August 21st, 2011 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “poison”

  1. poison is more dealy to some people that can leave from death over hi

    By deadboy on 08.22.2011

  2. the usual crowd shuffled in to the coffee shop with brenda standing at her place behind the counter. she had the look of contempt upion her face mastered only by years of hatred and working at a deadend job. she had faced her last day as an unnamed barista

    By Colton Talhassee URL on 08.22.2011

  3. poison is bad. poison can be found and placed in a many of different places. adam and eve ate the poison apple from the one tre god told them not to go near or eat from.

    By anonymous on 08.22.2011

  4. sickness

    By mellie URL on 08.22.2011

  5. Poison; a deadly weapon. Be friends with your enemies or watch out what you digest. You may be dead by the time the poison settles into your stomach.

    By Maddie Withee on 08.22.2011

  6. poison a deadly toxin that can kill anybody. Even animals such as lions. Some living things are immune to poison.

    By Kenlee Redd on 08.22.2011

  7. It is bad and toxic. You should never go near anything that is poisonous. It will most likely hurt you! STAY AWAY! This is very risky, so proceed with caution. If something terrible happens, don’t blame me!

    By Kimberley Hong URL on 08.22.2011

  8. Oh no….why did I leave the poison open on the counter top….Reggie would reach up and try to see what is there; now we are on our way to the hospital and he is throwing up and foaming at the mouth…I hope the paramedics can save him; I hope the doctors can save him it’s my mistake.

    By Sharnell Blevins URL on 08.22.2011

  9. The infection of sin!!!

    By Connor URL on 08.22.2011

  10. Agent Bob was given the task of stopping Professor Lork from spreading the deadly posion he concoted and from spreading it throughout the whole tri-state area before dawn.

    By Juan Villa on 08.22.2011

  11. I can feel the poison. The venom in my veins that is so dealdly it can take out a whole nation. The poison is called pride. Takes every goal and overcalculate every spectrum of my beliefs.

    By LeDaryan Black on 08.22.2011

  12. Lucy put the cup to her lips, taking a small, experimental sip at first. The liquid within was bitter and she almost spat it out. Against her taste buds’ wishes, she swallowed, and followed her first sip with three large mouthfuls which drained the cup entirely. She would be dead in minutes.

    By Jessica Goss on 08.22.2011

  13. Poison is used as a weapon for assasins. It could kill its victims in seconds. It can be put in variouis drinks and food. It’s even been used to kill kings.

    By Kenlee Redd on 08.22.2011

  14. he was sitting by the lake. gravity brought the apple of poison to him. he reached for it and was suddenly struck with the thought of snow white lying on a bed, pale as death.

    By Summer URL on 08.22.2011

  15. Snow White, apples, wicked witches, and 7 dwarfs. We all have our own poisons we pick and choose. The choices we make for antidotes is what makes us who we are: friends, activities, life decisions. Poison can be countered. But it’s still a risk.

    By Erica Johnson URL on 08.22.2011

  16. Poison takes away our power. The power we have to create and thrive. Poison is deadlly to life in all forms. It can be the literal poison of a substance that kills or the poison of another’s ideas or thoughts that drain us of all we hold

    By Theresa URL on 08.22.2011

  17. my poison is the best poison
    it does a fine job destroying

    By Gabby on 08.22.2011

  18. is horrible and scary, that someone could be fed such a thing and wouldnt know that they have consumed it which in turn leaves the body to fight flight and react to saving the human life – its interesting some of the side effects that poison can give a human – hallucinations, below freezing temperatures, over heating – the body’s ability to survive this is incredible

    By Peta on 08.22.2011

  19. Lucy put the cup to her lips, taking a small, experimental sip at first. The liquid within was bitter and she almost spat it out. Against her taste buds’ wishes, she swallowed, and followed her first sip with three large mouthfuls which drained the cup entirely. She would be dead in minutes.

    By Jess Goss URL on 08.22.2011

  20. Poison coming out of the air into the lungs of the people through cigarettes and carbon manoxide pollutaints,
    Make my brain itch and my hand search for a stratch,
    But I restrain and pull that hand back and put it back and put it back in my pocket,
    I walk down the desolate road, baren and empty like a ghost town picked clean,
    I finally gasp and hold my throat in pain and fall forward my face in the dust.

    By John URL on 08.22.2011

  21. It will kill me in the inside. Dammit love it is never forgivable. It just eats away at you and there is ansolutely nothing you can do but just watch yourself fail captive to fate.

    By Jordan Medina on 08.22.2011

  22. Poison is something you can’t feel, or see, or drink, or… no, actually you can drink it. It could kill you. Yes. Indeed. Kill you right dead. So you don’t even feel it anymore. Poison is freedom! Venomous freedom! Sweet venom!

    By garf on 08.22.2011

  23. I pressed the cup to my lips. I knew full well that the kool-aid would be tart, I never imagined that it would taste so sweet. The room began to spin, the cries of children, the wonderful smell of Windex and sugar. Goodnight world.

    By Giles. on 08.22.2011

  24. I still remember Snow White. She was my least favorite of the Disney princesses, and in the end, still managed to get the prince. Now I dream all the time about the poison apple, making her already white skin flush further. Biting into it and falling into a new type of darkness.

    By Lauren URL on 08.22.2011

  25. there should have been a warning, but there wasn’t. they could have told her that he was no good, but they liked the game as much as he did. they watched her struggle and go under like a drowning child. she never even had a chance.

    By brittany URL on 08.22.2011

  26. It’s in me. It doesn’t affect me, but if you kill me, you will get it. It will spread. It’s unstoppable. But I didn’t mean to turn this into a horror story. Let’s start from the beginning.

    By N on 08.22.2011