August 27th, 2014

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67 Responses to “sinking”

  1. I guess, well, I mean…every time I see you smile, and then turn to me and lose that light, I just feel like you’ve killed me, Maryam. And I know, I know I deserve it, what with what I made you do, child, but Stars Above and Dust Below, if it doesn’t make me feel like you’re drowning me. I swear to you, Lass, if you kill me today, it would be a mercy. I’ve been waiting for death for far longer a time than I care to recall. My mother warned me that the crown will destroy you if you’re not careful. But I didn’t listen. I wasn’t careful. I was a fool!”

    He eyed her sidelong, and she noted that his hand lifted lightly from the hilt of his dagger and lay flat against the stone. His shoulders slumped beneath the silk of his shirt, and she was struck suddenly by the lines etched in his face, and the tired grey of his hair. She clenched her fingers round the hilt of her own dagger, but found she could not draw it. She felt as though to do so would shatter the frozen moment of understanding hanging suspended between them.

    It was like the moment before the stone hits the surface of the sea. And she dared not to let it drop, lest the water turn out to be a tidal wave, and not a ripple.

    By KelseyMMacpherson on 08.27.2014

  2. As I lay dying under the wreckage of my own desire, I feel the loss. I thought I knew who I was, and yet, I don’t.

    By James on 08.27.2014

  3. you can feel the weight of your own lungs but for some reason the sights don’t match the scene. why is it that immediately under the surface, everything is so beautiful? every ray of sun split into a thousand, trickling down between your fingers and toes and every inch of your skin. you don’t feel like this, and you don’t want it to look this way, either. the chain pulls at your foot, and you close your eyes.

    By sunnysuraj on 08.27.2014

  4. once upon a time there was a sinking hole in the backyard no would wver go to it not even an ant but one day a boy went and fell in it he came out as a super hero and he saved everybody from evil. the end.

    By kiara URL on 08.27.2014

  5. The water doesn’t think when it makes you sink. It just breathes like anything in life in nature. With a breath it takes you in. It mimics the life of a person in that almost helplessness feeling. It makes you feel as if the world has sat upon your shoulders and the weight makes you feel a thousand more moons heavier. The sinking feeling is inevitable and there is nothing left for it.

    By Jackie on 08.27.2014

  6. She grasped the rail as the ship listed to one side, and checked to make sure that her life vest was tightened. No one knew exactly what had happened, but the rumor was that the captain had taken the ship too close to shore, and it had hit a large rock and was taking on water. One thing she did know, was that the boat was sinking.

    By _Kate_ URL on 08.27.2014

  7. I drift along with the remaining wreckage of my life. Its painful to decide what keeps me afloat, is it by choice or is it just a habit? Nevertheless, I continue to endure the many challenges and struggles the ocean delivers as I float with the current, debating whether my best interest is to swim or sink.

    By Mark23 on 08.27.2014

  8. Drowning in the deep midnight blue… reaching for you… no light in sight, only dark… heavy waters, waves above me, stillness beneath me… thrashing turns to calm.

    By Andrea Wasse on 08.28.2014

  9. I am sinking. Sinking so deep, in ways you cannot possibly imagine. I feel confined and constricted, chained and unable to breathe. I’m drowning.This is not the life i dreamed for myself. This is not the life i choose. I choose to be free.

    By Nondu URL on 08.28.2014

  10. i fall into myself.
    off a cliff.
    the high and now the low.
    here the world is glassy ice blue.
    darkness sputters in shadows.

    By Anu on 08.28.2014

  11. As the police van rushed them to the safety of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, the gravity of the situation was sinking in on all three of them. Joanne was worried sick that her sister’s life was in danger, Tricia was realising that even if she survived, her life would never be the same again, and Ohara was wondering who the hell they were dealing with that had the police
    putting this much manpower into the case?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.28.2014

  12. Her heart slid down in her chest, making her feel like she was on a sinking ship. Of course Derrick wasn’t there. What had she expected? He hadn’t been there for her for months; not since the messy breakup they’d had at that Italian restaurant on her birthday. Why would he come through now, just because he was the only one who could help her with this?

