• it was unfamiliar. a scent of sweet wildflowers and sweeter honeysuckle danced in the wind. the bright color of the rolling hills was astounding, dotted with blooming flowers contrast against the bright blue sky.

  • the agents were positioned just along the inner wall, eyes watching eachother. as one man gave the signal – a swift motion of the hand – they all poured our, aiming bulky guns at everything.

    surprise swept the group like a tidal wave. there was nobody there, unlike what was planned.

  • knock knock knock
    the repeating sound rapping at the wooden door set his heart beating like a hummingbirds wings. it aggravated him and he wanted to rip the door off its hinges and beat the person with it afterwards. but he just sat with his hands over his ears and waited for the knocking to cease.

  • it was red and sticky and hot and it coated her hands, her knees, her arms, everything. it hurt. it felt like fire burning her stomach and racing up her organs. the taste was metallic and clogged her nose and sent her stomach flip-flopping. her vision was cloudy and dark and her body felt like a sack of hammers. everything was slow and hazy, and…[Read more]