September 11th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “towers”

  1. When the Towers fell,
    hopes were crushed,
    dreams shattered,
    innocence taken away;
    fog lifted;
    only time can tell
    my prediction is that yesterday was merely a dream;
    today is reality.

    By kaitie on 09.11.2012

  2. 9/11. In 4th grade history class my teacher snuck out of the room. She came back, turned on the TV, and that day we saw the towers make history.

    By emkay URL on 09.11.2012

  3. The twin towers were crashed into 11 years ago. i was in music class when it all happened and was picked up early from school. It was a very sad and tragic day although i didn’t fully comprehend what was going on. Till this day, it’s a very sad thing to hear about. The towers are being rebuild but it will never be the same. 9/11 was the day America changed and ever since we haven’t been the same. Innocent lives were taking way too soon.

    By Jaqueline on 09.11.2012

  4. Im sick of climbing these towers,
    it seems you’ve locked yourself away
    and i cant get past these clouds you’ve decided to shower

    By brooke on 09.11.2012

  5. There are plenty of towers in the world, and today was the mourning of two that tragically fell eleven years ago. It was due to terrorist attacks. I personally am slightly afraid of heights so towers are a little scary for me. But, that doesn’t meant he structures aren’t beautiful.

    By Justin on 09.11.2012

  6. His entourage of bodyguards tower above him as he moves through the crowd on a well worn path to Roosters HQ. This is his religion. He has never missed a match. And from here in the confines of this small glass enclosure the so called power brokers of Sydney unite under the influence beer and backslaps. A whole universe of corruption, silent handshakes and slippery deals unfold. One short conversation among men in this place can become another man’s undoing.

    By sharon london on 09.11.2012

  7. The 9/11 twin towers. We will never forget the day of tragic. I will always pray for those families who lost loved ones. Lost but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts.

    By Marie on 09.11.2012

  8. The towers fell, 11 years ago today. Airplanes hadn’t been weapons before. Well, they had, but not like this. The Al Qaida had turned them into human-filled missiles. No guidance system, except perhaps that of their God. But what god could wish that upon someone?

    By Francis Israel URL on 09.11.2012

  9. The towers rose high above my head. I stumbled onto the floor as I watched castles appear out through the ground. mountains vanished into land for more and more buildings; castles for everyone. It was going to be the first time that growing up as a king’s daughter was not going to be associated with castles.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.11.2012

  10. Well, right now it’s September 11th, 2012, and this day marks the 11 year aniversary of the 9/11 attacks to the World Trade Center or “Twin Tower” attacks.

    By Victoria Ashton URL on 09.11.2012

  11. “Please…” She whimpered, “I…I need help…”
    Voices boomed with sounds that made no sense to her, distant sounds that were so close and loud.
    “I just… If I could just… Home… I want to go home…”
    The three towering men glanced at her tear ridden face with cold, dead eyes, “No sweetheart, tonight you’re coming with us.”

    By BekahCat URL on 09.11.2012

  12. They were standing, so solid, so resplendent, and suddenly, they were tumbling down like dominoes, and they were gone.

    By Anne URL on 09.11.2012

  13. G-d is our strong and mighty tower. 9/11 may have happened but G-d spared life’s from worse things that could have happened. He will always climb that tower with you. I will never forget 9/11.

    By SuzannaMarie URL on 09.11.2012

  14. He towers over me. But that doesnt stop me from reaching to kiss him. Stretching my calfs as i go tiptoe for that extra inch. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling close,giving me that extra lift. Lips collide. The emotions soars through me. Blasts of color flash inside my head. Feels like flying.
    i hold the memory close as take a leap of that tower.

    By Simmz on 09.11.2012

  15. i dont like this word because it towers over me and i dont like it,so fuck off.

    By Taylor URL on 09.11.2012

  16. towers stretch above me when i suddenly see him up there, about to jump. i cant help it i scream into the wind, theres nothing i can do and i breaks me inside. the wind lifts him off the tower and then into the sky he falls in piles of peach blossom.

    By yolanda on 09.11.2012

  17. These towers are craving in and crashing to the ground. Fast. I don’t know what to odoooo

    By kristennnn URL on 09.11.2012

  18. My whole life collapsed before me just as the towers fell into shambles. I sunk to the ground, my mind overflowing with thoughts as my eyes flooded with salty tears. I laid my head on my knees, wailing as I watched everything I loved disintegrate before me.

    He had been working in that dreadful building that day.

    By Zandra URL on 09.11.2012

  19. its 9/11. but people over think in a bad way because they totally think they know everything once they hear one conspiracy, like they’re all knowing once something obscure pops up, but the less you know the more you think you know; and you need to swallow more powdered water before you know the ‘truth’ enough to shove it down peoples throats.

    By kati on 09.11.2012

  20. The towers are slowly becoming that of a distant past; but we must never forget.

    By leelee on 09.11.2012

  21. This is so not fair. Getting hit by those planes wasn’t fair. Life sucks. Death sucks. Bad people suck. I don’t understand why people do bad things for even worse reasons. Why? Gah, really. I don’t understand so much that I can’t even think.

