December 22nd, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “knows”

  1. she knows that her nose is rose. she rose her toes up to her nose and she knows that this isn’t the way he rose. did he know that she knows? nomose. flose. knows knows.

    By Paola Sakr on 12.23.2012

  2. nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen, nobody know my sorrow.

    Who knows what comes next in the endless sea of life and despair.

    By alekossd on 12.23.2012

  3. peace, love,

    By gabriela on 12.23.2012

  4. She knows. The thought flutters through my mind like a dying leaf, swirling and settling uncertainly for a second, wavering, until the full realisation of what I’ve done hits me. I’m certain.

    By Hannah on 12.23.2012

  5. Who knows? I don’t. That’s the beauty of life. None of us know. Life is an adventure. Every experience is new and refreshing in some way. It begs to be remembered because every moment is different and never will there be another moment like it. Nor like the next one. Nor the next. Every moment is an entire lifetime, and an entire universe. So we can’t know anything. In fact, it would be boring to know anything.

    By Greyson Slaton on 12.23.2012

  6. someone knows more than he’s willing to share. Come-on, speak up. I know you know who I’m talking about.

    By herfst on 12.23.2012

  7. Tracy knows a secret. She knows that her world is not all it seems. The people are plastic, and the people are evil. Tracy knows that her world is a dangerous place, and she must be careful and watchful. These people could eat her alive without a thought, for these people are actually a group of wild zombies that have escaped from an experimental lab. They have raised her for her entire life. Tracy knows that they only raised her for entertainment. They want to watch her step into a cage with a wild dog. They want her to fight, or rather be torn apart by, this wild dog. Then they will descend on her and eat her innards. Tracy knows she is not safe. She will have to trust her instincts and escape into the woods that surround her home. Tracy does not know what lies beyond these woods.

    By Heather on 12.23.2012

  8. I know that I was right. My parents were telling me that Rob was not a good influence on me, but how could that be? Yes he had tattoos and piercings and drove a motorcycle, but that was just to cover up the sensitive boy inside. He’s so sincere and treats me right. Even though sometimes I catch him flirting with other girls at school he always comes back to me because I know that he loves me and only me. He tells me things he has never told anyone else. We pull each other together and make the best example of a real couple.

    By Stephanie on 12.23.2012

  9. I know nothing. I think i do because i have been going to a good school, i am en route to college; but i don’t. Who “knows” anything really? I mean….everything? No one can know everything, there would be nothing left to learn and the earth would be a very dull place. I say this with respect for those who think they know, but i don’t think they do. They must know themselves to make such assumptions, yet they don’t. I don’t. I know i don’t.

    By Justine on 12.23.2012

  10. Everyone knows
    what he or she really wants
    in this life. The trick is to
    admit it and to follow it without
    caring what other people think or
    want you to do. Remember, when it all
    comes down to it, you are the only one who
    really knows your own truth.

    By Robin on 12.23.2012

  11. breathing slowly
    crows feet like footprints in sand
    over time
    what you don’t see
    is what you don’t know
    the grasp gasp lifting
    time slows
    thoughts speed up
    lights come close
    knuckles wrinkles
    last thoughts
    no one knows.

    By Matty M. on 12.23.2012

  12. It’s like the more importanting thing in the universe. We can’t knows everything, but we can try always go for it.

    By Maria on 12.23.2012

  13. “Who knows where Jacob is?” he looked down disapprovingly at the small crowd of school children.
    No one spoke a word.
    It was not that they didn’t know, it was that they knew all too well.
    “Well? Anyone? Speak up, speak up!” he reiterated in his cowboy bass.
    Not one person spoke.
    But one little girl shyly pointed out the window.
    And every head watched as poor little Jacob tumbled from the roof, down down, onto the unforgiving asphalt.

    By Emma on 12.23.2012

  14. he knows again? How can I fill this time if its already been? What do you ask of me and why do you binge? with your words you are voting me into the innest of in.

    By DampBone on 12.23.2012

  15. They always know. To assume what is best for a kid is always a poor decision. Even if a child is about to do something wrong, they know they have to experience it for themselves. They can be informed, but let them try to experience their pain. They will be better for it.

    By River Ranter URL on 12.23.2012

  16. I know nothing and need stop acting like I do.

    By Blanca on 12.23.2012

  17. He knows. How? I ask myself. Hw can something so secret get out like this? it was January, he was new to my school. He was beautiful, green sharp eyes and chesnut brown silky hair. He was quiet in six of my seven classes. Sat in the back but seemed to have gotten good grades. Witty and clever. And i fell hard, and he is just now noticing. Trust me, he knows alright.

