August 28th, 2014

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63 Responses to “impressed”

  1. it’s almost time and my gown’s too tight. i would almost say it’s not fitting for this purpose. will she be impressed.

    By Okpuzor Blessing on 08.29.2014

  2. She looked right in to the place where its eyes would be. The wings on its assumed shoulder blades beat air into the young girl’s face, and she struggled to keep her eyes open. Both the gusts of wind and the divine beauty made her want to turn her head, she did not feel worthy, but she could not help herself.

    By Fi on 08.29.2014

  3. She couldn’t help but be impressed by just how dedicated he was to everything he did. If he said that he would do something, even the tiniest little thing, he would go out of his way to accomplish it. Perhaps it had something to do with him loathing the feeling of not fulfilling a promise – that was certainly one idea she could relate to herself.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.29.2014

  4. There are many things in my life that impreesed me .For instance , my teachers and my books ,but I think my books impreesed me more than eveything because I have learnt many things during years that I read them ,and also my friends impressed me too,especially by their acting. They are always creative and hardworker so I have leant many things from them too

    By hayat on 08.29.2014

  5. Hello friends!
    Please correct my mistakes . I need your help.
    Thanks so much

    By hayat on 08.29.2014

  6. Impressed is when you feel completely infatuated by one’s actions and words,when you are taken aback by it and you’re admiring that particular something.I’m impressed by many people,I’m impressed by things,I’m impressed by feelings but most of all I’m impressed of one’s away of thinking of perceiving the things around himself or herself

    By Denisa on 08.29.2014

  7. And so I was impressed enough by what I heard that day to join the expedition. Ten days later we set out, excited, enthusiastic, terribly, terribly naive, as I can see now – most of the guys seduced, like me, by the smooth talk at the Opening, with, honestly, no idea what really lay ahead. Only four of us returned, out of about twenty who left that day.

    By eleia on 08.29.2014

  8. So I was screaming! Out loud. The sounds made me wonder about eternity. Made me wonder about happiness in itself; does it come from the inside; does it come from the outside? Did the sounds carry it, gently, through my ears. Did it activate love, did it activate peace?

    By Camille M URL on 08.29.2014

  9. Oh how lovely impressed I was by his style! Baggy pants, smell of old cigarettes, and most of all, his meanness to me! I cannot get over this nasty boy I never met.

    By Dreamscape on 08.29.2014

  10. There was a set of monkey bars in front of her. They were high of the ground, higher than you would normally see in a children’s playground. They were made of coppery, rusted metal and upon closer inspection, Luce could see that the wooden support frame was splintered and rotten. The whole thing looked decidedly unsafe.

    By Isabel on 08.29.2014

  11. Walking through the streets of Prague she was impressed by the markets of the square. And looking, she could imagine herself back in a time and place when civilization was much simpler.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.29.2014

  12. I made a ‘hmph’, and I knew my face had just moved in acknowledgement. Her parkour was – impressive, to say the least, but I was not sure of the relationship between us – perhaps I ought not to have appreciated her at all, or perhaps I should have admitted, openly, that she was probably better than me.

    Her gaze rested on me. /My turn/. She smirked, far too cocky for my liking.

    “Yeah, well, I’ll – I’ll take you down a peg or, or two, or – seventeen.” I mumbled, voice tripping over itself.

    Damn it.

    By a terrible poet on 08.29.2014

  13. I am totally impressed by this new boy. I never imagine that he can do this work with such a ease.
    Even one who are doing this thing for ages haven’t performed it with such a perfection.

    By Ashutosh on 08.29.2014

  14. You were there. With your long hair. You didn’t even notice me. Your looks, your talk, the way your face lit up. I’ll admit I was impressed. Then you called me pretty and stole my breath.

    By savannah URL on 08.29.2014

  15. I’m impressed by all the YouTubers out there makin this moneyyyyy. I would like to make just as much money as I can as well and be comfortable. Maybe then, people will be impressed by me…or maybe they already are. Who is to know? Whatever they feel is none of my damn business anyway.

    By Jasmine on 08.29.2014

  16. yeah

    By Jasmine on 08.29.2014

  17. It wasn’t that it wasn’t good. It was good. It was actually great. But the intention was all wrong. When he wrote it, he was thinking of himself. How he felt about it, what it meant to him. It was supposed to be about me and how I needed to be perceived. I finally understand that no matter how I try, no matter how I communicate my needs he will always be looking out for himself.

    By Beka URL on 08.29.2014

  18. He wasn’t impressed by her. He never was, and she had to stop trying to get his attention. Everyone said if she relaxed a bit it would work better.

    By kirsty on 08.29.2014

  19. another day of being impressed, trying to impress.. antother day of being unimpressed while every one is trying to impress. Why should i impress one who is only looking for amusement thought someone else trying to impress.

    By nicholas on 08.29.2014

  20. I was impressed by the amount of people who participated in the candrive.

    By Susie Walker on 08.29.2014

  21. he was so totally impressed by the word his team had done that he bought pizza for the group!!! He knew all their favorite toppings too…sardines, liver, beets, radishes….

    By trkstr67 on 08.29.2014

  22. feeling admiration and respect. to like something.

    By Isaac on 08.29.2014

  23. pressing into a peice of paper with a stamp or seal to make a mark or design on an object

    By Isaac on 08.29.2014