August 20th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “transport”

  1. transport like the train that brings me into Dallas. The rain beats against the side of the window reminding me of how I felt in the yester years of my life that’s not so aged and old by now. the whistle blows, the train stops and I’m finally back where I was meant to be.

    By Natalie on 08.21.2011

  2. At the end we’ve all come and travelled but none of us make it to any real end. If the future were now, you may instantly regret it, but the fact remains that life in all its sweetness is not a box of chocolates… Its more than than that, hopefully…

    By edgar URL on 08.21.2011

  3. I need to transport myself to a different time and place. One where there are no cheaters, frauds, and people who will try to work one over on you.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.21.2011

  4. the public transport here in the Philippines is quite interesting. every single day is an adventure to and fro. One should always be patient coz in the end the ones who’s hot headed always ends up looking like loser.

    By piah URL on 08.21.2011

  5. Transport. That word made me happy for some reason. Perhaps because when I first looked upon it, the word “passport” came to mind. Oh, how I wish I were some where else. But I am here. Living and breathing. I am here.

    By Ellis Fields on 08.21.2011

  6. Transport: to take something from one place to another. Like dreams, they take you from where and who you are, to someplace else, and someone else. Beautiful and scary at the same time. <3

    By Stazia on 08.21.2011

  7. So I’m standing there waiting for my bags to come out at the airport, and this guy walks up to me and says, “Hey, wake up!” He walks away. Then this lady bumps into me and she says, “You are in a coma, dear.” I’m starting to freak a little and then suddenly there is this little girl and she pulls on my jacket and looks up at me with these giant brown eyes. “None of this is real,” is what she says. What!? What the hell is going on? And then… I woke up.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 08.21.2011

  8. Cars driving very fast, the buses, the lorries the trains and boats all going across the arteries of the country, faster and faster each having their own different modes and gears and engines, who knows what they’re carrying. Maybe people or cargo or shipments, nobody knows and everyone wonders about the different people inside.

    By Christopher on 08.21.2011

  9. By the time his head hit the pillow, he was in a new place, a new time. The worries of the day were gone and the possibilities of the future lay effortlessly into the distance.

    By Gamalost URL on 08.21.2011

  10. It was just another ordinary day at the station. Nasty, sick, sticky people in and out in and out. Pushing up against the streaked window; “One ticket please!”
    Telling me their entire life story. How boring. Like I really care. All I want is my paycheck at the end of the day, Not that’s its much to brag about anyway.

    By Caitlyn on 08.21.2011

  11. i like to transport bananas in boats. i call them banana boats. your mother transports by tram. that means the is a tramp. transport. I’m done here.

    By Tobiuchiha28 on 08.21.2011

  12. trucks, cars, and buses bring you many places. they TRANSPORT you. it’d a very helpful thing or else we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere, ever. TRANSPORT trucks scare me. i feel like i will die whenever they drive past me.

    boats are the best sort of TRANSPORTation.

    By jessica morgan on 08.21.2011

  13. I like to think of myself as a transport for others’ dreams and goals and wishes. Its my duty to fulfill them. But sometimes I have trouble distinguishing my dreams from every one else’s in my head.

    By daydreamer URL on 08.21.2011

  14. Im off again, only this time the journey can only take me so far.
    If junk had wings I’d be a different sort of junkie…

    By edgar URL on 08.21.2011

  15. It was the last job of the day. All I had to do was transport this one, innocuous package. I rang the doorbell, and there she was. This woman, this lustful beast, clothed in nothing but a red towel, her lock crimson locks flowing down to her knees. “Hello,” she said.

    By Brian W on 08.21.2011

  16. the smooth sense of floating? Or the rough, unpleasant groan of wheels under your sweat-sodden bum. either or, it’s like stepping through a revolving door, resistance or not. a section of ‘inbetween’ in motion.

    By Carol on 08.21.2011

  17. Transport me to another place, anywhere. Take me away from my reality to some place nicer. My Utopia, where life isn’t as hard, isn’t as sad. Give me a life worth living for, a life I could love. A place where I want to live for each moment.

    By carly Everett on 08.21.2011

  18. plane runing with my boyfirnd to better places… things he wont do with me … things he likes more and it just makes me think that he will always want to fly away from me at one time or another… im just on borrowed time

    By Becky on 08.21.2011

  19. I think we’ve always taken transport for granted. Both as a verb and a noun.

    By Alex on 08.21.2011

  20. transport
    two syllables
    eight letters
    if you transport a thing through space
    it moves from one place to another
    transporting to another place
    maybe before it was a bother?

