May 22nd, 2013 | 163 Entries


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163 Entries for “wafer”

  1. I think I don’t understand what it is but if you want I could describe it with some help.
    Yeah I see you don’t answers, small wonder…
    Ok I t

    By Martin on 05.22.2013

  2. The train rocked back and forth as she fished through her bag. That box was probably squished by now, but it was in there; she knew she’d packed it. She must have packed it. Oh what she wouldn’t give for a sandwich–

    AH HA. There were those Nilla Wafers.

    She pulled them out of the backpack and popped open the box, pulling out the shiny plastic bag. Now if she could just open them without waking her seatmate.

    By Courka URL on 05.22.2013

  3. a food.
    a food.
    a food.
    a sweet.
    a sweet.
    a sweet.
    a treat.
    a treat.
    a treat.
    a food.
    a food.
    a food.
    a sweet.

    By beth URL on 05.22.2013

  4. Wafer. It rings a bell.
    Bells ring in the wind.
    The wind that used to run through my hair.
    The wind has stopped running through these empty meadow for sometime now.
    no wind. no bells. no wafer.

    By Mary URL on 05.22.2013

  5. Sweet, from holland, i think, loverly, yum yum, sticky, yum, delish, yummy, it’s very nice, like eating it, yum, ummm, yum, i like rectangular ones with golden syrup, yum…

    By EVANGELINE on 05.22.2013

  6. Wafer. It rings a bell.
    Bells ring in the wind.
    The wind that used to run through my hair.
    But the wind has stopped running through these empty meadows for sometime now.
    no wind. no bells. no wafer.

    By Mary URL on 05.22.2013

  7. Each day is thin and delicate; like a wafer, I guess you could posit.
    Vaguely sweet, a hint of dryness that melts at the touch of our tongues (our humanity).
    Maybe a slight religious connotation.
    But that never really leads us anywhere except guilt-ridden.

    By Alex# URL on 05.22.2013

  8. Its a yummy, crunchy cookie-like snack that is often used for icecream cones and in candy. It has a light taste and texture. It is kind of dry.

    By Riley on 05.22.2013

  9. wafer crackers are the best. you can put any kind of filling inside. chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, hazelnut, peanut butter. They should be soft but with a bit of crunch. crispy, but they shouldn’t fall apart. Proper wafers tend to be made bu European companies.

    By victoria on 05.22.2013

  10. I don’t know what wafer is. Maybe it’s a wafer explaining something. Or a wafer things to come about. Not sure, I think it’s slang. It upsets me to not know words…I will look this one up now.

    By Lauren URL on 05.22.2013

  11. the wafter was salty and decilous creating a delightful utopia for my mouth and stomach, which was growing uncontrollably. After i finished the rest of the bag my hunger was put to rest i felt as though i could do anything! I was indestructible!

    By Lucy Reback on 05.22.2013

  12. Wafers on the floor wafers on the floor wafers in your eye wafers on the floor everybody is dead except for the television stars and platinum record holding pop sensations with gold chains and false sincerity wafers on the floor wafers on the floor your eye is on the floor you are dead and so am I and so are they and. and. and.

    By Badger Moore on 05.22.2013

  13. Wafer-thin. That’s what her hands looked like normally, when she looked up at him and held them up in front of her face.

    He looked at her in half-disgust, half-pity. She was pitiful. Not really even supposed to be alive any more. No one would be surprised if she gave up hope.

    He paused at the stove, running the thought slowly through his head.

    No one would be surprised if she gave up hope.

    The idea had appeal.

    By Maria URL on 05.22.2013

  14. Wafers. I think of cookies and biscuits and things to eat. I’m an atheist, so I don’t really think of religion, but I think of those wafers with cream flavored like strawberries. My cousins and I would eat them on car and bus rides.

    By Sabrina on 05.22.2013

  15. You eat the wafer given to you by the priest, and suddenly, the altar melts like caramel and you’re left gawking at the statue of crucified Jesus as he pulls himself from decorative nails and rears up like some sort of reptilian monster. The noise he makes is like a reptile, too – like a velociraptor. And his arms pull against his cut up chest as his legs jerk about below his loincloth. That was not a normal Eucharist you just ate.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.22.2013

  16. Kneel. Prepare yourself. You are about to receive that which I will give to you. You have been trained. You have taken the right classes. Silence. Remember to be grateful for what you are about to receive. Now, take it. Take your first communion wafer.

