March 14th, 2011 | 711 Entries

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711 Entries for “wander”


    By JILLY on 03.15.2011

  2. I really don’t know exactly what wander means, since I speak spanish. I think it has to do with walking without specific direction or destination. In that case, I really like to wander around, but most of the time, I like to go where I’m going

    By Pablo on 03.15.2011

  3. I have wandered across the world
    over many years
    searching for what I have finally found…
    Contentment, in standing still.

    By melissa URL on 03.15.2011

  4. walking, looking, seeing deeply, not hurried, enjoying, lost, aimless, lack of direction, traveling, sightseeing, discovering,

    By Debra K on 03.15.2011

  5. Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” This quote amazes me because of my own habits. I love to hike and usually I have no destination other than to walk throw the woods, alone, to anjoy my surroundings. To others, I migth look lost, but no. I am exactly where I want to be. I love to wander.

    By Jason URL on 03.15.2011

  6. wander is a lot like the word wonder. To me they both signify the idea of amboling around ideas or perceptions. wander is also made up of a wand and er, who i met the other day. i wonder whether I would wand her. Would that make me a wandherer?

    By harry on 03.15.2011

  7. I do this from time to time, when my body does this so does my mind. I always do this before I go to sleep, and rarely when I’m concentrating. this is one of my favorite activities.

    By Zach on 03.15.2011

  8. i like to wander around the street sometimes. it clears the mind and stuff. i can’t really sound intelegent under pressure. the best thinking gets done wandering. it’s hard to think about stuff when you’re just sitting in one place. it puts it in perspective for you. just wandering around clears the mind i can write more after the timer? then what’s the point stumbleupon? how much more can i write and still get away with it.

    By Isaac on 03.15.2011

  9. I have no idea what this word even means. Maybe it’s slang for wing. Or it’s crazy talk for ‘sure had a good, wanger of a time’. Yeah? Maybe not. Wanger wanger wanger. I once had a panger in my chest. It was a wanger, nothing more, nothing less.

    By Margo on 03.15.2011

  10. I like to wander. I like to get lost. I like to think of stories while I’m completely confused. I wander. I wander. Far from you. There’s a lot to say but with so little words. I like to wander. I wandered. I lost.

    By El Capitan on 03.15.2011

  11. i like to wander. i like to breathe while i wander. wandering is as wandering does. does anybody else like to wander? i find that wandering pleases, while sitting at home alone brings on a disease like coma that hang in the air like day-old pistachio ice-cream. i like to wander.

    By Juliet on 03.15.2011

  12. I am a wanderer of words, of worlds, of people, of smiles. I wander about, searching. I am not sure of what I am looking for, only that I have not yet found it. Perhaps when I do I will be happy. Or dead. Or both.

    By Angela Alvarez URL on 03.15.2011

  13. I wander into the forset. Wander: i think of it as i just went into the forest not worrying not caring what could happen

    By Surprise babi on 03.15.2011

  14. i wander through life wondering if i’m ever gonna find love. sometimes i question whether it’s completely pointless of me because every single relationship i’ve reached for has failed. i’m so sick of it. i just want to find a guy who understands me, loves me, and wants to be with me for awhile. i just want a happy relationship because i’m sick of all my friends being happy and lovey dovey and i’m not.

    By marissa on 03.15.2011

  15. looking a round somthing

    By littleman on 03.15.2011

  16. i am wandering what my mom is doing right now probebly have fun non like me i am at school. it is not fun at all. but her job is.

    By emily URL on 03.15.2011

  17. Wander means to move away.

    By camiwhite on 03.15.2011

  18. I love to wander about, to run and jump, to scream and shout..

    By Kirstin on 03.15.2011

  19. yeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    By red neck URL on 03.15.2011

  20. I wandered around looking for the strange thing i saw before ,when I was on the beach.I saw it was half buried in the sand . I wandered over and picked it up.

    By bubbles URL on 03.15.2011

  21. to wander: to roam without any idea, or purpose, to where you’ll end up.

    By shannon URL on 03.15.2011

  22. I love wondering around in my house. It gives me something to do. My mom hates when I just wonder around.

    By emmaliegh URL on 03.15.2011

  23. Is what you do when your bored. You wander around the place, not knowing what your doing, or where your going… You just go where your mind takes you pretty much.

