April 26th, 2011 | 938 Entries

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938 Entries for “trailer”

  1. …park. I know its terrible but its the first thing that comes to mind. That kind of stereotypical place in my mind. Set from movies or books I’ve read or people I’ve met, but none the less its the impression it left me with. A simple kind of place
    –maybe better than what i know, even though its looked down upon.

    By Sara on 04.27.2011

  2. trailer of a movie? trailler that car where hippies live and travel around? i would like to make a triparound my country in a trailer one day. But back to the movies, i love going to the movies, is one of my favorite things to do!

    By Julia on 04.27.2011

  3. movies……

    By mel URL on 04.27.2011

  4. movie trailer about a double-wide with shag carpeting that s so dirty, the kinds of life growing in there are beyond fathoming.

    By kirby URL on 04.27.2011

  5. Immer wieder und immer wieder. Einstürzende Häuser. Davonfahrende Züge, Autos, Mücken, Campingwagen, Schlangen. Und dann von vorn. Ohne Musik, ohne Stimmen, ohne Geräusche. In Zeitlupe. Stille Bewegung. Im Loop. So als würde das jetzt wieder und wieder geschehen, unendlich lange, so lange wie die Welt sich noch dreht.

    By Eli URL on 04.27.2011

  6. every time we drive past the trailer park, I feel a bit sad. Is it their choice to live in this place? I aspire to more than that. I would like to live there for a while to see what it’s like, but.. to me, it seems discomforting and too fragile.

    By izzy on 04.27.2011

  7. total solution provider

    By akkaran on 04.27.2011

  8. Everything, absolutely everything I owned was crammed into the back of the ford fiesta or spilling out of the trailer that was attached to the back. A bit like a turtle or a snail, the whole of my world was attached to me and I was moving on with it. The only thing to sort out now was where….

    By The Wint URL on 04.27.2011

  9. Behind me all the time. I can´t seem to loose it. Why oh why does it want me so. Im turning a corner and it´s gone, I continue and it is suddenly back. Help me!

    By Mathias Erixon (Oddity Productions) URL on 04.27.2011

  10. A trailer is a thing that you place on a back of a car and you tow it. You can tow lots of things on a trailer like my favorite a MULIBU Wakesetter or Motorbikes.

    By Michael. D :) URL on 04.27.2011

  11. Trailer, and it is my home.
    Call me, I have a phone.
    Stay over, I have a bed.
    Dine with me, I have food.
    For I have what you have friend,
    Visit me, oh visit me please,
    I’ll be here,
    in the comfort of my dear ol’ trailer.

    By leah URL on 04.27.2011

  12. trailer: for a film, for a car for whatever; can you have a trailer for a poem and if you did how much of the poem would you put in it? enough to make anyone read on?

    By teresa URL on 04.27.2011

  13. Tralier……eh…I got Nothin’

    By lawfullx URL on 04.27.2011

  14. Ex-wife.

    Oh, wait, this is not

    By Chad Blackman URL on 04.27.2011

  15. “Why do you bother washing this damn thing?” My neighbor from two lots down stared with his cigarette shot eyes at me as I blasted the side of my home with a hose. “Why not?” I retorted, not wanting an answer. He flicked a butt into my garden, a meager but beautiful strip of dirt that wrapped around the back of my trailer. It landed between my rose bush and the marigolds. Without hesitation, I turned the hose on him.

    By wulfcade URL on 04.27.2011

  16. Although there are different types of trailers the ones I like the most are movie trailers.

    By summer firm URL on 04.27.2011

  17. My friend lives in a trailer park. There are a lot of kids that live around there. She likes to hang out with them all the time.

    By Kayla URL on 04.27.2011

  18. there are alot of trailers arond here and live in one of them for now but not for long.

    By someting URL on 04.27.2011

  19. The other day I saw a trailer. It was multi-colored and had peace signs on it. And then a hairy guy got out.

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 04.27.2011

  20. I have a trailer i have my dragon in it

    By werty URL on 04.27.2011

  21. Trailer parks are scary. Weird people live there. They like to ride bikes and wrestle each other. But some cool people live there. Like one of my best friends. Well she lives in a trailer though. But not a trailer park. I used to live in a double wide trailer. And now I live in a three story house. That is what I think about trailers.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 04.27.2011

  22. I once lived in a trailer.

    By kamikaze URL on 04.27.2011

  23. When my mom and dad take us camping we bring our trailer so that we don’t have to sleep in a tent or in our truck.We also take the trailer when we go on long trips for the summer, we go on vacation to Minnesota.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 04.27.2011

  24. I used to live in a trailer. It was ghetto. Now i live in a house right by the school.

    By Daylan Turner on 04.27.2011

  25. I knocked on the door of this one trailer and a hippie lookin dude came out. He had a glass tube type thing with green stuff in it and his eyes were all blood shot.

