October 3rd, 2014

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51 Responses to “underdog”

  1. Alex was the underdog in this fight. With no training and little experience in professional gyms, he was completely out of his league. He was, however, determined to win. His personal Apollo Creed staring him down before the bell rang, he felt the nervous sweat drip into his eyes, threatening to deter his false calm.

    By Jay on 10.03.2014

  2. once i went to a soccer game. the water boy was sitting on the bench kicking other people with his cleats. they didnt like him but when they won the zombie apocalypse. he cheered the loudest of all the wizards his name was Gandalf. He had a long white beard even though he was 3. his mother hated him so he changed his name to dumbledoor and started a school named Hogwarts. he had a student named harry pottery. during arts and crafts he made pots and mugs. hair minuegranger was very smart she wanted to be a wizard. she failed. shes a halfblood. she spoke in a southern accident and drives a pick up truck. Ron weeseeeeesely never stoped etating fat cakes which caused death.

    By Anna Helen URL on 10.03.2014

  3. Everyone cheers for the underdog, but maybe he isn’t up there with the champions for a reason. At least that’s why Jack’s team was labeled the underdog wrongly. They weren’t good guys who would eventually win the game. They were sore losers who gave up and started to cheat and use drugs.

    By Katie URL on 10.03.2014

  4. I was losing. I was the worst of the worst. I thought to myself, “Why me, I don’t want to be here.” I started the race. Right out the gate. I was losing. I was the underdog.

    By Not Reid URL on 10.03.2014

  5. Nick was the underdog in the basketball game because he was really uncoordinated and kinda stupid. The other team swept him away making him cry. The final score was 65-2

    By Alex on 10.03.2014

  6. Underdog is an interesting movie. In the movie the dog gets chemicals dumped on him in a lab. The dog then gets the ability to talk, and fly. Next the dog wins over the love of his life by flying to her.

    By Idk on 10.03.2014

  7. Conley’s cat Freddy was the underdog….even though he was a cat. He tried to catch the mouse, but he couldn’t catch it. All the other cats could catch the mice, but not Freddy.

    By Not Reid URL on 10.03.2014

  8. “You can’t win. You can’t win!”
    The shouts fill the air as he lines up at the start, one foot on the white line, the other bent and slightly further back. He’s breathing quickly, knowing it’s not good to start on a bad breath but he’s so damn nervous he thinks he has an excuse at least.
    The crowd slowly stops yelling, and the taunts stop for a microsecond.
    And the starting pistol goes off.

    By Sky URL on 10.03.2014

  9. The woman who had once been the underdog was now the champion. Of course, while everyone in the stadium or on their couches, watching at home, were cheering and celebrating with buckets of potato chips and tankards of beer, the fighter was busy in the locker room, nursing a twisted wrist and a blackened eye. Her opponent had been more than tough – she had been vicious. Her manager stood over her with his arms folded tightly against his chest.

    “Not bad to walk away with that, I’d say,” he remarked. “Good job.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.03.2014

  10. Інколи я відчуваю себе повним невдахою. Тоді, коли не виходить те, що мало би обов’язково вийти. І одразу. А інколи і просто так. Тоді чекаю, доки минеться.

    By mykolan URL on 10.03.2014

  11. That was the name they called me, “Underdog. “For some reason, I feel like that word had a meaning to it. A different meaning that is. Like, the helper. Or something more unique then the actual meaning. I didn’t know what i would call it. But soon, i would know.

    By Abby on 10.03.2014

  12. The pitcher three the ball and he knew that if he messed this up they would be out of the championships yet again. Everyone knew that his team were the underdogs. They knew that their chances were slim to none in winning. But still the catcher stepped up to the plate.

    By cupkaka27 URL on 10.03.2014

  13. Yeah, thats me, the underdog. Thats what they call me. But, the thing that bugs me, is the definition of that word. It should just be a little bit more unique. A little bit more to my personality. But no, it has to be called loser. Loser… with a capital L.

    By Lily URL on 10.03.2014

  14. An underdog is a person or team that is not expected to win. When they do win, there is a higher feeling of achievement. Everyone cheers for and when the underdog wins.

    By Rodney URL on 10.03.2014

  15. Go ahead, flex. There isn’t much to show off yet, but you’ve watched enough shit TV and superhero movies to know that only the pipsqueaks rise to formidable power. Of course you’re the underdog – it isn’t cool if you aren’t!