    By John on 05.22.2013

  17. It was a thin wafer. Only a thin wafer. Surely this would go in too.

    He had engorged himself fully on the grand meal taking up and testing to the limit every inch of room in his insides. He was nauseous with the feat of gluttony he had accomplished and his gut ached.

    He ate the wafer. He exploded.

    By Andrew on 05.22.2013

  18. You show up to a church and they throw one of these in your mouth and tell you to pretend it is some dude that died for you’s body and that you’re suppose to worship him but really he just wanted you to know you are just like him

    By jon21 on 05.22.2013

  19. this crispy wafer. vanilla wafer. waver. waiver. tea and wafers. coffee and wafers and ladies quiliting quilts for the civil war. i dont know anything else about wafers.

    By katie on 05.22.2013

  20. wafer is quite crunchy to eat.

    By vishal on 05.22.2013

  21. She placed the wafer in her mouth, sucking on the dry cracker. Body of the Christ. Jesus Christ… She steps into the booth, kneeling as she hears the small door slide open. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” Sinned, and sinned again. Her life was a sin. One man after the other. My the Virgin Mary forgive her for not following suit, following her lead. But she was not meant to be that way. “It has been 3 months since my last confession.” 3 months and 12 men. That was how she measured life now, by the men who she couldn’t even look at.

    By Caitlin on 05.22.2013

  22. Like something strangely nebulous, an apparition of nourishment, the wafer melts, melts quickly on the tongue. To taste, and then remember. It is gone.

    By Corrie B Hendon on 05.22.2013

  23. Chocolate wafer, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry. You cant get enough wafers, they are delicious and make a dark and dreary day seem like it is totally in your past and your future has a thousand possibilities. Thats what i think when i eat a wafer, i remember myself sitting on my front porch at the age of eight eating a chocolate wafer and thinking about what i wanted to do with my life. Of course back then i was probably thinking that i wanted to fly to the moon or create the most bloody video game in history. When you think of a wafer what do you think of? What memories come back to you? Life is full of these delictable’s and we should take advantage of every chance we get to down them.

    By Bryce on 05.22.2013

  24. “What’s this supposed to be?” He said, glaring at her from across the table.
    “It’s a cookie… It’s your dessert.” She mumbles awkwardly, smiling back at him.
    He slowly turns the plate over and lets the treat fall to the floor, stares at it momentarily then looks up at her. “We need to talk…”

    By mr.bojangals on 05.22.2013

  25. Crunch… Crunch… The sound of somebody crunching on a snack woke me up. I concluded that it must be yummy. You might wonder how I came to a conclusion. I have years of experience in eating food, and when there’s yummy my nose somehow smells it and my nerves send a message to the brain. On most Sundays, I wake up to the smell of pancakes. I’m out of the bed in a second and race down the stairs to the kitchen (which doesn’t usually happen if there’s no food).
    Curious to check out what the great snack was, I climbed down the stairs in a dreamy mood. The sun was rising, so I guessed it was around 6:30 in the morning. I was wondering who in my family had woken up so early in the morning just to eat breakfast, when I stopped awestrucken…
    I found myself gaping at the beautiful scene my eyes were seeing through the window. I placed my dainty hands on the window sill and stared at the space that laid beyond. The dew covered leaves, rustled in the wind. The branches were swaying and dancing to the music of the wind. But all of that didn’t capture my attention..
    It was a unicorn. It’s fur was as white as the snow. It’s magnificient horn glistened in the light. It’s chestnut eyes stared at me deeply as if it was searching me. It was a beauty… I opened the window, and a blast of cold air blowed on my face. My nose was running and I felt my cheeks turning red. It was bitterly cold.
    The unicorn approached me and amazingly I felt warmth as he approached closer. His aura captured me and all this time my eyes were on him. I couldn’t pull myself together. I just stood there not knowing anything. My mind was frozen. Suddenly, I heard something. “Crunch..”
    I closed my eyes and opened it to find myself in my cosy room. I stretched my feet and and got out of the bed. Wondering whether everything I had seen was real, I went down the stairs to find my family eating wafers at the kitchen. Surprised, I asked Mom, “Mom, why are you all here, eating breakfast so early.” “What do you you mean, Annie, it’s 8:30 and school’s at 9. You even have a spelling bee at school today at school, don’t you.” answered Mom!