    By kathpine98 on 12.23.2012

  18. Everybody know what it’s like to accomplish a long day of flekspelling, but the real prize is getting to find yourself deep in the cave of ORcooporko.

    By Cameron Kay on 12.23.2012

  19. “She knows.” The man muttered haphazardly as he dug through the heap of trash. A mouse scurried over his foot in the darkness and he kicked it aside without so much as a backward glance. “She knows, she knows, she knows. She’s going to kill me.”
    The moon was a thin crescent in the sky. He glanced up at it and, as if speaking directly to it, said in a low voice, “She knows. She knows. You’ve got to help me.”

    By LILYhibiku on 12.23.2012

  20. knows is about someone else, about what someone else “knows” its not related to you personally, or me personally, it’s what someone else knows about, it’s someone else’s knowledge, that you may not have access to.

    By elisona shala on 12.23.2012

  21. /you were meant for me/

    i read it in the stars, first,
    then the lines on your palm.
    you’ve letters in your eyelashes,
    a novel in the curve of your mouth.
    your face is a library, of all the
    things we could have been.

    (next i read it in your bones,
    then in my tea leaves,

    /and i was meant for you/

    By isa on 12.23.2012

  22. and she knows before she even opens her eyes, knows it the way an animal knows when it is about to be eaten by something larger and faster than itself, that she is very far from home.

    rewind. she doesn’t remember how it happened. she’d gone to sleep in her own bed.

    had she locked the door?

    she opens her eyes a crack and peers out through her lashes, though that helps her almost not at all. there’s a ceiling. it’s all metallic and shiny. it matches the smell of this place, sterile and pungent.

    /it’s finally happened,/ she thinks hysterically. /i’ve gone and been abducted by aliens, and it’s karma for laughing at scott all these years./

    sick of squinting at the ceiling and waiting for the situation to make sense of itself for her, she takes a deep breath and swings up and into a sitting position. her head protests immediately. pain lances through her skull, so sharp she thinks for a wild moment that an actual lance has stabbed through it. she touches her forehead, expecting blood, but her fingers rub over the taut synthetic material of a bandage. she shivers. she’s… been hurt, in some dreadful way. she realizes, suddenly, that she is perched on a makeshift cot, and that her head is not the only part of her body wrapped up in bandages. her entire left hand is dressed, her fingers immobile and clublike.

    there is a window on the far side of her bare room. she stumbles over to it – her legs are like noodles, how long has she been asleep? there are bars over it, and she clings to them for balance with her good hand as she peers outside at a perfect scene of chaos.

    By mira URL on 12.23.2012

  23. Who knows? Maybe it’ll still happen one day.

    Knowing you and your everything is a really great thing.

    By Akatsuki Kiara on 12.23.2012

  24. No one does know. You can say you know someone’s story… but you only know the facts. You don’t know the emotions tied to the situation, all the feelings that sunk her heart past the bottom of the ocean. And you sure as hell don’t know that there her heart still lies.

    By Amanda on 12.23.2012

  25. someone knows about that. it means when you are knowing something.he knows what you did!

    By sarah URL on 12.23.2012

  26. ayWho knows what happened yesterday?

    By aylin on 12.23.2012

  27. No one knows. This secret that I keep. It’s stored deep down in my subconscious trying to break free and show it’s face to the world. But I can’t let it do that. I’ll never let it do that.

    By Julia on 12.23.2012

  28. Who knows what will happen when the next day comes
    Who knows if we’ll make it out of this together
    Who knows if we have to part ways to come back into each other’s lives
    Who knows where I’ll fall when you let go of my hand
    All I know is that
    I love you
    and I will take the fall so I can climb back up
    But it will be darkness before there is light

    By Spark URL on 12.23.2012

  29. No one knows. This secret that I possess. It’s been hiding in my subconscious for a while, begging to be set free and able to show its face to the world. But I can’t let it do that. I’ll never let it do that.

    By Julia on 12.23.2012

  30. Who knows why rain and sleet and snow
    Pour down upon the earth from sky?
    Not how, for how has been discerned
    By revered figures, scholars learned
    Who believe their question (answered) “why?”
    For any -ology, we have
    Systemically organized
    Vast glossaries of terms, yet knowing
    Only ignorance makes us truly wise;
    Barriers of categorization
    Bestow skill to discern
    What separates one from another,
    Not what we must learn,
    Perhaps remember
    In the vast expanse of time:
    We, all, stem from the same perpetual mother,
    Infinite, empty, full, godless, divine –
    Life is too short to fill it all
    With conflict over who, why, what, where, how;
    ‘Tis better we concern us with each other,
    Subject ourselves to every here and now.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.23.2012