    By asavas URL on 10.03.2014

  16. me the one who is but no other all who see just look and stare or say he weird thats it but with the many skills i have yet no one listens till they find on their own that i know what i am saying but then it to late

    By ~B0 on 10.03.2014

  17. He’d been the underdog for years on end now, something that his girlfriend never failed to tease him on because of the vast amount of dogs he owned. But at the end of the day, it was true – he didn’t have much money, his family was falling apart in every way, and he couldn’t keep himself in check to get good grades. But at least he was an underdog with her.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 10.03.2014

  18. The underdog: or was he?

    Was he really an underdog, was the question. Did he really lose? It made sense, with that scrawny stick figure he had, but she’d seen him, too-seen him run miles, beat up a bully four times his size on the street to protect his sister.

    Was it an act? Why?

    By lorin URL on 10.03.2014

  19. underdog
    the cartoon of course.

    “When Polly’s in trouble I am not slow, it’s hip hip hip and away I go!”

    – Really? That always seemed pretty slow to me! By the time he finished saying that, Polly could be dead!

    By Noisy Quiet on 10.03.2014

  20. The team who people seem to think they can’t win, even when they try with all they’er heart and strength, and it seem nothing anyone does will ever make they’er spirit’s lift again. And they drive home empty-hearted.

    By Hope Strubs on 10.03.2014

  21. Oh, I know all too well what it means to be the underdog. You always have the upper hand. You manipulate my emotions, you make it clear that you don’t love me, you won’t love me, you can’t love me. Yet you give me just enough to hold on to, to give me a glimmer of false hope that keeps me from starting something new. But not this time. I will not chase you to end up on the sidelines yet again, watching you live in your glory while I try to taste you on other people’s lips.

    By Holly on 10.03.2014

  22. The underdog in this whole situation was her. She had no power, no say in what was happenning. And it really didn’t look like she minded all too much. After all she had gotten herself into this position by hanging out with a bunch of guys like him.

    By Rachel on 10.03.2014

  23. A lot of folks say they like to be the underdog. These people are losers. They can’t handle the pressure of being a winner and living up to expectations. Losers.

    By Chadd Nolen on 10.03.2014

  24. I felt like an underdog when I was battling against the ever flowing tides. He made my life hell, but I kept going because there was an underdog heaven waiting for me at the end.

    By Andy on 10.03.2014

  25. She’d been something of an underdog the last time they’d met. She had had no legacy, no fortune, no real prospects, but she was so bold, so confident, that no one seemed to care. In an environment designed to breed contempt and mistrust, she’d offered something of a harbor, a safe haven, where dowries and titles were worth less than the parchment on which they were recorded.
    Which was why the fact that she stood before her now, a princess in her own right, so shocked her.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.03.2014

  26. Whenever football is on the television, I find myself absentmindedly rooting for the underdog. Today, the losing team was the Minnesota Vikings. In their purple garb and pink accessories (breast cancer awareness), they were failing miserably, the laughingstock of the NFL.

    By Kumquat URL on 10.03.2014

  27. I walk through my shadow in wanting and yearning. Seeing through the wickedness I once nourished and feeling the thrashing blood coursing through my veins reveals my breath’s betrayal. I fear the dark #underdog has awoken. #oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 10.03.2014

  28. The crowd loves the underdog. THere was no denying that, but the man was a complete brute, with sense of honor or even mercy. Fabien wasnt sure if he could face this man; he had heard many stories of his brutal ways, and his huge size, but they were only rumors. And being a gladiator, he wasnt about to let himself be afraid of a rookie.

    The gates from both sides opened and as Fabien walked out, almost blinded by the light, he raised the sword into the air, smirking smugly as the crowd cheered his name in fanatical shrieks and shouts. The people of this city were sick beyond help, he had decided and would just focus on entertaining them.
    As his opponent entered the ring, cries of harsh boos and racial slurs filled the stadium, though nothing of such came from Fabien. He wasnt stupid. Anyone who was sent to fight him were sometimes war heros and such men, so something like that, could certainly set them off.
    This was what the public wanted, but Fabien wasnt about to try to please the crowd, by risking his life, even if it was essentially what he was doing.

    His opponent made the first move, almost stabbing him in the stomach and jabbed again, clicking the metals of his sword to the metal of the more experienced fighter’s chest plate.

    The fight went on too long, and finally they were both kicked off, as they were undesired by the crowd.
    Whatever the crowd wanted, it got.

