May 22nd, 2013 | 163 Entries


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163 Entries for “wafer”

  1. Wafer thin mint? Hunger consumes you until all consumption
    causes pain. No more can enter the mouth of heaven while your
    stomach sits full waiting for the time. We all wait for

    By Melissa on 05.22.2013

  2. The thin, crunchy, chocolatey wafer grazed the tip of her lips. Her breath moistened the cookie and her tongue licked it tastefully. She took one bite and knew it was over.

    By Alessandra on 05.22.2013

  3. A good wafer is crispy and lets it melt in your mouth. I prefer the soft one for this
    reason. Also the flavor is important. Some kind of berry perhaps
    Great to eat in bed or juggle in your hands.

    By Gayle P Judd on 05.22.2013

  4. A cracker of gold. Light as a feather. It melts on your tongue like ice in the sun. Geometry of taste.

    By Michelle on 05.22.2013

  5. the ‘nilla wafer was the last one in the box they reached for it simultaneously each had a hold of the wafer salivating instead of solving the problem as would King Solomon she snatched the ‘nilla wafer out of his unsuspecting fingers

    By Box of Rain URL on 05.22.2013

  6. I giggled happily. I loved that smell and feel of a cold
    ice cream shop. It gave me the chills when I thought of memories
    from my childhood, that exiting feeling I got when I was allowed to
    get a large if I wanted, watching the worker scoop up my favorite
    flavor: Rainbow, and the wafer they would stick on the top of my
    ice cream mountain! My tears welled as I took the money to pay for
    it out of my own pocket.

    By Annee on 05.22.2013

  7. Like vanilla wafer? Not sure what actually defines a wafer…an edible disk object? This wafer is stuck to the roof of my mouth!

    By Jeffrey T Matysek URL on 05.22.2013

  8. the nilla wafer sat by the glass of milk lonely. Refused the honor of his mouth, abandoned, left, unwanted. he looked at it, then ate it

    By Ben on 05.22.2013

  9. She allowed the wafer to sink into her mouth, seeing is she could taste Jesus Christ on her pallet. The priest stared at her mouth, her eyes, and her shaking legs.
    “You may sit down now ma’am, and may the Lord be with you.”
    “I don’t understand.”
    “What’s wrong my dear, we have a mass to get through.”
    “That’s not Jesus Christ, it’s just bread.”

    “Please take a seat ma’am.”

    She walked out the church doors; the echo from the slam resonated throughout the entire church. No one said a word.

    By N URL on 05.22.2013

  10. The thin crispy wafer was all she needed in the morning. It’s beige, golden succulent flakes fell away beneath her teeth and crushed to a fine, delicious powder. It was at the table every morning, and every morning she had at least three. Dipped in syrup, drizzled with chocolate, plain, it didn’t matter.

    By Kelsey AN on 05.22.2013

  11. The thin crispy wafer was all she needed in the morning. It’s beige, golden succulent flakes fell away beneath her teeth and crushed to a fine, delicious powder. It was at the table every morning, and every morning she had at least three. Dipped in syrup, drizzled with chocolate, plain, it didn’t matter.
    The obsession had all started when she was six. Her father had placed a plate of them in front of her.
    “Here, doll,” he said, one of the crisp flakes hanging in his mustache, “Have one. Fresh from the bakery.”
    Into her mouth it went and out the door her father left that night.

    By Kelsey AN URL on 05.22.2013

  12. Vanilla wafers are amazing. I used to eat vanilla wafers all the time. Especially at dance clinics that we used to have at school when I was younger! We would either have animal crackers or vanilla wafers and vanilla wafers were my favorite, of course. They’re just so good.

    By Carly on 05.22.2013

  13. The crunchy surface hurts my teeth, but I pretend to enjoy it. The trip to the dentist yesterday keeps me from enjoying much of anything I’ve tried to eat today, but it came from HIS hands, those soft long fingers, paint in the lines of his palm, the hands that make everything cupped in them beautiful. But this flaky fake vanilla taste has escaped his fingers, and in my mouth in loses what he gave it, and I have to resist the urge to spit it onto the ground.

    By Zoey URL on 05.22.2013

  14. Little snowflake-shaped vanilla wafers. They are like a cookie and a waffle combined. How fitting that this should be the word after I just had a conversation about Pizelle…they are so tasty. Plain, or maybe with syrup or whipped cream…

    By KT URL on 05.22.2013

  15. That night a few of us met up at the lounge to recollect the day’s events. We discussed the more attractive women, and the children who sang alongside the street. At the close we had repeatedly come back to the disc that was forced upon us as a token of entrance to the crew. My buddy and I both had a strong recollection of this disc-like object-a wafer. Yes, that’s where I had read about it. Must have been from a few centuries ago!

    By csjesse URL on 05.22.2013

  16. Her mouth filled with light flakes as she crunched into the wafer. The artificial vanilla flavored crumbs tickled her tongue. She took a swig of milk and it was settled. She was going to Paris.

    By Meesh URL on 05.22.2013

  17. The word wafer makes me think of banana pudding because it is made with vanilla wafers. I like banana pudding served warm and the wafers to be soft rather than hard. That is all I can think of regarding wafer.

    By Michelle on 05.22.2013

  18. What a strange looking word. But I like that nothing comes to mind except wafer thin, and crackers with dip, computers, and the realisation that wafer could be waver were it not for an f.

