April 26th, 2011 | 938 Entries

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938 Entries for “trailer”

  1. See this great trailer on grandparent expert Sue Atkins at

    By Marrisse Whittaker URL on 04.27.2011

  2. “The movie can’t start without the trailers showing, right?”

    “Yep, the ones next in line. I’m so excited to see more, you know.”

    “Same here. I wonder what will happen next?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I’ll hold your hand.”

    By yunisee on 04.27.2011

  3. Take me to our place of
    requiem. The haunting
    apparition of our
    ice cold helpless breath
    leaves a scar in my
    ear. My dreams forever
    raid my mind of my

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 04.27.2011

  4. I know someone who lives in a trailer. His name is Jeremy. Trailers are cool. He has a wii. I have had playdates with him at his house. There are other trailers there too. Sometimes Beasley has a trailer but that is something different, I think. It is when she goes poop.

    By jennie2k URL on 04.27.2011

  5. A trailer gives one an idea about what we can expect from the whole picture. but then it might not always be accurate or rather it can be interpreted in a no of ways.

    By chakaparna on 04.27.2011

  6. I just did trailer but i guess ill do it again. Seen the trailer to thor last night and it looks pretty good. WIth natalie portman in it and a actor almost identical to the actual real thor, i think it will be a box office success. Hopefully the storyline stays true and its a hit. definitely seeing it

    By Natalia on 04.27.2011

  7. I wouldn’t mind living in a trailer, just as long as we were together, and on our own doing well. That’s all.

    By Emily URL on 04.27.2011

  8. the grass grew tall around the trailer. it was the most run down one in the park. a green stripe bordered it. scratches in the white paint showed up starkly in the sunlight. connie stepped on to the metal steps that led down to the gravel drive not thinking once about the mess she left behind.

    By t703 on 04.27.2011

  9. trailer parks are usually small. a trailer is like a thing that you put on your truck(or if your lucky your car) and tow heavy things around. or just teeny weeny stuff like boxes of groceries.

    By chase URL on 04.27.2011

  10. trailers are either for movies, or to be pulled by vehicles.I prefer the movie ones. They’ve gotten shitter over the years though, giving too much away about the film, horror ones especially

    By Thomcas on 04.27.2011

  11. I think of a trailer park every time I hear this word. But its not a bad thing cause I live in a trailer too.

    By bananaphone URL on 04.27.2011

  12. Trailer trash is a trailer park with a lot of low budget trailer.

    By devin21 URL on 04.27.2011

  13. I do not have a trailer. Trailer can be used as two different words. There is a movie trailer and a trailer you hook up to your car.

    By Jpac URL on 04.27.2011

  14. Trailer is spelled weird. Trailer is also two different meanings, movie trailer and home trailer.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 04.27.2011

  15. Trailer i use a trailer to go camping in and it is SO much fun if you are at a lake or something because you can just have a good time with your family. You can do this in the summer or just on a weekend it is a BLAST!

    By just URL on 04.27.2011

  16. I use to live in a trailer. I had a two digit house number. It bothered me that I lived in a trailer. I grew up with everything I ever wanted but after my parents divorce my mom moved us into a trailer. a two digit house numbered trailer. On the ocean, none the less. and not in a trailer park. But a trailer. My dad and his wife laughed at me. My brother refused to visit me. I was embarrassed to have friends over to our home. I hated our trailer. Our double wide, two digit house numbered, trailer.

    By Steph on 04.27.2011

  17. There is a trailer that is behind devins house.

    By Sam tate URL on 04.27.2011

  18. trailer a thing that is pulled behind a truck people use them to camp in or to move their boats or supplies like lumber brick or steel

    By josh on 04.27.2011

  19. Well, trailer. is like trailer park? Those scare me for some odd reason that I will not understand? I am always scared that some creeper guy or something will come out and punch me in the eyebrow..Weird, right? I dont know, I guess it is just me. I am crazy paranoid about stuff like that. (I like my eyebrows). Haaa. Just kidding:D No, thats not what I am paranoid about(:

    By Claudia on 04.27.2011

  20. feeling like i could explode. these moments spent by myself on the highway are too precious to forget. my freedom is worth a thousand words. breathing keeps me sane. on my millionth cigarette and still thinking i should be quitting, but really, whose gonna keep track?

    By Scout on 04.27.2011

  21. I ran around the trailer and slipped in the cool mud that coated the ground. “Shoot” I thought, but continued to run, ignoring the stains on my jeans. Panting heavily, I picked up my pace when I heard their screeching behind me, following me, hunting me.

    By Abigail URL on 04.27.2011

  22. Trailors can be for movies, or somthing like horse trailers…idk

    By Brittany URL on 04.27.2011

  23. i live in a trailer park. what the heck, no i don’t. i live in a nice neighborhood. i feel safe all the time, and i guess i am. well, not all the time. my brother told my a scary story last night that freaked me out. but that’s different than being unsafe. scared and unsafe are two different things, and i’m lucky that i dont feel unsafe, at least at my own home. and i guess that’s what makes a home. not that people in a trailer park have to feel unsafe. but i imagine it’s a whole different feeling. i don’t know how i got lucky enough to be blessed with the life i am, but i should thank god for it every day, because i don’t thank him enough.

