March 14th, 2011 | 711 Entries

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711 Entries for “wander”

  1. i never saw a crazy brain like than and i am just so happy i exist nothing is greater in my life than my life which is great ii am really happy about existing and i just wanna kiss somebody really fast i wanna go out can’t stay in anymore everybody likes everybody i love my mom.

    By Crisan E. on 03.15.2011

  2. As I wander among the hidden I am curious as to whether or not I will make it through the forest. They are after me and there seems to be no escape. After all that I have put them through why wouldn’t they want to hurt me just as much as I hurt them? It was a terrible mistake, I knew I should not have betrayed my closest kin. Traveling to Siagon would be the next best option.

    By Michele Stalker on 03.15.2011

  3. to wander is to travel, to explore, to love, to be free. wandering means no schedule, no objectives. it allows you to be free and open to the situation you are in.

    By patrick on 03.15.2011

  4. its fun to wander. i got to be wandering in rocks once in joshua tree its fun-fun. i want to wander at some point again.

    By just582 URL on 03.15.2011

  5. i want to travel. i want to wander the streets of several different cities on different continents and meet the people and learn to love their cultures as my own. i want to wander for a long time before i settle down.

    By Amellia on 03.15.2011

  6. Wandering is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Nothing beats that feeling of letting your feet go, your mind go, your hands go, your thoughts wandering farther than your legs. When you’ve come back to reality, you’re in a more pleasant place than you began. And I’m happier. There is nothing better.

    By Sally on 03.15.2011

  7. wander is when someone walks around. and looks at what ever they want

    By Caitlin Cordova on 03.15.2011

  8. As I wander around this world wondering what to do
    I feel afraid and lonesome and like most people do.
    I have big dreams and I have big hopes.
    But to reach them I have to climb immense slopes.

    By Beth on 03.15.2011

  9. Eyes, hands, thoughts, everything. I’m travelling on a road I’ll never understand. I’m just like you, I’m nothing like you. Your hands want everything. Your eyes want everything. Your thoughts want nothing at all, and mine want the absolute essence of the opposite everything of your desires

    By happilyMourning URL on 03.15.2011

  10. banana

    By breeblah on 03.15.2011

  11. “I wandered lonely as a cloud” is a very line by william wordsworth one of my favourite poets, it is called the daffodils and it is a beautiful poem. The imagery is one of its greatest attributes.

    By yoda on 03.15.2011

  12. wandern is the german word for hik, but it sounds a lot like wander. I guess hiking and wandering are almost the same, except I wouldn’t think you have a bunch of crap on your back when you wander. I sometimes get wonder and wonder confused because they’re only a letter different and can sometimes, depending on who you ask and what they’re on, mean similar things.

    By Faro Palazzolo URL on 03.15.2011

  13. i wander through the isle way of the old AP grocery store, i turned toward the section of the dairy area. i overlooked someone comparing two different types of cottage cheeses. i thought to myself “who freakin’ cares?!? ITS COTTAGE CHEESE!”

    By Ciara D. on 03.15.2011

  14. Wandering.
    I miss the days of childhood, looking up at the summer sky while lying in the grass.
    Slapping the mosquitos and waiting for the night sky to arrive.

    By K on 03.15.2011

  15. More than anything I’d say my brain wanders but I guess my body does too. Even if I know where I’m going I never know exactly what will happen when I get there so in a way, I am always wandering. Just because you’re wandering doesn’t mean you’re lost (I saw that on stumble somewhere, but totally agree).

    By anna on 03.15.2011

  16. I don’t like to just wander. I like to know where I am going. Walking is hard, so I want to do as little of it as possible. Just kidding. I don’t mind walking.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.15.2011

  17. A lost soul or an over-active imagination? Sometimes we must wander at times in order to find our way. There isn’t a map for everything and therefore are forced to forge our own path. Wandering isn’t a bad thing, in moderation. With control and skill, a wanderer is a highly capable and intellectual being. Art is wandering through the known to create a present unknown.

    By Joe on 03.15.2011

  18. I’m wandering through a meadow. There’s flowers everywhere and I’m wearing a white dress and my hair is down with some small braids in it. The sky is turning grey and I become frightened as I hear thunder and raindrops begin to fall. I run into the forrest directly ahead and find security under the treetops.

    By K on 03.15.2011

  19. Wander wonder
    Someone told me that was the meaning of life. That the natural state of man was inherently curious–we were meant to wander and wonder, to explore the world and to want to learn as much as we can.

    So why am I in Spanish class, bored and on the Internet?

    By M dlR URL on 03.15.2011

  20. wandering through the city. New York City. Far fom home, but where you thought you wanted to be.

    By nicole on 03.15.2011

  21. window shop.
    christmas gift list
    quesiont life choices
    what to wear tommorow
    wait…is this spelled right?

    By natalie on 03.15.2011

  22. Find yourself lost with another. Enjoy being a pair of dots in emptiness, the only entities within a hundred billion miles.

    By Jordan Adam on 03.15.2011

  23. not all who wander are lost. some wander not to find something but to be found. wanderlust is the heart of the human soul. to have a different sun everyday keeps the grass looking greener, not over there, but over, on this side.

    By Pam on 03.15.2011

  24. wandering around is the best waste of time. You will always find something new, even if you end up in the same place. sometimes it’s scary, sometimes you find a mormon village and sometimes you find the best slushies in the whole world.

    Wandering through the street
    I hear tiny voiices
    calling to me
    Dancing through my mind
    colliding through the memories

    By HollyAM URL on 03.15.2011

  25. There’s a song I recently got, called Time To Wander. It’s soooooo beautiful. It’s nothing brilliant, and it’s certainly a song that could be replaced, but it comes out of my speakers like sunlight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuelwnVTNYc There’s the video. It’s a bit of a weird one, but the song… it’ll change your day.

    By Travis URL on 03.15.2011

  26. Claire Mahoney smells.

    By Mo on 03.15.2011

  27. Become lost with someone.
    Lose yourselves in emptiness
    Two dots alone
    In a great expanse of emptiness.

    By Jadam URL on 03.15.2011

  28. one day i was wondering in the woods and came up on a tree in the shape of a heart. so i carved mine and my husbands and kids name in it. i never went back to the tree until years later.

    By amber on 03.15.2011

  29. I fell through all I had to discover a world I never knew. I thought it was insanity, I thought it was heartbreak. I really guess I didn’t think at all. I just went with it. I saw colors, rational thoughts and everything I had always wanted. I saw life. I saw hope. Wandering is much more difficult then you would ever think it could be it’s recognizing yourself.

    By breanna federico on 03.15.2011

  30. I love to wander through the rooms of my mind. Each door leads to a different memory. Each memory brings a different feeling. Each feeling brings a different mood. The longer I live, the more rooms there will b

    By Kimberly URL on 03.15.2011

  31. Wanderlust was her favorite word. The moment she felt compelled to stay put she ventured forth to another city, time and space. Loneliness was not an emotion that she was accustom to, but on that day as she turn the lime green frosted knob to her bedroom, she felt a twinge in her stomach.

    By Kelley on 03.15.2011