September 10th, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “binding”

  1. Binding can be the spine of a book or it can describe a legal contract.

    In both cases there is a similar meaning of bringing things together permanently.

    I like the idea of the future in the expression “bound to….”

    By jacob on 09.11.2012

  2. umm… i really dont know what to put for this one. My mind isnt working this morning .

    By Tatty on 09.11.2012

  3. Binding sounds so serious, like a binding agreement. I prefer to think of it as a coming together of sorts.

    By Renee URL on 09.11.2012

  4. I walked into his office with my stomach in knots. “What can I do you?” He asked. My hands shook as I pulled the wrinkled papers from my purse and handed them to him. I need to know how binding this contract is.

    By sheila Good URL on 09.11.2012

  5. On the floor, the twine lay like dead snakes with no orifices. He kept wondering if at one point in time the same rope hadn’t been so limp.

    By N.J. URL on 09.11.2012

  6. Tom drehte das Seil dreimal um die Säule, verknotete es fest und band es dem Mann um die Handgelenke. “Du wirst schon wissen, was du tust”, sagte der Alte und starrte in die Ferne. “Ich komme in ein paar Stunden wieder”, sagte Tom, und klopfte dem Mann auf die Schulter.

    By Lisa URL on 09.11.2012

  7. His arms were bound behind his back, but he struggled and used every ounce of his strength to escape. His muscles bulged but the rope gave no slack. He clenched his teeth. “You have no right to do this! I’ll stop you!” He yelled up to his captor. Yet his captor simply smiled. He then waved goodbye and disappeared out of the door, locking it behind him.

    By Laura Riddle on 09.11.2012

  8. Binding as in a binding contract. Like marraige, or phone company contract, or even a budget.

    By Orion on 09.11.2012

  9. pine needles covered the earth around the large wooden cabin. The book that an aging woman held was wearing down over the years.

    By tony rice on 09.11.2012

  10. Air. When was the last time he actually breathed? Not that he choose not to. It’s just becoming too much of a ritual. Suffocating. Binding. But yet so addicting?

    By Yein on 09.11.2012

  11. ropes , strings , bars , something , they are binding my soul . holding it all back from something better . how do i break these ties . how do i set myself free . it all needs to stop .

    By brittaknee on 09.11.2012

  12. These chains of sin are binding, like chains wrapped around my very soul. They hold me back, stop me from doing good; from doing anything. I need freedom, I need Jesus!

    By Zachary Williams on 09.11.2012

  13. broken arm. chains. legal contract. I’m bound to my family. Spanx and Ace Bandages. Reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck in 9th Grade.

    By hALEIGH on 09.11.2012

  14. “The contract you’ve signed is completely binding, I hope you know.”
    “Nobody said anything about binding.”
    “It said so in the contract. Didn’t you read it?”
    “It would probably help if I knew how to read, wouldn’t it?”

    By Ashley URL on 09.11.2012

  15. gripping,strangling the fear of never being able to run through fields and down roads either safe or difficult because of being held down – lacerations on my wrists – the feeling of not knowing how to say the necessary words to let her know that I love her but can’t stay with her – the heartbreak of breakup – the saltwater tears running down cheeks of rose

    By Brandon on 09.11.2012

  16. Magical.
    Brute force.
    Holding down.
    Full moon.
    Witch’s hour.

    By Lance on 09.11.2012

  17. There are inevitably all sorts of bindings in our lives, in everyone’s life. We have to be related and sort of bidden to our mother, by the umbilical cord, and to our parents, under their looking after and caring. Then when the interactions between us and the world increase, we are bidden by different relationships, earning a living, emotional and physical actual needs, health …etc.
    We are all bidden. People with actual or real freedom is who we call nuts or mad. Sad but True.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.11.2012

  18. And there it is, that one fact that pulls us all towards one another, binding us together. It’s as easy as that. One tiny little word… L.O.V.E.

    By Blue on 09.11.2012

  19. The agreement was binding. And so was the regret. Apparently, that’s all she knew at this point. She rethought the past three weeks and believed them to be a dream, a blur, an irrational state of being for the world as a whole. It did no good to dwell. What’s done was done, and a hundred other cliches and platitudes. She could only look ahead.

    By Randy B URL on 09.11.2012

  20. Binding, what is it? A world of beckoning trying to bring me back the memoirs of war. Binding, I have been doing it for years now. Bind my notebooks, take me back to war. One day this place was what I always dreamed of. Take me please. I can’t seem to remember, everything is gone.