    By nytrist URL on 05.22.2013

  19. The wafer-thin crepe melts in my mouth. I look beyond the river. A sliver of honey falls on the plate. An ice berg crashes into the Atlantic.

    By Terence URL on 05.22.2013

  20. Munch, munch, munch.
    Cultists at the altar (Sorry; just writing what I think of)
    Old people cookies, flavorless

    By ISOreality URL on 05.22.2013

  21. Yummy, but too many crumbs. And I’m not going to stick the whole thing in my mouth.

    By mckalice URL on 05.22.2013

  22. I’m hungry.

    By Jason URL on 05.22.2013

  23. The world was about to end. But here I was, sitting in my rocking chair, thinking about all the things i could have done in my life. But now, my tea is getting cold, and the wafers need eating.

    By Kyle on 05.22.2013

  24. “You’re already on wafer thin ice with the school, Tara.” she huffed, running a hand through her rapidly greying hair. “What am I going to DO with you?”
    “You don’t have to do ANYTHING with me.” she snarled, rising from the chair and marching towards the door. “Just send me back. You’ll be better off; an’ it’s not like I’m more to you than a fuckin’ check anyway.” she snapped before stepping outside and slamming the door closed behind her.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.22.2013

  25. I ate the wafer with greatness and gratitude.I was starving to death……

    By Brayden URL on 05.22.2013

  26. I’m just gonna a it a wafer of that delicious cake my mother made for my sister because today she turns 22

    By Paulina on 05.22.2013

  27. Growing up, we used to eat Vanilla Wafers a lot. Gathered around the fire with a glass of milk and a handful of cookies, we would bond as we stayed warm with our delicious snack.

    By Chloe on 05.22.2013

  28. Mmmm yum. Delicious ice cream in a wafer cone. Wait! That’s a waffle cone. Okay then, those yummy wafer cookies that the Keebler elves make. They come in pink and white and maybe chocolate too. Wafer thin makes me think of how you’d slice something but I’m not all that excited about cooking so meh.

    By Holly Evans on 05.22.2013

  29. I already wrote about the damn wafer. Wafer cookies, like the elves make. They come in pink for sure – YUM. And vanilla. Maybe chocolate too. Not crazy about Vanilla Wafers or banana pudding. Ew – soggy bread-like stuff is yucky.

    By Holly E. URL on 05.22.2013

  30. Wafer thin. My skin is wafer thin. People get under it so easily. I try to not let them, but there are a few that manage to embezzle themselves in there regardless. Every little thing they do ticks me off. The way they breathe or eat, makes me want to tell them off for all the things they’ve done to me.

    By Sammy URL on 05.22.2013

  31. The wise man handed me a small wafer of knowledge. I carried this advice with me throughout my life. Never did I forget his words. “Do not turn to fate for excuses. What happens is for no reason other than your decisions.”

    By veronica URL on 05.22.2013

  32. She handed me the wafer as I entered the room. It was furnished with two chairs and a small table – not all that unusual, except for the wires protruding from the ceiling. Sure. Science. That’s what this was.

    By Archori URL on 05.22.2013

  33. I’m not sure what a wafer is, actually. I think it is a waffle maker, or a kind of cookie. I like the word. I would name a dog wafer. I would take him out on sunny days and play fetch with Wafer. He would be blonde and have brown almond eyes.

    By Alejandra on 05.22.2013

  34. You are my wafer, the body that I consume
    and fill myself with
    You are the wine that I get drunk off of
    intoxicated with your everything
    Communion isn’t so holy

    By Amanda URL on 05.22.2013

  35. wafters are those cookie things that brandon really likes they come in vanilla or strawberry i believe. they’re a common american dessert though i believe they’re native to another country. as native as a factory made dessert can be. they’re really tasty and light. brandon likes the strawberry ones.

    By brittany on 05.22.2013

  36. The wafers of my youth were a soft and crispy lot. I remember several days of spending time with my great grandfather, working in the yard or getting lost somewhere in the mountains. We would often return to his lovely but small home and have a crisp vanilla wafer to celebrate the day. The tongue of my youth was smaller and less sensitive but the flavors were powerful enough to leave an impression on my very youth. How I miss those days. Now whenever I have a wafer, it’s like you’re still alive. I miss you, Papaw.

    By Christopher Scott Stacy on 05.22.2013

  37. I had a vanilla wafer in my study hall once. It was good. It wasn’t as good as a chocolate one but it was alright. I’m realizing at this point that that was an awful story and an awful lie. The last time I had a vanilla wafer I was about ten years old, it was before our only grocery store closed down. Sad. Sad memory that one is.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.22.2013

  38. There was a layer of ice, wafer thin, on the top of the water. It was enough to hold the weight of the sparrow he was watching, but when he pounced, the cat got a very quick lesson in physics.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.22.2013

  39. i hav not much idea abt it
    but wafer changes my life on daily basis it makes wt i am .. fat
    i love you.. it addes d crispiness into my life dat i hav always longed for it makes me complete .. it brings the sweetness into my mouth

    By ashwini on 05.22.2013

  40. I love ice cream on a wafer cone. It taste so awesome. I used to love right from when I was young. Young i meant, 10 years back

    By preethi on 05.22.2013