    By Anna on 08.21.2011

  21. i want to leave this place sometimes. go somewhere new. be here one second and then gone the next. is that so bad? that i want to be someone else at times? change my appearance my personality be someone new. Transporter. Transport away from this world and enter the next. go somewhere new and become a new person, experience new and exciting thin

    By katie on 08.21.2011

  22. something i have to deal with constantly. It takes up much of my time. time i should be spending doing something important, like eating. It irritates me. It is also the reason why food gets cold on the way home. Why brothers always need toilet breaks and the reason why old people’s back aches. Transport can be cruel too, by making overweight people pay twice for bus seats. It seems like a waste of time. Although I have to say it does entertain me to see them arguing over paying twice. Transport is also awkward. When the woman on the bus says she won’t take your seat because she is fifty, not eighty and does not need to sit down all the time. She doesn’t even say thank you. Transport is rude too. Much too rude.

    By Ami on 08.21.2011

  23. distance roadtrips.soul experiences.

    By Dene Theron URL on 08.21.2011

  24. There was no way that she could catch up to him now. There weren’t any buses in sight and 11:11 was fast approaching. Where will her heart go if not to him?

    By Mishie Del Rosario URL on 08.21.2011

  25. Transportation is an essential factor for shipping items and goods as well as moving people from one place to another. American society is dependent on automobile transport to get from one place to another, partially because of the spread out nature of all of our cities, versus Europe where few people drive because of how close everything is together.

    By Jack on 08.21.2011

  26. I transported my cat to Timbuktu. I don’t think she’s coming back.

    By Bob on 08.21.2011

  27. It’s like books, they transport you, right? That’s what everyone says, that’s what they told me when I was a little kid who didn’t want to read. Joke’s on them, because eventually I wouldn’t stop reading long enough to do anything else. Now my goal is to write. I want to transport people. But not on a city bus.

    By Lol on 08.21.2011

  28. i hate transposrt. i mean, public transport. all those mad nans.. smelly fat men and teeniepops. i wish i had a car.. but who needs it? i live in st petersburg :/

    By Rhubarb on 08.21.2011

  29. if i could transport myself back in time i don’t know where i would go… the beginning? the end? five minutes ago?

    By Kevin Carroll on 08.21.2011

  30. If only there were a way for me to get to you, but this box truck shaped slice of eternity separates me from you. Death is a distance to far to transport.

    By James Holloway on 08.21.2011

  31. from here to there, it disappears in thin air, but it never really mattered because it never really cared, the affairs. of the world, and the girls they swirl.

    By gerald on 08.21.2011

  32. Airplanes transport people. Trains transport people. I wish I could transport myself to any place at any time. That way I could go visit all the people I love in one day. That would be amazing. If teleportation existed I would use it all the time. All. The. Time. Seriously.

    By M. Kim on 08.21.2011

  33. tonight my friends and i are supposed to hang out–the only issue is transport. there is a weather forecast for severe thunderstorms (like always), and i am worried our plans will fall through. however, i am also not that concerned considering there is always a weather forecast for rain when we hang out, so it will not be unlike any other time. does that mean anything? that it is always raining when we are together?

    By noelle URL on 08.21.2011

  34. i love transportation. i dont even know why, i just love sitting on a bus, or a train, looking at the people there. in Russia, when we visited, we had to take the bus or the subway EVERYWHERE and mom always complained that it was such a bother, but i loved it. i dont even know why. i guess I’m a city girl at heart ^_^

    By Anna URL on 08.21.2011

  35. trains planes and automobiles. A way to get where you want and to get what you want. Long journeys are a chance to think and find yourself.

    By Sammie on 08.21.2011

  36. Through space and time, like a drop of jelly falling off the edge of your toast you are a speck in the universe and it’s swirling around you. No top or bottom or side, an endless expanse of space time that it continually warping and we’re just flowing through it , letting our minds go and watching them come back, because when you’re not real the where doesn’t matter.

    By Marianne on 08.21.2011

  37. its a funny thing how some people spend there whole lives getting somewhere, whether it be by train by bus or car or plane. but true movement is mental. Its when you get to a place in life that you want to be and after that, your only transport is bringing the joy to other people.

    By Chrissy Beaulac on 08.21.2011

  38. To bridge distance.
    From A to B.

    Is this the life I’d hoped for?

    To transport listlessly from one place to the other, never stopping to enjoy or experience?

    To live life one map pin at a time?

    By James Holloway URL on 08.21.2011

  39. M

    By Susana on 08.21.2011

  40. She closed the door behind her and the car drove away.

    A new life, she sighed to herself, as the town’s image grew smaller.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 08.21.2011