthfulness.

    By Sarah Carranza on 12.24.2012

  23. “The actual truth is,” she whispered in my ear, looking over at him, “he wet his pants last year in class!”

    All the girls around me giggled. I looked at him, shy and blushing. He was embarrassed, and so was I. I did not laugh.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.24.2012

  24. The actual fact is that I killed him. I spent lots of time saying I was innocent, and I wasn’t there, and I would never – never! – do something like that. But I did. And I’m not sorry. Now there is one less jerk in the world.

    By nedra URL on 12.24.2012

  25. Enjoy every moment when you’re happy, because when there comes a time things turn bad, you’ve gotta accept it because reality is real. Don’t deny it.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 12.24.2012

  26. Sand swirled through the desert air as two figures walked across the hilly terrain. They were barefoot, and shrouded in bulky robes. The figures were strange in dress, despite the appropriateness of their clothing to the cold night air of the desert. The taller figure, a man with a bulging eye and a beard that protruded by nearly a foot from his visage, donned a purple damask turban with a painted eye upon it, spanning nearly the entire width of his head. Around his neck was a peculiar gold metal disk, like an oblong necklace. The shorter figure, a very pale man with a pointy goatee as well as pointed eyebrows, donned a perfectly triangular, crimson hat. They walked both with purpose and without – their determination in pace could be seen from quite a distance; however, their trek took a sort of zigzag shape, not exactly leading them in any direction in particular.

    Upon closer inspection, the figures were not entirely silent on this journey; they made a distinct humming noise as they walked, punctuated by short – and very soft – outbursts from time to time. The taller man had a peculiar habit of fumbling with his hands as he walked, and the shorter man seemed to have an inner ear problem, as his eyes constantly darted back and forth as they journeyed. No understandable dialogue could be distinguished from a short period of study upon the two figures, to the dismay of the nearby sand folk.

    Having spied the figures from several kilometers away, the sand folk had sent for their best spies immediately. There were many creatures that inhabited the desert; however, they had never seen any as strange as these. With the news of their strange appearance and behavior, the sand folk were all but sent into a frenzy. They were simple creatures – short, squat, hairless creatures who had built colonies in the caves nearby – who were often preyed upon by the desert cats or traveling bands of other creatures from neighboring biospheres. With so much at risk – their basic livelihood, families and habitat – the sand folk were often the jumpy sort when it came to anything unusual.

    By C. URL on 12.24.2012

  27. The actual things you feel as compared to what you want to feel can be completely different.

    By kendra on 12.24.2012

  28. Actually, no I don’t. And I never have. You can keep that kind of thing to yourself and be all alone with it. I have no use for it. It makes me sick and stomach. It makes me tar and vomit. Don’t need on it. Do not care from it. Done now, gone down, all real-ed out.

    By Cordes on 12.24.2012

  29. what is actual? there is nothing in this world that is actual or rigid or universal. everything is temporary. so dont think too much about whats wrong and whats right.

    By haha on 12.24.2012

  30. what is it really? do we think of it as an something that is physical? or rather just a thought that lays in our minds? it’s nothing that can be put into any category, but rather it’s up to each or his own

    By Anne on 12.24.2012

  31. The things in life that actualy matter, ha. The point that society is at right now, most teens 13-19 sleep with their phones in their hands…

    By gavin lawrence on 12.24.2012

  32. i am looking at you, and you stare back at me. you look into my soul and see me for what i really am. i am actually you. you are me and we are only one. i only split myself off because i don’t know who i am anymore

    By Annie on 12.24.2012

  33. Actuality.
    My thoughts aren’t actual.
    They come and go.
    Without certainty.
    Without reality.
    I don’t actually
    how the mind works.
    or why I think the things that I do.

    By Jackie on 12.24.2012

  34. Actually, that’s not his girlfriend. His girlfriend is the cute blonde girl in the corner who’s flirting with the bikey. He’s a little too old for her but she’s hooked anyway. The boyfriend is making out with the waitress. Now let’s have some fish.

    By .Theo on 12.24.2012

  35. Its actual a word? It’s in fact a strange word. I don’t like it.. Bollocks!
    Maybe I do like it. It’s strang eyet facinating.. I feel like I’m just writing all random stuff. Sorry! :D

    By Sunniva Elise Haugene on 12.24.2012

  36. The actual thought behind this
    the actual process described within
    the actual feelings associated with those
    are nothing compared
    ti the actuality of you.

    By beckenbocker on 12.24.2012

  37. Actual. Actually. What is actual. I think when you hear someone say actual, you want to believe they are a know it all, and instead of believing what they are saying you think they are making things up. So actual… does it really mean what it actually means?

    By Christy on 12.24.2012

  38. What actually happened? I…um I was on my bike when i saw the lights and …and I um ended up here somehow.

    I was in a state of pure rage when i decided i needed t do something before i broke everything in my house. I hopped on my bike and peddled furiously. Why was i so mad? Because my boyfriend of 3 years has cheated on me. Then i put my headphones in and peddled faster. Then the light blinded me and my side started to hurt. Blank.

    I was being interviewed by police, not that i could help. But they found out who hit me. And i’m currently in the hospital with things broken. Then i saw him.
    WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!? calm down, miss, they tell me.
    i turn back to him, WELL I NEED AN ANSWER!
    he tries to reply, i…i, well…um….

    By kathpine98 on 12.24.2012

  39. The time was right, but I was not in position to Cary out my plan effectively. The actual time was 9.00pm, and I was two minutes late. I could have lost all of my investments in that short period of time. Thanks to my daughter intervention, I was able to recover from my position.

    By victor URL on 12.24.2012

  40. Actual is the opposite of not actual. There are six letters in actual, and six is my lucky number, so actual is my lucky word! I am actually very happy now.

    By kezia on 12.24.2012