    By mackenzie on 04.27.2011

  24. i hate trailers goodbye

    By ejkajfkdjaakfj on 04.27.2011

  25. “What’s this?”
    “A movie trailer. What else would it be?”
    “A commercial?”
    “That’s preposterous, man.”
    “Says you.”
    “You didn’t know what a telly was until two weeks ago, so trust me here.”
    “If you /insist/.”

    By pie on 04.27.2011

  26. I love trailers. I love looking up trailers, seeing what the film is gonna be like…One of my favorite parts of going to the cinema is seeing the trailers…I do judge a film by the trailer though. If it doesn’t capture my imagination, I’m not bothered.

    By Amy on 04.27.2011

  27. large room, metalic, where people live, in a park surrounded by garbage, connected onto the back of a truck, used to carry items for long distances. A portable room in which horses can be placed, a home, a small room, outdoors in large parks. where anyone can live, kitchen beds and a little living room inside. It can be wooden or metalic. Horses can pull them along and people can be transported in them.

    By ciara stewart on 04.27.2011

  28. It was hard to watch. Hadn’t they made enough of these already? I’ll be the first person to say that action flicks aren’t just for boys, but come on… 5? Five of them? Is that really necessary? I thought the series was well and truly dead. Ah well… At least my buds will be happy. I know a few who are crazy excited, and as long as it makes them happy, I guess I am, too. :)

    By Courka URL on 04.27.2011

  29. I think of the South, rusty cars and a commode with brightly colored flowers planted in the seat. Old swings and even a washing machine sitting out front. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    By Marty on 04.27.2011

  30. Trailers come in many shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular, some domed, others take about two minutes to buffer on youtube. Trailers are what get us through every day. Without trailers, no freight would be delivered, nothing

    By Taylor URL on 04.27.2011

  31. There was a trailer park in Mississippi. I didn’t know what it was called, but no one nice lived there. All the kids ignored me, so I sat there and drew pictures. It sucked. Sometimes I would fish, but I never caught anything.

    I often tried to fit in, but no one wanted anything to do with me at that terrible trailer park. It always smelled bad there anyway. You’d think people would learn how to clean up after halloween, but all the pumpkins just rotted.

    By Sarah-Jean on 04.27.2011

  32. I wonder why clips of movies all are called the trailer. The term does not make any sense to me, and it wasn’t until recently that I even knew what it referred to. I guess I am behind in the times.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.27.2011

  33. As she stood outside the door of the door of the trailer, Doris vowed it was just temporary. A place to call home till she could get back on her feet.

    By fran on 04.27.2011

  34. Trailer.
    Terrible tantrums thrown.
    Beer cans everywhere.
    Thousands of them.
    Stereotypes, broken.
    It’s clean.
    Just kidding.
    Here comes the arguments.
    I’m all ears baby, cuz you’re all talk

    By Capo on 04.27.2011

  35. i live in one and i guess its nice but theres not much room for my things, it’s a beautiful neighborhood but its aggrivating not knowing where most of my things are. i lov being outside and walking or biking from

    By Heather URL on 04.27.2011

  36. The cigarette smoke came out of her lips like car exhaust, floated around her streaked-blonde hair and dissipated into the warm summer night.
    He’d promised her a life of luxury, if only she’d keep her mouth shut – and her legs open. She’d fought him every step of the way, and when she turned up preggers, that’s when he folded, took his interests elsewhere, disappeared on her.
    The money she saved helped her to buy a trailer, a single-wide, but in decent shape. The seed he’d given her, well, Daria, she’d be here any day now.

    By ThomG URL on 04.27.2011

  37. Park. Put the trailer in park in the trailer park. Don’t let anybody see, see that this sad hunk of scrap metal is your home. It’s in shambles, just like you. Try not to let it show. Never let them see you cry.

    By Emma URL on 04.27.2011

  38. I always have loved watching movie trailers: it’s amazing that they can summarize most of the plot of a full length film in usually under sixty seconds. The screen is a flash of a thousand different images: car chases, passionate kisses, funny one liners. The audience is glued to the screen and it’s not even the movie they’re paying for. Their fists filled with popcorn and their brains full of romanticism, ready to accept anything the giant movie screen may feed them through the tubes of their ears and eyes. The movie theater hypnotizes its victims.

    By Becca on 04.27.2011

  39. Trailers, what is there to say. Its a home on wheels but a home non the less. That is all.

    By Juice URL on 04.27.2011

  40. I was on a movie set and the trailer was filled with lemonade. I was wondering how can i possibly enter the trailer with all this lemonade everywhere. So i opened the door and there were mermaids swimming in there. So i looked left and looked right. Then hopped in. My body swam in cold yellow drink.

    By Glenn on 04.27.2011