    “I need better friends,” Sara muttered. “Or at least more dependable ones.”

    By Excruciata on 08.28.2014

  13. Sinking

    blue, -water


    Sound of
    no air
    in my

    can’t, -expand


    living for


    By YEsomebody on 08.28.2014

  14. In the still, silky night, hushed conversation exploding into short burst of laughter, flickering light of many candles outlining slender figures of girls on the shore. One by one, they wade knee deep into the river and carefully lower a flower wreath, with a lit candle in the middle onto the glistening water, and it gently, slowly floats away. Soon all of the wreaths make it to the middle of the river, a majestic stream of light moving downstream, not a single one sinking, thus promising a good, prosperous year ahead.

    By eleia on 08.28.2014

  15. Sinking in we’re giving in to things that get us through. We tell ourselves its not our fault but we know its time to prove, that we will gain the strength to climb out of this quicksand life. Lay out flat and find the grip to gain ground without a fight.

    By Buk Lao on 08.28.2014

  16. Let it drop. Let it all drop. Let it go and sink into the water. And do not worry about sending the distress call. We’ll follow the screams.

    By davydoright on 08.28.2014

  17. He looked around, trying to remember where he was. There was that space in the semidarkness where the line between dreams and waking was more difficult than ever to tamp down, which was where he imagined himself to be. But though the morning looked at him square in the face and told him he sat awake in bed, there was still the feeling that he was slipping, slipping away beneath the blankets, until only the ends of his fingers and the tip of his nose remained. A corpse, half-buried beneath the remnants of sleep and forgetfulness.

    By Allison on 08.28.2014

  18. His self esteem was sinking fast. He didn’t think that he would be ridiculed like that just because he couldn’t see past his nose and had glasses as thick as pavement. But it was OK. He would get them all back

    By trkstr67 on 08.28.2014

  19. it was terrifying the firs time I sank in to the deep blue water. Tank attached breathing from an apparatus that made me look like an alien. seeing the world I knew, the world that I considered “safe” slip away beneath the calm waves. Then, a new world. One of calm and distance. A world of space and muted color. The sinking feeling left my stomach as I sank deeper and deeper in to the ocean.

    By Kendra Oleson on 08.28.2014

  20. She had a sinking feeling that things would get worse before they would get better. That was the way it had always been.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.28.2014

  21. sinking like a stone through the waves of my emotions. I can’t swim and I can’t catch my breath. There is no one to pull me up from under the waves, there is no one to save me. So I’m sinking, always sinking. Going deeper and lower into the blue.

    By Rebecca Pruitt URL on 08.28.2014

  22. I could feel the floor moving downwards and myself falling backwards as I stood up from the bed. The boat was sinking. shiieit.

    By baby p on 08.28.2014

  23. As the glorious ship was sinking, the captain held to the wheel tightly. This was his baby, and if the ship was going down, he would gracefully follow.

    By Larissa on 08.28.2014

  24. I am sinking each night this week into a pillow that is a bit too soft and a bed that is slightly too hard and yet I can’t seem to care because the ache in my limbs and joints appreciates that the bed even tried.

    By mary on 08.28.2014

  25. It as dense as molasses and her limbs suddenly felt like heavy weights. She clawed and flailed, but but there was nothing to cling to. She was sinking. Panic bubbled up and forced her mouth open. A silent scream stole her last breath.

    By Soft URL on 08.28.2014

  26. It was dense as molasses and her limbs suddenly felt like heavy weights. She clawed and flailed, but but there was nothing to cling to. She was sinking. Panic bubbled up and forced her mouth open. A silent scream stole her last breath.

    By Soft URL on 08.28.2014

  27. A tall blond woman in a red dress and stiletto heals had this sinking feeling like something horrible is about to happen.

    By Jenn URL on 08.28.2014