August 28th, 2014

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63 Responses to “impressed”

  1. The middle of the airport, lots of different people. Some patiently waiting , others loudly complaining about the airplane being later. As if we can build one for them…not impressed.

    By Bobbi URL on 08.28.2014

  2. There is nothing like a woman who loves herself. She isn’t afraid. I am impressed by this. She is not a victim. She is powerful. I am impressed by men like this as well. Those who aren’t afraid to act, work, and be the best they can be.

    By Shawn URL on 08.28.2014

  3. “Well, I have to say, Mitch,” my boss remarked, “I am impressed. You’ve certainly come a long way in your work since we first hired you.”

    I smiled. Every step I had taken forward was indeed intentional. I wanted to succeed, and I wanted to get kudos. However, I could feel my grin melt from my face as my boss continued.

    “However,” she added, “we still feel as if it would be best if you relocated to a different department.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.28.2014

  4. Individuals are impressed when they learn that someone has achieved or done something or is capable of doing something that they themselves have struggled to do or cannot do. Therefore the state of being impressed is comparable to envy.

    By James Smith URL on 08.28.2014

  5. “Holy shit,” she whispered involuntarily.
    He laughed, mockingly, but lightheartedly so. “Surprised?”
    “…impressed,” she mumbled. Yes, surprise was not quite the word for her feelings at this moment, considering the context.

    By Rosie on 08.28.2014

  6. i was so impressed by him last night. i can’t believe he took my to such a nice restaurant. he even brought me flowers. it was the best date of my life.

    By cece on 08.28.2014

  7. He was impressed by the way she wore her loose bun. He was impressed by the fact that it never came undone every time she looked up at the people walking past her. He was rarely impressed, especially with women having had bad luck in the past. He realized he wanted to impress her too, but couldn’t think of a way to do so. How do you approach such a gentle creature?

    By Patty on 08.28.2014

  8. She was impressed by the work he had done. Just a pretty little chupah sitting in her front yard but it touched her to the depths of her soul, a little piece of his heart left bare for her to have forever. It was as if he was saying “here, take this, its yours to do with what you will”. She was supposed to be marrying another man, she was supposed to stand under that piece of his heart and marry another man. She couldn’t do it. Couldn’t hurt him like that.

    By julia on 08.28.2014

  9. The class clapped after their principal gave his speech, but among those clapping the audience, a few in the back barely made a sound as their hands made contact. The impressed ones were clearly in the front row, clapping the loudest before the principal turned to step off the stage in the auditorium. I sat in the back, clearly unimpressed.

    By Rosheen URL on 08.28.2014

  10. frustration

    By Dara on 08.28.2014

  11. Impressed. Hmm, well there’s really two ways to look at it. The “wow I’m impressed,” and the “I really feel impressed.” The second one is my favorite.

    By mads URL on 08.28.2014

  12. I was out looking at the skyline and to say I was impressed was an understatement. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. When I turned around and saw it for the first time it was like I was finally awake.

    By Cody on 08.28.2014

  13. He stood there staring at this magnificent woman, with her long, brown hair that cascaded down the side of her face. He couldn’t help but notice the browness in her eyes and the way it shone of dark chocolate. He stood there like an idiot, of course, too timid to do anything to make her notice him. So, she didn’t. She walked past him and he thought of the regret of not saying anything.

    By Jackie URL on 08.28.2014

  14. He tried not to show it, but it was impossible not to be impressed. The hall dwarfed anything he had seen before. He came from a village that was no smaller than most, but the hall would fit it three times over.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 08.28.2014

  15. I was impressed by his ego but not by his character (you’d think the two would go hand in hand). However, I waited long enough to find out that he had the same problems in the world that I did: that you have to create a certain energy in order to get the one you want back.

    By Ellie Griffith on 08.28.2014

  16. “Wow!” said Martha as she watched the circus. “These people are good!”
    “I know!” Dave responded. “Like, really good!”
    They had been waiting for months to see the circus, and now that they finally had, they were nothing but impressed. The circus animals and clowns were great, but then the trapeze people had come out. Hopefully next year’s circus would be even better!

    By Cami Redford URL on 08.28.2014

  17. “Wow!” said Martha as she watched the circus. “These people are good!”
    “I know!” Dave responded. “Like, really good!”
    They had been waiting for months to see the circus, and now that they finally had, they were nothing but impressed. The circus animals and clowns were great, but then the trapeze people had come out. Hopefully next year’s circus would be even better!
    The kids left the circus a few hours later, with huge smiles.
    “Mom, you’re amazing!” said Jenny.