    By Abinaya on 05.22.2013

  26. Chompping down on the vanilla wafer she smirked. He was pacing in front of her obviously nervious. She giggled quietly to herself. He was so easy to rile up. She finished her last bite quickly.

    By MacKenzie on 05.22.2013

  27. The old woman sat at her dining room table as she always did with her tea and her sugar wafer. It was her daily treat, something she cherished since she was twenty.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.22.2013

  28. A tiny thin wafer representing the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come partake join with the family of God. Be oh so grateful for the cross and the mercy shown there.

    By Tracey on 05.22.2013

  29. The priest put the wafer on her tongue. “Body of Christ” he said. She did not need a wafer to feel Christs presence within her, she carried him everywhere she went.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.22.2013

  30. waffles are so good. i love the syrup that drips all over it. i remember when i used to eat these wafer cookies when my grammy brought me up north. it was really fun and i miss those times. i also miss those cookies. wafers are so good. its also such a strange word dont you think? pineapples are awesome.

    By jayme jameson on 05.22.2013

  31. I dont really know what that is. I dont think Im that smart of a girl if I cant figure out what a wafer it… Isnt it that cookie like thing? If it is those are extremely delicious… Wafer… its a weird word… Im a weird girl. I should be smarter to know what this is… ohwell

    By Christina on 05.22.2013

  32. She crunched the wafer and thought, “this is just about as bland as my life”. When a person starts to eat wafers out of boredom, they’re just feeding their own boredom. Is there any food more dull than the wafer? Is there any life more dull than the one that resorts to eating it?

    By Robert Stinner on 05.22.2013

  33. I have no Idea what wafer means! It sound suspiciously like something you can do on the beach… Maybe wafer is when you lie on your towel looking at people, silently judging them? Then you’d be wafering!

    By Deszick on 05.22.2013

  34. I chewed the wafer, it tasted sweet. I wanted something else than to be eating alone. Being alone in a restaurant with nothing but my powerful thoughts. I wanted to be talking to you and laughing hysterically and having the time of our lives.

    By Kayla on 05.22.2013

  35. wafer cookies are small round cookies that do not consist of anything but flour and mild and egg and special other ingredients. this cookie is delicious to dip in milk. this cookie is not eaten by many people.

    By Katie Nicholson on 05.22.2013

  36. There wasn’t anything to say. She was simply astounded. This, was dessert. This, this pathetic wafer sitting on an oversize serving platter. Surely it was a joke.

    By Amimee URL on 05.22.2013

  37. The chocolate wafer crunched in my mouth, melting. It was delicious. I sighed happily, gazing up at the Eiffel tower just a few blocks down. France was beautiful. It had been on my bucket list for ages, and now I was able to face that dream. Next stop was the Louvre.

    By Kristina on 05.22.2013

  38. wafers are a type of biscuit that i never really liked that much as a child and havnt eaten that much since. you can get these pink wafer things that are chewier than the normal wafers, and theyre pretty good. you can also get some nice wafers that go in the top of ice cream, which is nice. but all in alll theyre pretty samey and i taste a bit boring. Also, why do they have to be so thin?

    By henry on 05.22.2013

  39. Was it you who I met in the cafe? Introduced yourself over
    spilled packets of sugar, Laughed over soft, vanilla wafers,
    Steaming mugs of smooth liquid, deep brown like your heavenly skin.
    You wrote your number down on a coffee-stained napkin- and we fell
    in love, our hearts swelling with butterflies and caffeine. Oh, if
    only I’d known that your temper was as hot as my drink.

    By Andrea on 05.22.2013

  40. Was it you who I met in the cafe?
    Introduced yourself over spilled packets of sugar, and
    Laughed over soft, vanilla wafers?
    Steaming mugs of smooth liquid, deep brown like your heavenly skin.
    You wrote your number down on a coffee-stained napkin-
    and we fell in love,
    our hearts surging with butterflies and caffeine.

    Oh, if only I’d known that your temper was as hot as my drink.

    By Andrea on 05.22.2013