August 31st, 2010 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “trees”

  1. The trees which sprouted from the earth were almost impossibly ancient, their tall forms masking the gardens they encircled. They sported long branches, seeping outward like dangling, useless arms. Their leaves fell in long wisps, overshadowing the trunk. They were ancient, boring things.

    By Becca on 09.01.2010

  2. Trees are beautiful, often times sweet smelling and proivde much needed shade during the drawls of the summer heat. They are soothing, and essentially made of sunshine. As, the depths of photosynthesis converts sunlight into plant food, and the seed grows to be a tree, and thus, the energy that trees are made of is still sunshine.

    By Brittnay on 09.01.2010

  3. there’s a lack of trees here. well, not really. but at the same time, yes. if you go to the parks, there’s trees. but on the city streets, there are only lamp posts and telephone poles, mail boxes and newspaper stands, garbage and piss. a huge oak would be nice. like the one in ‘shawshank redemption’. one to relax under, make love under, read under. just a big oak tree to soak up it’s oxygen, and sleep.

    By starcrosser URL on 09.01.2010

  4. I love trees. Big, big tall trees, like the ones in San Fransisco. I feel like trees have so many things to learn about; they’ve seen so much.

    By Sarah Gutcher on 09.01.2010

  5. Oaks, mahogany, birch… they all stand tall and make me think of Alan Jackson. I’ll buy you tall tall trees and all the waters in the seas; I’m a fool fool fool for you..

    By Bunit on 09.01.2010

  6. trees are are here, unless we humans cut then at the quick. What can we do to save more trees. perhaps write online a little more?

    By liz on 09.01.2010

  7. Bloody trees everywhere I look. Seriously. I look at my window and bam! Another damn tree. It’s not like I live in the middle of nowhere or anything, no, I live in a city, I’ll have you know. It’s called civilisation for a reason, people! We moved out of the trees eons ago, and they keep crawling back… makes me want to spit, it does. What’s the point?

    By Pegasus Moonchild on 09.01.2010

  8. Flowers, green, lots of air for the planet. Marihuana. Apples. Gravity Theory, Albert Einstein, Amazones,

    By alejo on 09.01.2010

  9. I walked out on the deck of our new house that first April and my glance slide from the carpet of green grass to the freshly blooming shrubs and continued up to the trees filled with leaves. That’s when the first panic attack set in. Our backyard was a fortress of green with no sky in sight unless I tipped my head back to see immediately above me. I needed to get off the deck. NOW. But the panic attack had me paralyzed as my backyard held me captive.

    By Jennifer URL on 09.01.2010

  10. Trees stand tall above the rest

    Looming above the world.

    Seeing as them is only something in a dream.

    By Victim on 09.01.2010

  11. Trees are green and they grow from where dirt used to be. They hide the sky and they are overrated.

    By Hannahem URL on 09.01.2010

  12. Trees make up the forest. If not for the trees, no forest.

    By gino on 09.01.2010

  13. The trees covered every inch of land available and it was beautiful. I stood there and admired them. Better than any building I’d ever seen, and wondered what we were thinking when we started cutting them down…

    By tkroache on 09.01.2010

  14. my wife either doesn’t understand the things that i have given up for her..or simply doesn’t care..i’ve given up my profession(trimmng trees);my religion(cathoilic)and my home town(twice),not only that,but because of her headaches,i’ve given up wearing aftershave,and playing my music loud..all this and she still feels i haven’t done enough for her and doesn’t ..well..hell..i guess i’ve even given her my balls

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 09.01.2010

  15. Trees add to the fun of childhood like the one I remember doing flips from as a young girl. . Years later I went back as an adult to find a tree house built in its branches, thankful that it was giving someone else the same fun

    By Christine on 09.01.2010

  16. green air leaves

    By Caitlyn on 09.01.2010

  17. The wind whistles through the forest of trees near window of a night. I often sneak out at midnight through my window just to climb a tree and think. You can never really appreciate how beautiful a tree is until you cant live without it (:

    By Bells on 09.01.2010

  18. So there I was, arm broken in 3 places, car broken down and no cell reception, and all I could think of was that the forest seemed to go on forever.

    By Emerson on 09.01.2010

  19. so this is the second time you have given me trees, im guessing i have to submit in order to get another word. anyway, trees make me think of wales, where my dad has a small plot of land on a hill, always given it a cramped feeling.

    By esoterik URL on 09.01.2010

  20. She looked over the baby trees in her yard, mentally picturing them as tall stately giants they will be in a couple of generations. Until then, it was her duty to pave their way to adulthood.