    By Cami Redford URL on 08.28.2014

  18. When you leave a comment, are you supposed to write more about being impressed or just comment?

    By Cami Redford URL on 08.28.2014

  19. Through this eyes i might see something that impresses me, but to really be impressed i must see the kindness one has to offer to another, for i may never be impressed.

    By nicholas URL on 08.28.2014

  20. I was so impressed by your staying power. I was absolutely thrilled to be with you.It was all that I had dreamed it would be and more.

    By Tracey URL on 08.28.2014

  21. He laughed at her softly, a sound like a knife in the darkness. “Are you always this way?” His words cut her, they seemed warm on the surface but she could feel the coldness underneath them like ice. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, shifted her knee ever so slightly away from his. She suddenly had the impression that she was a single warm body pressed between two glaciers, the blankets were floating above her body, just barely pressing down, she suddenly wanted to become weightless and quiet and escape this unfeeling warmth. /Are you always this way?/ Of course she was, of course. Like there was something wrong with her. /Are you?/

    By LILYhibiku URL on 08.28.2014

  22. the dab of my interest splashed in, like water thrown up by a hurricane blow of a raptor
    I rubbed my chin to show how imporessed I was
    concealing my bright rigor for the vast wet meadows of knowledge,
    a bank, an endless bank that I had to acquire,

    By milad URL on 08.28.2014

  23. My professor began to haraunge about the honorable jobs she worked, here I grew impressed. IBM, Microsoft, Black Hawk, and Dell was the mainstay of her conversation. I could not help but to lean in, closer and closer, she continued, my mouth dropped lower to touch the floor. Her lecture converted me to consider how astonishing the world of technology could possibly be. Very Impressed I was; I even thought over the futuristic robots I wanted to create using what she touted in her teachings. First stop, the computer lab, last stop, my awakening in an array of technological greatness.

    By milad URL on 08.28.2014

  24. She swung her body to the rhythm, swaying with the microphone. The piano keys rumbled, her voice nearly shook. But all to him it was heavenly, he took another swig of the coke and smiled. She was perfect, absolutely perfect. He couldn’t deny that he was impressed.

    By Rachel Rose on 08.28.2014

  25. “I’m impressed, you managed not to die,” William said, crossing his arms as he leaned back against the nearest tree. Though it was impossible to see his face under his iron crafted helm, James knew he was smirking, and could picture every detail of his face as it was contorted into that half sarcastic smile.

    James only managed a meager ‘thank you’ under his breath as he passed, rubbing the back of his neck.

    By Tyler Adams on 08.28.2014

  26. A shadow fell over his face, and James found himself walking across the room, the courage he mustered from earlier fading rapidly as he found his palms clasping in what felt like pools of sweat. His breathing was heavy and his eyes seemed to lose focus, but in the end he found himself in front of her, her legs were crossed.

    “I’m impressed,” she said.

    By Tyler Adams on 08.28.2014

  27. “Good job, baby.” Sean says to me with a smile once we get backstage, hooking an arm around my shoulders. “You kill it every time.”

    Butterflies erupt in my stomach, and I can only hope that my cheeks aren’t flaming red. “Thanks. You weren’t too shabby yourself. I’m impressed. Last time you ended up mumbling the last part of your rap.”

    He threw his head back and laughed. “That was one time. Last year. You’re never gonna let me live that down, are you?”

    I grinned, shaking my head. ‘No way.” Blowing out a sigh, I gently break away from his embrace and head for the water cooler. “Thanks for coming in on such short notice. I appreciate it.”

    Sean smiled. “Anytime, Ari. Love you.”

    He’s said that to me plenty of times before, but that was prior to me realizing I was in love with him. My heart rate speeds up a bit as I finish my drink. “I love you too,” I say back quietly, meaning the familar words with every part of my being.

    By AJ Kenobi on 08.28.2014

  28. She couldn’t have planned everything at a more opportune time. I had to say that I was impressed. Her skills out smarted us all. and now, we would have to admit defeat and pay up. She had done what we thought was impossible, uniting all three groups. It was no longer about the bet. We would take control of everything. Our enemies, too, would be impressed and smile at her cunning. Seven ingots of gold was a small price to pay for the privilege of seeing their faces. Seven gold ingots and now we could have whatever we desired.

