August 29th, 2014

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66 Responses to “fled”

  1. A crash behind me, through the dense trees. The box in hand shook as my feet stomped on the hard ground bitten with frost.

    By Serenity URL on 08.29.2014

  2. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s conflicted, unsure of what to say.

    She runs. Looking behind her, she can see him following her, a worried expression. It’s sweet, but sometimes people need to be left alone.

    By Anna Ekame on 08.29.2014

  3. His gamertag said “FledBox”. “What does that mean?” Sara asked. “Is it like a Redbox that runs from you? That must be hell when you have to return the movie. I bet the late fees are astronomical. ‘Sorry, I’d have gotten it in on time, but the damned box kept running from me!'” She snorted.

    “It’s just a random pair of words,” he said, giving her an odd look.

    By Excruciata on 08.30.2014

  4. I myself always flee from those people who are not tidy ,because I am. And I realized if I am not tidy ,I will not achieve those aims that I am trying for .And there are many othere situtaions that we should flee ,for instance argue with stupid people , because they never understand what you are telling them ,so it makes you to doubt about your ideas.This feelind is really dangerous ,because you cant support your opinions with your heart, And it impersses you by unvaluable points .

    By hayat on 08.30.2014

  5. when you keep going from the scene that caused shock,it is a release of emotions.You let go of your past and dive into the future.

    By Jose URL on 08.30.2014

  6. I fled the scene. Exhausted, exhilarated. I had killed him with the lightest blow for a finish. shock reverberated through my being, I’d done it.

    By Elaine on 08.30.2014

  7. He knew that now he had fled, he had to keep running. They would be looking for him. Perhaps with dogs. Certainly with prejudice. His was a need to get away and hide in dark and dampness of the earth, never to be discovered.

    By stuart pearcey URL on 08.30.2014

  8. This little valley, a forgotten world. Or rather, it’s the world outside that had been forgotten here – purposefully willed into oblivion, into a nightmare-like phantom that never truly existed, often through hidden heartbreak and pain over what – or who – was left behind, in the chaos and hopelessness. They fled here over thirty years ago, and since then, there has been no contact with the outside.

    By eleia on 08.30.2014

  9. Shots rang through the battlefield. The young soldier hurtled away from the front line, friend swung over his shoulder like a sand bag. Blood matted his movements, until he was little more than crawling. He felt the arm roped around his neck grow colder.

    By Fi on 08.30.2014

  10. Harry fled from the dragon as it blew fire balls at him from across the arena. He knew he needed to summon his broom but he didn’t have the time. The fire almost hit him that time. He dodged behind a rock and screamed “Accio Broom!” and waited for his broom to come.

    By Justin Beaudrie on 08.30.2014

  11. *Boom*
    The sound was followed by intense darkness.
    Thoughts of fleeing passed her mind.
    But she realized it was too late for that.
    She dropped all inhibitions and prepared herself for what was to come.

    By Sheethal on 08.30.2014

  12. Having just written a piece about “fled” I fled from the page is disapppointment, hoping for something else next time.

    By stuart pearcey URL on 08.30.2014

  13. he was running and so I was running too. I called out to him, over and over again, until he heard me and when he looked at me, there was so much anger in his eyes. “Why did you follow me? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” “No”, I said unable to catch my breath.

    By Lara Not Croft on 08.30.2014

  14. Mr Tumley cut an anxious eye towards the door. This was all so very awkward, what to say to a homeless, motherless fifteen year old.
    “Well, good night. If you need anything, anything at all, something to help you sleep perhaps, we are just up the hall”.
    With the customary pleasantries out of the way he fled, leaving me alone and glassy-eyed in the flickering haze of the classic movie channel.

    By bb333 on 08.30.2014

  15. After the Great Fire,my lover fled to another country,leaving me alone with our 2 children. I feel sorry

    By maria on 08.30.2014

  16. They fled the market. They fled the classroom. The players fled the field. I envision masses moving like a sea forward- moving moving. Masses moving. Where would they go?

    By Kizzie Jones URL on 08.30.2014

  17. when I dreamt of the clouds,
    they were much further than this.
    would you be here sometime?
    or would I just have to


    I was escaping bedlam and all my fears when I fled here;
    dreaming of the sky,
    and aiming for the sun.

    By Marissa on 08.30.2014

  18. She tried to ignore the dull throb in her soles and the high grass scratching her thighs. “Get back here!” he called. She’d never been an athlete; sewing was her thing. Sometimes she made dolls. But with him fast her on heels, butcher knife in hand, she found her inner track star.

    By Soft URL on 08.30.2014

  19. She fled as soon as she heard the sirens. Not looking back to see if anyone else was reacting, she just ran as fast as she could out of the asylum. Never again to look back or return. She fled for the sake of herself.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 08.30.2014

  20. She fled down the corridors, tripping over her slippers. Her breath was ragged, far too loud in her own ears and in the hall, and led a trail to where she was and where she was going. She wasn’t scared, she wasn’t exactly sure what she was, but she ran anyway. She ran until she reached the door and then pounded until it was opened. She slipped inside and smiled wide at the person that greeted her. Henry.

    By Ciera on 08.30.2014

  21. I watched him kiss another girl. I watched him undress her. In My house. In My room. He was so into her, he didn’t even notice me peeking through the door. I fled from the scene. All the memories flooding my brain, all the promises we made, and all the times I’d dreamt of a forever.

    By Shruti Malhotra on 08.30.2014

  22. During the course of my first year of college I dealt with many different tasks. I fled from this first school because of the way certain people treated me and my sister. The environment was not the problem but the people and there tendencies and attitudes were many times I could not handle the constant pressure of trying to be kind to others while getting hurt in return. Sometimes people don’t understand the affect they have on people’s lives. Many times they don’t see the damage because there to busy picking out the dynamite of there choice. Should it be a big explosion or should this one just sting there pride and self worth a little.

    By Bethany owens on 08.30.2014

  23. So she fled from everything, leaving it all behind her in a pile of dust and shattered memories. She even left her name behind, trying to make sure she could completely start again. Even though she’d thought that it would be her new beginning, her new passage in life and all, she’d only ended up finding that it terrified her more than anything else she’d ever experienced. She could never return to it, ever.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.30.2014

  24. Things were getting heated and dangerously close to a final solution. He had yet to discover the source of the secret but in the library was hidden a book. In this book was a clue but the only way to get to the book was through the man with the big iron. Taking precautions not to disturb the “others”, he made his way precariously when one of them suddenly turned. He was discovered! When he turned to run, half of them were already standing around him with grim yet heartless faces. Their eyes caved in a thousand times like tunnels to hearts of pure black. Fear gripped his legs, he couldn’t run. Just then something in his mind jolted and his motion returned momentarily. He fled through a maze of rigid shelving and shelled ghosts to the nearest shelf, opened a Zed book and took the portal back to what humans call “hell”.

    By Billybob on 08.30.2014

  25. It seemed as though all that she did was run. Run, flee, dash. It was her MO and as sick as she was of it, it seemed her legs always seemed to want to lead her away from situations. This time it was from Daniel and their wedding, their daughter. Her heart ached at the image of the four year old in her mind. Or maybe it just ached because of how fast she was running.

    By jkilmer on 08.30.2014

  26. Running away from all horrible and depressing things
    Jack fled away from all the cannibals
    fled… sounds like a bird named carl

    By Sunniva Elise Haugene on 08.30.2014