September 23rd, 2014

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94 Responses to “imagined”

  1. We were faced with a decision and we made the best of it. Now we live in the wake of that decision. These weren’t the consequences we had imagined.

    By McKynzie URL on 09.23.2014

  2. I think I imagined my whole life.
    The fact that my grandfather used to eat watermelon with salt and fresh bread and would give it to me to nibble on while we watched old movies.
    Or the fact that we used to have three cats that all had large blue eyes, and all hated humans but got so well along with other animals.
    Or when my brother fell off the branch once and our neighboring lady had a fit because he made noise, but didn’t seem to care for the fact that he might have broken his arm.
    So many memories, but I know none of them happened to me. I don’t or never had a brother or so the papers say, and I am allergic to cats. My grandfather died in world war 2.
    There is no way that it is possible, but I remember.

    By Assassin URL on 09.23.2014

  3. I imagined about her. She would rock and rumble everyday. She would clean parts of me. She helps me out all the time. She is my washing machine. When I’m an adult Ill buy her.

    By Reid Johnson URL on 09.23.2014

  4. Imagining is one of the best things to do in Written Communications class. Today I imagined that I was Jesus and saved my classmates from their boredom. Imagining is the best thing to do in class.

    By John WOODY on 09.23.2014

  5. i lik 2 imagin stuf in clas. it is keel and it iz fun. i like it. thank u. writing and imagine is fun.

    By #LearningIsFun on 09.23.2014

  6. Imagine. I imagine I’m in a field and crossing it, just to find ***** Short on the the other side.He is my idol. I even dress like him.

    By Reid NOT JOHNSON URL on 09.23.2014

  7. I imagined that this class wouldn’t be this boring. The fact that I am supposed to be learning about Epidemiology and Biostatistics and now I am on the site is completely contradicting to the statement that “this class is vital to my education”….I need a nap. And a trip to the beach.

    By Eric on 09.23.2014

  8. I never imagined that I would be a mom. I wanted children for so long and it didn’t happend. Now we have these wonderful boys and I couldn’t be happier. I can not imagine my life without them. I wouldn’t have imagined anything differently had I been given a choice. Thank you Lord for my boys. I am so thankful.

    By Becky Wilkinson Perry on 09.23.2014

  9. я би хотів залишитися в уявній кімнаті, щоби з неї можна було вийти на двір, і лежати на траві, і думати, що десь там іще лишились справжні речі — але точно не тут. тут — спокій, хоч і уявний.

    By mykolan URL on 09.23.2014

  10. Once upon a time, there lived a fish who had a very vivid imagination. Evey night, whereve he dreamem would come true the very next day. One time, he imagined that his girlfriend would propose to him, and the very next d

    By Morgan on 09.23.2014

  11. When I imagined my future, I always imagined something different. I pictured a tale of going from rags to riches, going from an ugly duckling to a beautiful princess. But that never happened. Just because you imagine it doesn’t mean it happens. Reality strikes.

    By Jess on 09.23.2014

  12. The tense that is placed upon a word can have a massive difference on the effect it has. Imagine. Present tense. A word that can derive the most perfect of feelings, it asks not to be ignored, but to be thought about deeply. Whereas imagined can allow for mistakes, for reasoning to take the idea away.

    By Peedee URL on 09.23.2014

  13. i want you to close your eyes, dear, we’re floating, we’re bunny hopping along, no keep them closed, sweetheart, it’s going to be ok, you’re on a meadow full of flowers, it smells of honey dew and you see a fawn skipping off towards the edge of a forest. do you see the brook sparkling there, birdie keep your eyes closed, i’m begging you

    By berenique URL on 09.23.2014

  14. comment

    By Morgan on 09.23.2014

  15. I imagined a squirrel coming over the horizon. It’s tale all bushy and cheeks filled with nuts to the point of bursting. What a creature. Soon it would be under my tires as I speed off down the

    By Joe S on 09.23.2014

  16. Can’t I just sit still? Why do things have to constantly move up and down, side to side? It’s a wild ride for sure. Something I never would have imagined while I was sitting in that cell.

    By Joe S on 09.23.2014

  17. imagined creatures are no less real than those seen or heard. Imagined creatures breathe, and move, and wander. Imagined creatures just do this more quietly than the real, and as such they are infinitely more dangerous. Embrace the imagined creatures – they’re embracing you.

    By thallium314 on 09.23.2014

  18. We usually use this word when we are disappointed with what we currently see, e.g., “I imagined this would be different.” or “this isn’t what I imagined.” Imagination appears to be a double edged sword – creating realities that don’t quite exist to our imagined standards.

    By Ryan on 09.23.2014

  19. She wondered where he came from, that tall, dark, and handsome individual that stood out in the sea of grey faces. She imagined a back story for that mysterious many. He was an ex-criminal trying to make a living for himself. He was a painter. But more than anything she imagined him with her, in the coffee shop, in his bed.

    By Jackie URL on 09.23.2014

  20. I never knew this could be so blissful. I never thought love could be this kind.
    I imagined it, though.
    But I never thought my imagination would become reality.
    It’s wonderful.

    By Stefan URL on 09.23.2014

  21. Somewhere up in the clouds.
    Colors and forms in the black spaces between your eye and their lids.
    Impressions and emotions, imagined and experienced, respectively.

    By asavas URL on 09.23.2014

  22. The wind takes me wherever i think in my head. I fly and die then cry. What happens next , i dont know. I wait and wait.

