April 18th, 2011 | 649 Entries

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649 Entries for “acoustic”

  1. it is that twangy sounds that is paradoxically smooth and rhythmic. when i hear acoustic i think of you and i think of you by the campfire wailing neutral milk hotel. i was so proud. will i ever get to be proud in the same way again?

    By Silly turkey on 04.19.2011

  2. acoustic. the sound flows through one ear to the other, bringing sensations throughout my body. those acoustic songs you sang over those long distance calls. oh how i miss those nights. sing me those acoustic songs, sing them to me all night long. bring back the memories, bring back the fights, bring back the tears, bring back the long nights.

    By Stephani Englund on 04.19.2011

  3. She told me she liked it better when I sang. I hated my voice, but I’d do it. She would smile, and I felt like I’d done something good.

    By Molly on 04.19.2011

  4. guitar, simple beautiful music. something that was once complex simmered down and concentrated to it’s strongest meaning possible. intense yet light. beautiful. wounderous music that is to much to handle and yet is everything you could ever want

    By kate on 04.19.2011

  5. raw
    my library
    heart warming

    By Katie Kuliesh on 04.19.2011

  6. Acoustic guitars – singing men in parks holding them. stripped and naked. simple chords no electricity . natural. not as overbearing. self conscious and profound. often melancholy but sometimes cheerful and possibly hopeful. gives more soulful intepretation of music often angry. lovely.

    By charlotte on 04.19.2011

  7. The acoustic guitar is such a romantic thing. Any guy that can play and acoustic guitar is instantly hotter. Just saying.

    By BrittanyC URL on 04.19.2011

  8. guitar sound music walls electric acoustics bob marley elvis presley acoustic version strings slow soft justin bieber

    By Christina on 04.19.2011

  9. Echo of hum drum, string vibrations, and a thick melody of brassy tones reverberate around the room and tickle my ears.

    By The Sophia URL on 04.19.2011