    By Alejandro Gutierrez on 09.11.2012

  21. The journal had obviously been sitting up here for quite some time. I found myself snorting out snootful of dust as I climbed up the ladder to the attic. The binding was badly worn, but as long as I could read the precious contents, all would be well.

    By Pink Punch on 09.11.2012

  22. Don’t let the world bind down on you with binding contracts meant to ensnare, enslave and direct your ever movement. Break free of those chains or submit to them. The choice is yours.

    By adfadf on 09.11.2012

  23. days where nothing ties me to land
    shun the sun and shut the lights
    curl up and drown in this watery bed
    trade my lungs in for a slimy tail
    swim down where i cannot be seen
    i’ll grow teeth and glowing eyes
    you cannot call a face this grotesque
    human, you cannot unearth me
    from these depths where even misery
    was proven too afraid to tread.

    By isa on 09.11.2012

  24. We all have a handicap. The handicap is love. It binds our arms and legs, keeps us from doing anything logically. Love is the enemy of logic.

    By Isis on 09.11.2012

  25. There are pages of the story scattered everywhere. Was it even bound in the first place? I’m not sure.

    By Anna on 09.11.2012

  26. the art of attaching things together. the idea of keeping things in place. Not allowing something to grow due to holding it in place. not able to be changed.

    By Julie on 09.11.2012

  27. The weathered book’s binding held it firmly in place, a few forgotten, yellowed pages, slipping past the cover. You tuck a dog-ear in, a smile on your face. It is a book you have always held dear.

    By Kaylina on 09.11.2012

  28. There are many things in life that are binding, some things are good and some are not so good, I think for the most part the term “Binding” has a negative connotation because it leaves no room for escape, all in all the term is whatever the person using it thinks about, it leaves one with a decision to be bade before whatever the circumstance is that will soon become binding.

    By Robert on 09.11.2012

  29. amazing life make you wonder from your birth till your death. The solution, just live the moments.

    By unknown on 09.11.2012

  30. This feeling inside was binding. I have never felt this way before. How could I have gotten to this point? I was fine on my own, now I can’t imagine life without him. I’m not really sure how to get past this.

    By victoria torrez on 09.11.2012

  31. Today everything is associated with tears, heartbreaks and misery. Even the word binding. I don’t think I can explain why.

    By RocketshipOnFire on 09.11.2012

  32. Marriage is binding, bunting can be secured with binding. S & M features a lot of binding with Mr Christian Grey. Interesting word… Many things can be bound together by love or fixing or equipment, clearly! Strangely as an ex publishing employee the one thing I didn’t think of until the end of the minute was books!

    By Rachel on 09.11.2012

  33. This contract is binding: like a contract on my soul. The house, the garden, our whole life here interwoven and binding themsleves to each other in a perspiring fit of rage and vengeance. A home should be peaceful and happy and nurturing; not wan and soul-destroying.

    By Genna on 09.11.2012

  34. The bindings on her arms and feet were digging into the raw flesh with every breath and struggling against the twin scrapped the surface and dug into the skin more and more as time passed. She wondered if she would ever be found.

    By Amanda on 09.11.2012

  35. Binding me together, my house, my garden, my inner being all constricting my soul. What drama. What nuance. What boredom. How twisted this all is.

    By Genna on 09.11.2012

  36. The needle slipped in and out of the paper, binding to book together. The old man peered through his spectacles, glaring down harshly at the new book. It lay there innocently, gently looking back at him.

    By Kate on 09.11.2012

  37. We feel like we’re bound for life; the words you say are a binding promise. Little inked love notes on graph paper, hidden. When i’m with you I believe in forevers.

    By Kim on 09.11.2012

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    By Kate on 09.11.2012

  39. I was constricted by my thoughts, my doubts. My throat squeezed onto my words and my tongue grew into a sliming snape, coiling its self to my teeth and cleaving to it. Words were trapped, but when i fought and pushed them out, they struggling and shook out like a person lifting weights too heavy for them

    By matt on 09.11.2012

  40. The binding on that book had thinned down to nearly nothing. She had opened and closed and opened and closed and opened and closed it’s pages more than time itself. Yet somehow, no matter how many times she opened and closed that book, nothing changed. Only the creases on her skin became more deep and her eyes reflected sadness a little more each day. Her mouth became dry and her bones began to ache as if they were crying. I suppose that they cried for her now, now that all of them had been soaked into the tear stained pages of that book. It was all that she had of her life. She closed the book one last time. Then went to sleep and dreamed of everything and nothing.

    By Amara on 09.11.2012