    By eve9 on 09.23.2014

  23. thoughts thunk in pressed
    obsessed depressed repressed
    imagination imagined or not much else
    lost in this, my sense of self
    drip drop drained
    of all creative energy
    focus pills to compensate
    a senseless sensory

    By matt on 09.23.2014

  24. Euphoria.

    By Intuition URL on 09.23.2014

  25. Well that’s what I imagined he would say. I couldn’t be too disappointed, I mean, it wasn’t even like he knew me very well. It was clearly too much to ask; I had overstepped my bounds.

    But without know exactly how many, I couldn’t help but wonder if I really was special to him.

    By Thomas Wood on 09.23.2014

  26. нічого не можу уявити. піднімаю очі догори, думаю, що зараз напишу щось про ніч і шум дощу, дивлюсь на світло, яке горить у «духовому» вікні ванної кімнати, думаю, що час уже спати, але все не спиться, і нічого такого не уявляється. блищить лише роса на траві.

    By mykolan URL on 09.23.2014

  27. My memories of this place were fuzzy, as if I had only imagined them, or dreamed about it. I could not say if I had ever been here before, and if I had, I could not say when, or how. But I knew the ground, and I knew every stone, I knew the eucalyptus trees and the jewel-blue sky.

    I searched the mud for any sign of footprints, for any mark I might have made here. In a sense, I asked the place – ‘do I know you?’, and although it responded with a ‘no’, I was certain it was lying.

    By a terrible poet URL on 09.23.2014

  28. I never imagined I would still be alone at this age. But I have learned that it is better to be alone that to be with the wrong person.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.23.2014

  29. She realized she’d imagined it all. There had never been any threat, it had only been a projection of her mind yearning to release all of her energy on something and not feel guilty about it. She’d gotten herself so racked up about everything that came her way that it all exploded at the slightest noise. There was nothing she could do – her mind was already gone. All it had taken was that one gunshot all those years ago.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.23.2014

  30. What is real and what is imagined. Since all of reality, at least perceptual reality, is real and false at the same time, can we really determine something to be real or imagined? If I imagine that I saw something, let’s say a rather outrageous event such as a rainbow draped unicorn crossing the street near Times Square.

    By Dan Martin on 09.23.2014

  31. The dragon lifted off the paper, slow and lazy as a curl of smoke, crinkling like a dry leaf, and then turned its head toward Lilah and winked one graphite eye.

    She thought she ought to gasp or scramble away, but what actually happened was that she sat there, unmoving, with her mouth hanging open.

    By Yona URL on 09.23.2014

  32. native suns but river flows
    drying prunes and cateyes
    in the throes;

    her pains were sandpaper pipes
    and she could not utter a word.

    Love did nothing good but ruin me.

    By Pandatry URL on 09.23.2014

  33. So, as i sat there imagining about what my future is going to be like, I hear a noise come from the kitchen. Sliding across the hard wooden floor in my rolling chair, I call out “Who’s there”? But of course, no one answered me, seeing as I was alone at the time.

    By Dakota URL on 09.23.2014

  34. It was everything I had and hadn’t imagined. Grand, marble entryway. Unnecessarily large gym with multiple courts for sports I’d never play. Extensive curriculum of science and math and english– but… the doors lock so easily if you close them too hard…

    By ggravendust URL on 09.23.2014

  35. Time stood up and stared at you, blinking the sand from its eyes, though you thought that was funny because you couldn’t remember seeing it fall asleep. But it yawned and rang it’s bell at you, chanting like a little white rabbit: “you’re late, you’re late, you’re late!”

    A bit rude, you thought, since you hadn’t had breakfast or your usual cup of coffee, and it hadn’t even bothered to brush its teeth or to even put a shirt on. It just jerked the bell at you from your baby-blue duvet, and you sighed. Irritably you grumbled, gathering on your robe, “every morning, every morning, just a chanting of ‘you’re late!'”

    It was especially loud on the stairs, where it would follow you down every morning, only becoming more insistent when you made a home for your warm grey mug in-between your lips. The furrow of your brow did not deter the clanging ruckus in your mind, but your eyes did wander, and your eyes did find the old cemetery a few miles out, pristine and glittering with the early light and dew.

    “You’re late, you’re late, you’re late!”

    By Pandatry URL on 09.23.2014

  36. I imagined that the world was a different place and all was good. It was beautiful. But it was just something I imagined and not real. So i was sad. But I can still live in that place in my head. Even though it’s not real.

    By Crystal URL on 09.23.2014

  37. come into this country and run across the river banks
    free as a bird you’ll climb high into the sky over tree tops and clouds
    before you know it the substances have gathered and they drip from your sweaty grace
    dripping, drop and lost from you.
    you’ll look but it was just a dream.

    By anon on 09.23.2014

  38. It was bigger than he had imagined. He could barely see the other end of the hall they had now entered. There were rooms leading off to each side where colonists were registering for the trip. Papa had said that he would be a grown man before he would leave this ship again, but then he would enter a world even more amazing than the journey they were about to take.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.23.2014

  39. each step you take, leaves an imprint in the sand.
    you walk slowly, with a purpose looking for the end
    the tunnel that slowly closes around you, that’s trapped you
    suffocating, taking each breath from the bottom of your lungs,
    you try to retrace your steps, but, they’re gone.

    By mbabington URL on 09.23.2014

  40. You know you’re really in love with someone if you imagined them dropping an ice cream cone but it didn’t make you sad because of the ice cream cone but for them.

    By Marthe on 09.23.2014