    By Missy on 09.11.2012

  22. My Lego creation towers over the living room like a powerful prism. It took me seven full days to make, without breaks. I think if I could have done it differently I would have taken some breaks. I am now very ill.

    By Estevan URL on 09.11.2012

  23. towers are pretty and majestic and remind me of life and people bustling around. noise abounds and style exists in a multitude of tastes. big city life and an eclectic array of things to do. this is my first thought on the word ‘towers’.

    By Maura Rahill on 09.11.2012

  24. The twin towers were destroyed 9/11/2001. Today is the 11 year anniversary and I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Everyone keeps writing statuses about how we will never forget and all. Maybe I’m just weird, but to me it sounds like as Americans that we are accepting this as some sort of slogan that also is threatening to the middle east.

    By stuart on 09.11.2012

  25. There are so many towers in Hong Kong. They are skyscrapers, reaching up for the sky and touching the clouds. When I was younger, I thought some of them were so tall, probably because I was so small. I was so afraid of falling off of them. Now that I’m growing, they don’t seem tall to me anymore. I know I won’t fall off of them.

    By Lyra on 09.11.2012

  26. The towers were just that towering, watching. They watched our every move the windows like eyes gleaming and flashing in the light. We marched down the street slowly some tripped and were trampled. No one held back.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.11.2012

  27. gazing at the tower on that TV screen in the greasy kitchen… time stood still.

    By prickly cactus URL on 09.11.2012

  28. twin towers nine eleven. people are dead. no one is listening. towering over head. towering over bodies. towering over minds. towering over countries. towers are gone. the two towers are gone. the towers are gone. the towering towers have been erased.

    By Rosey on 09.11.2012

  29. There was a time when this was not a loaded word. When airplanes were just another way to get somewhere and your religion didn’t make you a terrorist. A time before panic and suspicion. A time also before we learned just how strong we really are, in seeing our brothers weak.

    By Maggie on 09.11.2012

  30. She saw two tall towers and she knew that it was the place she was told to go. No matter how manny cocrodiles were there, she was gonna get there.

    By Esperanza URL on 09.11.2012

  31. Of course I can’t help but write about 9/11. “Towers” is such a choice word on a day like today, don’t you think? Towers. Collapse. Towers.

    By Tara Kontra on 09.11.2012

  32. There once was two towers…they stood tall in the breeze. Then one day, someone flew a plane. Without care for who lived in those towers, they rammed the plane into it knocking it down to the ground. It burned for a long time.

    By Deni on 09.11.2012

  33. Towers. You would give me such a choice word on a day like today, wouldn’t you? Of course I’m going to mention THE towers. How could I not? The Twin Towers. There. I said it.

    By Tara Kontra URL on 09.11.2012

  34. Towers frighten me but they are amazing. Sometimes a climb to the peak of the tower could take time and be tiring but the sight you see from above once you reach it is priceless. The whole world looks different. I can actually realize how everything doesnt only look small but it is small in every way.

    By Heba Hisham on 09.11.2012

  35. Directly ahead of us, I could see the two towers rising from the mists. They looked foreboding, with their pointed spires and sleek black stone walls. Beside me, my companion swallowed hard.

    “Is there an elevator?” he laughed uneasily.

    I shrugged. “No matter. We have to get to the top either way.”

    By Lapwing URL on 09.11.2012

  36. We are constantly building up towers. We’re always testing to see how many, how high, how far, almost as if we are trying to reach from something higher than ourselves. But nothing can outlast time. Everything will crumble eventually. Everything material at least. I wonder what that says about our quest to reach the top…

    By Katie on 09.11.2012

  37. they speak up like things rising out of the dust poking perennial shadows into the ground below them. those that stare up above wonder about the contents gathering ash on the top of their most pointiest tops and wonder, “my god will they ever fall or will they just keep on stretching forth towards the sun until we no longer see sunlight anymore, but just diverging shadows over our faces?”

    By Emily URL on 09.11.2012

  38. The dark tower is my favorite series. Roland the gunslinger is such a compelling character. Too bad Clint Eastwood is too old to play the part. I would have loved to see what he could have done with the part. Oh Roland the gunslinger you are a man we need today.

    By Diane URL on 09.11.2012

  39. The two twin towers rose and fell
    As any pair must sometime do
    Heaven erupted in frozen hell
    And we sad saps bereaved with woe
    Confuse our own beliefs, and dwell
    On sorrows past, and make a foe
    Of innocents branded with shrapnel
    Ash, clinging forever to past pain
    Ignoring self ill-gotten gain.
    To forgive, we claim, divine; to err
    Renders one less than human here.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 09.11.2012

  40. Today is the day 11 years ago, the towers were taken down. We came together, helped together, cried together and this nation has been decreasing in unity as years pass.

    By Mahdi on 09.11.2012