    By Em URL on 09.01.2010

  21. Trees are so wonderful. I find them truely fascinating. They are green and brown. They sometimes hve moss growing upon them. Animals like to hide and live inside them at night and diring the day.

    By Moises on 09.01.2010

  22. Trees are green. They are really wonderful. They can grow forever and ever until humans or animals cut them down to build homes and what not. They are mighty and majestic. What I would give to be learn what a tree has lived through.

    By Moises URL on 09.01.2010

  23. When I was younger I knew the names of all the trees in my back yard. Oak, poplar, pine and spruce. Many others, too. Now I’m too busy learning the names of the presidents – paying bills, instead of paying attention.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.01.2010

  24. Strong. The waver but do not fall easily. I feel the opposite sometimes. Green is a nice color.

    By . URL on 09.01.2010

  25. The trees that surrounding the Oval seemed lifeless, there was no wind and yet despite the sun, the air was cold. He stood next to me and I knew neither of us were listening to our instructions, but simply focusing on the fact that our arms were touching.

    By Taylor URL on 09.01.2010

  26. there are any number of reasons why i shouldn’t throw this out, i thought to myself. to the customer, i simply said, why Sure! there’s more paper where this comes from, it does after all grow on trees.

    By cleany URL on 09.01.2010

  27. “The trees they do grow high, and the leaves they do grow green” Maggie repeated the bittersweet first verse of the tragic folksong as the entire audience wept openly. As the last strains faded, she said “He died young, the boy she married but in the brief time they had together, they loved a lifetime’s worth.” Those who caught the Terminator reference were cheered by the thought and those who didn’t would have to wait until the next set of reels reignited their spirits.

    By Izolda on 09.01.2010

  28. trees are very nice, they are green and leafy and sometimes are cut down to make stumps, stumps are horrible, they are death to the tree world, it’s where pixies and other creatures go to die, it makes me very sad, i get sad a lot because i am a failure, i still love tom. lolo what fail. no. i like bgkjg, i love tom. my life sucks. what the fuck? it just started again. i hate life and i’m going to kill myself very very very shortly, but i will not try too hard or else i’ll actually die, which i don’t want. there is so much to look forward to.

    By gkjkj on 09.01.2010

  29. tress

    By Ashish on 09.01.2010

  30. beautiful and green. long limbs that stretch far into my dreams. To climb the rough texture to sit in the bows. Childhood is calling to me.

    By Katie on 09.01.2010

  31. i love trees they are same f my favourite plants there are to see on this earth, and i would like to have lots of trees around my house. som e of the most fascinating trees i have ever seen are situated in california, and i would like to go and see the sequoia forret one day. I read about it in national geographic once and i was fascinated by their size and age. also i love olive trees, they are so beautiful giving and well i do not know what to add. Anoather kind of threes i like is cypress, I a, fa

    By pero on 09.01.2010

  32. trees are pretty, especially in the fall when the leaves change colors. leaves are kind of pretty too, even the needly ones. i love to look at the trees when i’m travelling on the expressway through different states.

    By Nicole on 09.01.2010

  33. The trees grew, quickly at first. You could say they grew at the same speed the whole time, but once they get to be a certain size, you can hardly tell anymore.

    By asdfadf on 09.01.2010

  34. It’s almost funny how trees have been given personalities. The weeping willow. The great oak. The cherry blossom. There is no need for me to explain what I mean. You already know.

    By BitterSweetRelief URL on 09.01.2010

  35. Amidst the trees, I dreamed a summer more productive. I dreamed of working and loving and caring. And yet, here I was, in the forest of dark green, sleeping under the bows and drinking from the stream.

    By Moira on 09.01.2010

  36. there used to be a tree in front of our house. it was a sycamore tree. like zachius from the bible. but jesus never came down my street.

    By emily on 09.01.2010

  37. there were faces in the trees, inbetween them, and they were grimacing. She was five and the leaves were making frowns, the branches were howling and the the roots were assisting her ultimate downfall. The world was out to get her. The trees were no longer on her side.

    By Meg URL on 09.01.2010

  38. swaying in the breeze, she wraps her arms around the trees.
    they hold her, the only comfort and she is searching….

    By Taylor on 09.01.2010

  39. They live where we do, and are more ancient then any being on the earth. They help us live, they are natures strength. Rooted to the ground, embedded to the earth as one. If we are to destroy, it is to harm the world itself. The place that we so graciously call our home.

    By Jami on 09.01.2010

  40. there are alot of trees around us, blowing in the wind. Wooshing and swaying by giving us shade.

    By nicole URL on 09.01.2010