    By Wltbank URL on 04.27.2011

  26. See you could be talking about the trailer of a movie as a comercial or the trailer that can ride on the back of your truck:)

    By snickers104515 URL on 04.27.2011

  27. i had a trailer that was full of gold…and a fairy inside the closet and everynight she came out and sang the star spangled banner…every morning I washed my toilet with my husbands toothbrush….he said to me that i could never ever match him in a basketballl game simply because our trailer sang happy birthday at 12!

    By Jennifer on 04.27.2011

  28. my family has a trailer.. We camp in it. It is really fun!!

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 04.27.2011

  29. A trailer can hold plenty of items. It can come in handy when you need to pack up a house, like if you are moving somewhere. Trailers can come in various shapes and sizes depending on where you are going and how much you need to bring with you. Some trailers are air-conditioned, others are not. Trailers can be hooked onto the back of your car to make travel easier.

    By jackie on 04.27.2011

  30. pulled along by only a small piece of metal. That one small piece could be the difference in life and death. If it broke off, someone’s life could break as well. As it’s pulled along, that small piece of metal can mean a lot…

    By Cholmie URL on 04.27.2011

  31. The truck hit a bump causing the passengers to hit the ceiling.
    “Whoa! That was awesome!” One shouted from the backseat that was piled high with boxes, now toppled over.
    Though the truck seemed lighter not one noticed they were missing something.

    By Sarah URL on 04.27.2011

  32. The trailer was the one thing that I could see in the haze. But there was something off about it, I began to walk towards it but it seemed as if it were moving away from me no matter what speed I was going… I then woke up.

    By Jake Bouldin URL on 04.27.2011

  33. Myword, has the whole world gone nuts or is it just my imagination? Everyone wants to pick on the president. I just don’t get it. he is a pretty ggod guy from where I stand.

    By twan... URL on 04.27.2011

  34. They called them “trailers” because they initially came after the movie was over. Trailing the film, giving the audience a sneak peek at coming movies. When they switched them to before the film, they tried to call them “coming attractions” or “previews”. But for projectionist like us, we kept calling them trailers. What ever the term, I always considered them to be sacred and exciting. Because each trailer or preview was another chance that you’d catch something exciting, inspiring, or amazing. And you’ll know, the opportunity to enter a new and exciting world would be “coming soon”.

    By Patrick Prejusa URL on 04.27.2011

  35. I grew up in a trailer which was located in a small trailer court. What an embarrassing place to have grown up. Living right across the street from all the schools. I never had to ride the bus though. The trailer was large, 5 bedrooms, but only 1 bathroom. Imagine that with 4 or 5 kids living there at once.

    By halohoo URL on 04.27.2011

  36. I hitched up the trailer and headed on down the road to somewhere, a place unknown. The trailer rattled a good deal but I knew it was secured tightly so we kept going. I stopped in to an old diner some 50 miles outside of Kansas.

    By Brett Ryan URL on 04.27.2011

  37. i was sitting at my desk looking at my hand but my vision was obscured by something… a lack of sleep? a fleck of dust on the lens of my eye? dirty glasses? no. i don’t wear glasses. I’ve had near perfect vision my whole life. no cavities in my teeth either. some people are just born superior…

    By sean on 04.27.2011

  38. Why is trailer still on here??? It’s been more than a day now. The trailer to “The Roommate” looks pretty good. And scary. Just an afterthought. Anyhow. I get nightmares from scary trailers.

    By Mariechen URL on 04.27.2011

  39. Movie. There are movie stars that enjoy their trailers, fill them with pretty, delicate, perishable, disposable items. They are for comfort, all these items. The hair dresser does their hair and sometimes friends come by for a snack.

    By Venus URL on 04.27.2011

  40. The trailer turned over in the wind.
    The animals howled and children cried.
    No one heard.

    By Bai URL on 04.27.2011