May 21st, 2013 | 189 Entries


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189 Entries for “casting”

  1. A low guttural growl came from the dark corner. Suddenly she was casting about for an object to protect herself and felt a mossy stone the size of her small fist to hurl in it’s direction.

    By skylarkin on 05.22.2013

  2. The first girl who appeared for the role wasn’t so good looking. She stopped right in front of the “CASTING for 25 years old college girls with pony tails and freckles”. She was probably thinking this was yet another audition for some sort of erotic/porno flick. She was once again scared, thinking if it was worth all the trouble.

    By Stef URL on 05.22.2013

  3. Cast your line. You’re trying to catch a walleye for the third night in a row. I called you and left a voicemail so that you’ll have something to be happy about even if the fish aren’t biting.

    You’re a good fisherman even if you can’t catch one tonight. You managed to catch me, and I thought that no one ever could. You’re so sweet that you don’t even think of it that way, though.

    By Madi on 05.22.2013

  4. They were casting for the play. It was finally my chance to shine. Finally my chance to show that I could be the actor everybody told me I couldn’t be. Finally. You can imagine my anxiousness; the sweat accumulating on my forehead and under my arms. The dryness of my throat…and you can imagine the tears in my eyes when I didn’t get the lead…or any role at all. I guess everybody was right; I’ll never amount to anything.

    By Rachel on 05.22.2013

  5. Bright green socks, tan platform boots, a trench coat, and my favorite lace shirt. I was feeling strange today and I don’t blame all the other people in the cafe for casting such looks at me.

    By Madi on 05.22.2013

  6. The casting call came. She was so excited to be in the top five that were selected.
    Her hopes and dreams were becoming more and more tangible. She could taste the success and it was sweet.
    Her audition went better than she had anticipated, all of that worry was for nothing.

    By jennifer URL on 05.22.2013

  7. couch
    M.F. Hussain

    By NIYA on 05.22.2013

  8. She walked to the first casting of her entire life inside some building too tall to see the top of in New York City. She took a deep breath in, twisted the door knob, pushed on the hard cold metal and exhaled.

    By Kara Dudley on 05.22.2013

  9. the list goes up
    is my name there?
    it is!
    my name, beside the lead role!
    i squeal happily and spin
    is this a dream?
    of course it is
    casting calls come up today
    and if i’m lucky
    there they’ll stay

    By Regan Annette on 05.22.2013

  10. walking through wonder
    the sound of the sea
    waves crashing casting
    their spray upon my feet
    what is peace
    when there’s nothing worth fighting for?

    By Matty M. on 05.22.2013

  11. Ever thought about the shadow you are casting upon a wall, or on the floor? It’s like the other you, faceless copy of yourself. Always quiet, unnoticed most of the time, but always there. What an interesting and forgoten companion.

    By Cydoniac on 05.22.2013

  12. The director took her in with a glance. In his head, he already knew it wasn’t her. But he let her carry on regardless. He didn’t have the heart not to. She began, and he stifled a yawn. At the end, he smiled. “Thanks, we’ll contact your agent.”

    By John on 05.22.2013

  13. Tapping and scratching and waiting. Sitting in that room with the stark white walls and the sniffles and yawns every now and then. All gripping our scripts. Waiting for our names to be calling. Nervous as hell.

    By Jenna on 05.22.2013

  14. Your eyes were casting their lowered gaze onto me. I couldn’t help but dive head first into the warm water. I touched your shoulders; the strength of waves. I touched your hips and your sides and I looked to your hands covered with small scars and I hoped to be your baptismal water.

    By Ariane Elizabeth on 05.22.2013

  15. process by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape.
    If used in Hollywood, then it could be the process by which actors are casted in a movie.

    By Mira on 05.22.2013

  16. After casting his line, David sat back to look at the lake. The water rippled with the waves, the occasional leaf fluttering down to the water. The colours of fall permeated the forest, red and oranges spread as far as the eye could see.

    By helenbrown URL on 05.22.2013

  17. Pick me. Pick ME as his dancing partner.

    Pick me.

    No. Don’t walk over to that side of the room. NO. Don’t pick her. DON’T.

    Put that hand down, woman, or I will slap you.

    Please, God, please, God. I’ll do anything.

    Too late. She’s just pointed at somebody else.

    I’ll be braver next time, I promise.

    By October Mars on 05.22.2013

  18. I have had to cast for a play before, it’s hard because you have to find someone who is commited and who is also good for the role. I had to be Alana for mean boys and kayleigh had to be a girl that i cant remember right now.. It was fun she said that we were going to do the play for real but it never happened.

    By Marisa on 05.22.2013

  19. because it’s not just what you are, but what you do. they strip you naked of all your armors and make you play it out with no one to support you but your own false dreams and hopes of making it in this world of fragile performances.

    By a complete idiot on 05.22.2013

  20. I like casting a spell on my enemies. They suffer a long and miserable death by suffocating or by bleeding internally to DEATH.

    By Kenny lejk URL on 05.22.2013

  21. My dad works as a Caster a caster is someone who put a cover on the walls so the walls will last longer. but 1 day a giant caster man came out as a robot and all the casting jobs around the world were demolished Gert fob people

    By Dillon ropp URL on 05.22.2013


    By brandon URL on 05.22.2013

  23. this is a word one can use in fishing, movie making, television, home town drama, and probably several other directions I cannot think of right now. I think it normally could be a verb, especially with the ing ending on it.

    By Pat Nickell on 05.22.2013

  24. Casting: geese, of course I’ll pass. You know me; I just stun them with my natural aura, which is beauty don’t you know. I’m just beautiful, and beauty is always what they want. A pretty face brings in all the big dimes.

    By Billy on 05.22.2013

  25. The cast list went on and on and on, in a never-ending series of names that I’ve never seen before. As the list went from most important to least, I grew despondent when I didn’t see my name.

    Another attempt that ended in miserable failure.

    By Palak on 05.22.2013

  26. The shallow lake was casting a beautiful glow on the clouds in the sky above. A haunting kind of orange resonating from the tired sun above; soon to resign into the night, and cast us all into the darkness of night. Yet, in this moment, I was not sad; there was no melancholy in me, only peace.

    By Justin URL on 05.22.2013

  27. The casting part was easy. Just look for the girl with the golden hair and the electric eyes, and make her feel like she’s the only one for the part. The part of the girl in the mirror.

    By Meg on 05.22.2013

  28. These chairs are cold. The walls are cold. Nothing about this place warms my spirit. And yet I sit here. Tapping my pen on my notebook. Waiting for my name to be called. I’ll rise and enter with grace. It’ll be the best performance of my life.

    By Jenna on 05.22.2013

  29. All there was in the office was a desk with a simple desk chair, a lamp, and in the corner of the room a black leather couch. I sat on the couch. It seemed more comfortable. I wanted this thing to be casual. It was calming to lay back on the couch, show him my confidence.

    By mrbojangals on 05.22.2013