    By Jewels on 03.15.2011

  24. I love to wander the streets at night. The city comes alive under the harsh orange glare of the streetlights and the soft supplemental glow of the moon. Sadly, there are few stars to be seen; a far cry from the village I grew up in, but that’s the price of civilization. I take to the streets with no goal, no destination, just to walk and see what there is to be seen.

    By David URL on 03.15.2011

  25. Wandering about town in fat suits and far off looks. Where to go, and what to do. These things don’t really matter anyway. The journey is more important, so why bother with anything else. A journey to nowhere. Perhaps the journey is the destination, and we’re going to love it.

    By Wilbur on 03.15.2011

  26. astray, go, leave, see, be, explore, live,

    By Dorraine on 03.15.2011

  27. walk about. aimlessly drifting looking for who knows what. a better place to be.

    By ender URL on 03.15.2011

  28. The streets are paths of dirt, the buildings her trees and in a moment she feels home. Time wanders beside her, her minutes given to her lost little steps. Faces and leaves. Wander long enough and all becomes the same.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 03.15.2011

  29. sometimes the people who wander through the valleys and the forest in the afternoon are simply hungry just like the rest of us. but we are afraid to wander too far. obviously the hunger is not great enough yet and we hope it never will be. the children do wander though, but so do all children. it is their nature, they say. but nature has befuddled the wanderer for some time now. If the wanderer, out in the valleys and the forest, understood nature, they would not have to wade through it. there will be more days like these, the wanderers say pitifully.

    By Honourable Citizen URL on 03.15.2011

  30. here and there I wander – here and there -until I find my way one way or the other — this way braches fiveways – time to choose the road less travelled – the road through the woods- the peat road – the drove road – the high road and low road

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.15.2011

  31. i thought this was yesterday’s word? do i have time to ponder again and come up with something kinda funny? or shall i be serious and say something profound, either way, you won’t know, won’t know me, and better than I know myself. here is around what I believe, that knowing one’s self is the highest religion, and knowing where to go in this world is the best path.

    By lauren URL on 03.15.2011

  32. Her thoughts seemed to wander late at night. She skipped from lunch to her AP US class to Him. Somehow, she always bumped into him. His possession of her mind drove her to insanity and made her want to scream.

    By Hannah URL on 03.15.2011

  33. i tried to write about this word before. i closed the browser. i had realized that i didn’t know the meaning of it. i still don’t know it. i don’t care about it. it just makes me think of how lonely i feel, away from home, with words that are not mine, while you, the only thing i felt safe and sound from the anger of the world, you are not mine either. not anymore.

    By Jo URL on 03.15.2011

  34. i look around the room and see different things, different colors, different shapes and different people. it all makes me think. i want to take a walk in nature, explore and see different things

    By Chelsea URL on 03.15.2011

  35. Once whilst wandering about a random-ass forest- I ran into a charmander. Thecharmander then proceeded to set me alight and ate my face.

    By Laura on 03.15.2011

  36. wanderlust
    i wander around the streets
    of new orleans
    finding corners and alleys
    i could never have by car
    riding with the wind
    in my waves
    conquering the city
    little by little
    sparkling conversations

    By katiekieran URL on 03.15.2011

  37. I wish I could wander sometimes. I want to walk right off of the side walk and into the woods on campus. Just get lost for a while. Stop thinking, stop trying to figure things out. Just be for a while. Feel things that are raw and real but untainted by over thinking and complication.

    By Megan on 03.15.2011

  38. wander until you don’t stop wandering and you’re never lost just keep going and you’ll find your way again always no matter what anyone tells you, or a map or your mind trust your heart and you will find your way wandering and never be lost until that day you find your place and look back and say you knew your way the whole time

    By Caitlin Dawson on 03.15.2011

  39. I was wandering through the store. I didn’t know what I wanted to buy. Or even if I wanted to buy anything. I just knew that I had to be anywhere but home. For some reason, I felt better walking among the aisles of canned peas and thirteen brands of ketchup. I dont know what it is that made me come here.

    By Robert on 03.15.2011

  40. Wah

    By wah on 03.15.2011