August 30th, 2010 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “cheek”

  1. Her cheeks turned a rosy pink as his lips left her’s. She looked up into his dark green eyes, her own brown ones shimmering in the moon’s light. And so ended her first night in Paris.

    By Sarah URL on 08.31.2010

  2. the freak sat meek and stroked his cheek
    what day what month what year, what week?
    dare you fail to hear him speak?
    the nothingness he professes cheek to cheek

    By doml on 08.31.2010

  3. a cheek is a part of your face and it is very soft and squishy. people like to kiss other people on the cheek, in some countries they do it as a greeting and kiss the cheeks of the other person three times.

    By Takumi on 08.31.2010

  4. I kiss his cheeks. I kiss his eyes. He licks my ear. He smells my hair. My dog is the most lovable companion.

    By anabeth URL on 08.31.2010

  5. the cheek of the rear and the cheek from the side of the mouth … if it’s nice, I prefer the cheek of the rear, but it has to be just right.

    By Jay on 08.31.2010

  6. As he sweetly brushed the hair off my cheek, he looked deep into my eyes and said, “I love you,” for the first time.

    By Erin Aclin URL on 08.31.2010

  7. Fire licks up one side of me and down the other, little hot mouths tearing my skin. I press one of my cheeks to the glass, desperate for a bit of cool relief, but it shatters beneath my skin. I am bleeding. I am a bleeding lattice.

    By CeeCeeElle on 08.31.2010

  8. turn the other cheek, that’s what everyone says right? i don’t know, it seems kind of passive and not that i’m not a passsive person, i am. and i do turn the other cheek. more than i should. sometimes you should stand up for yourself too. i think. jesus might not agree. i don’t agree with him a lot of the time so it’s ok.

    By Liz on 08.31.2010

  9. Check the work
    Check the lights
    Check your mother
    Check the runs in your tights

    Check the clock
    Check the time
    Check forever
    Ruin mine

    By Alyssa Johnson on 08.31.2010

  10. she has such cheek to say that I do not deserve his love. What right does she have? We were once close but now she is a jealous bitch.

    By Darcy on 08.31.2010

  11. I see the cheek, the sweet red glow of embarrassment growing. Was it something I said or did or is it something else I only just see the tip of?

    By ben URL on 08.31.2010

  12. The rush of blood to the cheek, the dilation of the vessels spoke volumes as he watched me undress.

    By Rachel on 08.31.2010

  13. Cheek. Deep cheek. Sheep. Schafswange. Zangenkrange. Im Winter wird mir immer bange. Es ist früh dunkel, es ist kalt, ich könnte draußen nicht allein überleben, gut leben auch nicht, es wäre zu kalt, ich wäre hungrig und ich kenne niemanden, der mich aufnehmen würde …

    By Lisa URL on 08.31.2010

  14. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s sometimes almost the same colour as her lips, but most often it looks more like her hips. The only thing I’m really sure about is the fact that i want to touch it with my lips.

    By Brynjólfur on 08.31.2010

  15. Tongue-in-cheek humor. I never understood that expression. Maybe it’s about time for me to google it and get it over and done with, but I’m too busy pretending to care.

    By Tai URL on 08.31.2010

  16. The cheek he saw was not the one that greated him 10 years earlier in the subway station in London. This cheek was hollow and grey. Cold, lifeless. This cheek greeted him with contempt.

    By Jon on 08.31.2010

  17. i lay down softly
    i feel your cheek below mine
    a soft warm fuzzy feeling
    along the inside
    i cant stop dreaming of feeling this
    then your lips
    i wish it wouldn’t end like this
    but you resist.
    temptation sets her clock
    and i fall for it again in the morning

    By shannon on 08.31.2010

  18. Tongue in cheek is an ironic word play of life. In fact biting ones cheek or tongue is very painful so tongue in cheek could feel good after biting ones cheek. It is the cheek that protects the mouth, is given sweet kisses and pinched for affection.

    By madison jones on 08.31.2010

  19. that’s cheeky. what kind of word is cheek anyway? 60 seconds… crap. this word doesn’t really work for me.

    By A. James Smith URL on 08.31.2010

  20. Cheek has the word “he” and “eek” in it. Which most of the time describes most men :) The cheek is soft and inviting and yet when turned away from us can be cold and harsh.

    By Sam on 08.31.2010

  21. Every week, as Lizzie and her mother took the eggs to market, they passed the cottage of a little old lady, wizened and bent. She had a habit of pinching Lizzie’s cheek with thin, onion-skinned fingers as she told her what a bonny little thing she was.

    The first time Lizzie’s mother sent her to market alone, the old lady called Lizzie into her cottage for fresh gingerbread. Lizzie was wary when the old lady locked the door, and more so when she began to sharpen a knife, sparks flying from the whetstone.

    By Joanne Sheppard URL on 08.31.2010

  22. my mom has beautiful high cheek bones and I love to be cheek to cheek with my best friend, hubby of 35 yrs dwight. Cheek is a word that can be multiple of items….cheek on your face…..cheek on your butt..

    If we dance cheek to cheek to the music you deeply in

    By Jane Brown on 08.31.2010

  23. My niece has rosy little cheeks that sparkle when she smiles. Her smile involves her whole face and lights up the room. She is sweetness and light and all things precious.

    By Hilbit URL on 08.31.2010

  24. We are breaking up and there was no way around it. Parting ways forever as lovers, but maybe, just maybe, we will remain friends, although I’ve never personally seen that work out. I’ll never again kiss those lips. But as friends, maybe her cheek. That will have to be enough.

    By Manata URL on 08.31.2010