    By Digital Quill URL on 08.28.2014

  29. “I have to say, I’m…impressed.”
    “With what?”
    “With you,” she said, “I…honestly, I didn’t think you had it in you.”
    “Had what in me?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.28.2014

  30. Impressed. Sizzle! A hot iron presses onto the cheek. A tie is straightened; the knot’s perfect. This will impress the japanese. You read my papers already? That’s quite an impressive feat for me. Thank you sir. Thank you officer. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. Mein doktovatta wurden sehr impressung mit dein arbeit. Story of my life.

    By Steven URL on 08.28.2014

  31. The three of them sat down in Makita’s office, and he was much more attentive to them this time. “Well, I’m impressed!” said Ohara, you’ve really put on quite a show here today! Who’s the special guest?” Makita gave him a frustrated glare. “I can’t tell you that!”
    He sat on his desk and his tone softened as he turned to face Tricia. “But it IS a big deal, so your help, Tricia, is essential.” He leaned even closer, lowering his voice. “Tell me as much as you can remember of that conversation you overheard.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.28.2014

  32. I had never seen someone like her before. She carried herself with a quiet grace, an understated air of self-assurance. She didn’t look for approval, she just was. Looking at her, I wanted to just be.

    By Hazel Lancaster URL on 08.28.2014

  33. I was impressed by your sophistication. Your an avid art lover and you you have opinions on each piece. You drink wine because it makes you feel fancy. Who will share this with now?

    By Marina URL on 08.28.2014

  34. She smiled coyly and nodded, her perfectly lipsticked smile placed at the perfect queenly angle, even as she slid her feet surrepticiously from her heels and slid her hand just so to knock her bread knife under the table.

    “Oh dear!” she said delicately, and bent to retrieve it. The threatening presence behind her loomed as she took hold of one heel, sat abruptly upright, whirled and planted the stiletto in his eye socket. The banquet table erupted in panic, and she sprang lightly atop the table from her seat at the head, flung her second stilleto point blank into the neck of the man drawing his sword to block her exit, and snatching up a steak knife from her neighbour’s plate. She could have sworn she heard a low chuckle from the one eyed war general several seats down the left side of the table, as he sat calmly watching the proceedings. “Well, I’ll be damned, the tales are right. Warrior queen, you are, aren’t you, Lass?”

    She did not turn to see if she had heard correctly, but vaulted her way through the hazardous array of dishware toward her escape.

    By KelseyMMacpherson URL on 08.28.2014

  35. “I have to admit it, I’m impressed.” Varric raised an eyebrow at the two of them, looking annoyed and pleased all at once.

    By Stephanie A. URL on 08.28.2014

  36. Impressed in the sand was a small coin. Not unlike the ones you put into your mouth as a child, or the ones that give you luck if you find them on their tails sides. it shimmered so bright in the light of the moon you might have though it was day. the way that this coin impressed on me was on my soul.

    By Sky URL on 08.28.2014

  37. I was impressed to see the world fall in around me. Everything seemingly coming to an end of all ends. People around me, those I loved being sick and worrying themselves to death over me. When all I wanted was them to be worried about themselves. Why?

    By MJ on 08.28.2014

  38. I was never much impressed with his style with men. Rough, not very friendly… He had a way of alienating strangers without awareness or even real contact. What did impress me about him was that none of this mattered to him. He seemed above the commonplace when it came to a sense of self, and his effect on those around him mattered none.

    By jerry on 08.28.2014

  39. I’m quite impressed by modesty, in this world of personal exultation. Not the passive-aggressive “I’m-doing-this-because-I-know-it-will-garner-me-attention-in-that-special-way” fashion, but in the true expression of it, which outlines only the greatest level of desire to encompass compassion for and understanding of what lies beyond the self, a realized ego, that can look past its own basal desires and discover the potential glimmering beneath the glistering surface.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 08.29.2014

  40. he flips his cup over the edge of the table and pretends it was what he was trying to do. putting on his best impression of an intellectual, he raises one eyebrow and says something most people already know if they’ve spent five seconds on the internet. like, some freudian shit that’s not even true. she laughs anyways. he’s an idiot. she’s not at all interested, and he knows it, but he’s an idiot. and she laughs anyways. he smiles. that’s all he was really going for.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 08.29.2014