    Putting away his equipment, Fabien turned only to feel the cold metal dig gently into the back, right between his shoulders. “Good fight.”The voice said and he knew exactly who it was, even without turning around. The soft breath on his shoulder blades was an indication enough.

    By Assassin URL on 10.03.2014

  29. She’s a meteor shower, swallowing the stars
    stars, and I can’t help but feel that if I lick her wide enough, I’ll see the universe in her throat.
    She could make so many wishes, but she settles for the ones she know won’t come true, because it’s easier to put down your faith when you know what to expect.
    When I next look, sometimes he’s swallowing the moon, as the loneliness swallows her.

    By Pandatry URL on 10.03.2014

  30. She slips her sword under his armour like a kiss; it’s all soft and feminine but it does the trick. She can see the way his eyes bulge with surprise as well as pain, and it brings a smirk to her lips – which admittedly she already feels guilty about, but more fool him for underestimating her.

    “The duel goes to Lady Henry,” calls the announcer. And she wins.

    By Samuel URL on 10.03.2014

  31. The kids were screaming and cheering, everywhere you could hear the energy that flowed through the stadium. Many men had fought and the new fighter still had not fallen, everyone cheered as the last champion faced him. Here comes the time of the underdog…

    By Akeyx URL on 10.04.2014

  32. “We want to make ourselves look *worse*?” I muttered.

    “Not worse,” he said, adjusting his tie. “Like we haven’t quite had the opportunity to do any better. Like we’re not powerful.” He turned to me, and I avoided his eyes as I always did. They were too cold. “Everyone roots for the underdog, Margaret.”

    “Understood, sir.” I stared dully at the wall. Underdog or not, I did not root for him and I never would.

    By a terrible poet URL on 10.04.2014

  33. Happily you were not last in this morning, that was Ted. He is definitely the one everyone expects to be last., He is the underdog, no-one expects much from him and he is always last to finish his work. If you are in later than him in the morning then questions will be asked.

    By Meredyth URL on 10.04.2014

  34. в дитинстві я ніс із кухні до великої кімнати рюмочки. ми святкували Новий рік. якось я запнувся, і ледь не впав, а рюмочки були якісь дуже цінні, і я в останню мить збалансував, і гордо заніс до кімнати. а коли заніс, виявилось, що поставити на стіл її не можна — ніжка відбилась.

    By mykolan URL on 10.04.2014

  35. The song by spoon. Someone underrepresented, under appreciated. Someone who will rise up, and take everyone on top by surprise.

    I always root for the underdog at sports games. It’s much more fun – an underdog gives a sense of hope, and community. Aren’t we all the underdog? We all have been at some point. So we bond through it.

    By Laura on 10.04.2014

  36. “As the husband, and as a foreigner, you will be very much the underdog.We have to show that it is in your children’s best interests that they be returned to you. That may involve making some very hurtful statements about your wife. You, and your children, may also suffer emotionally, and you will make more enemies that friends by doing this. I, as your lawyer, will suggest any course of action I feel may be of any benefit to us. It is up to you to decide if that action is necessary, and weighing up the risks, acceptable.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.04.2014

  37. No matter how much encouragement, counseling or love was given to this child, he still felt like he was the underdog. She didn’t know what to do, or what it was going to take to help her son.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.04.2014

  38. He had always been a loser, which is why he never thought he had a chance with her. But she was, warm, kind, and held a deep affection for losers, which is why when she recognized his feelings, she started to fall for him, too, albeit quietly, so as not to frighten him off. She didn’t want his sweetness to disappear with the newfound confidence

    By Kelzy URL on 10.04.2014

  39. He never thought of himself as an underdog, people had ascribed the term to him over time and it gradually became more familiar, like an old friend. Underdogs are a force to be reckoned with his best friend used to say encouragingly, nobody ever sees you coming. However he was painfully aware that everyone always saw him coming, the awkward limp, the clothes that seemed to pull in all the wrong places and most importantly the look on his face which already shouted to the world : I don’t want you to see me.

    By Daisy on 10.04.2014

  40. When the underdog attacks, everyone cheers for him. You know he’s the underdog when you see a small, shriveled shaped facing down a hulking beast from another dimension. Or when the number of spelling errors in a paragraph doesn’t stop an author from aspiring for fame. Or when you write this in 60 seconds.

    By Andy S URL on 10.04.2014