April 10th, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “thirst”

  1. I am thirsty. Water. Anything. There is a quote from a book that I read, The Human Comedy, which said something about a little boy drinking water from his mom- when his mom was still the wisest person he knew and water was still the best drink in the world. I think those two things will always be true. We can cover them up with other things, but like so much else, the purest is the best, in the end. And that’s the way it should be.

    By Devo on 04.10.2011

  2. i am really thristy but i don’t like drinking alcohol. i kind of wish i was the type of person who did but i’m glad i dont i just dont really know why i dont i guess. its not really anything to do with thinking its wrong or whatever but its more like a challenge for myself kind of ike lent which by the way i am sucking at and i basically am just a sucky christian lately and i dont go to anything besides church and bible study because those are the only two things i am held accountable for and i have no motivation to do the rest of it. i dont really have motivation to do many things because i’m jsut too chill all the time and would rather just have fun and enjoy everything about life which is so beautiful like the outdoors and music and everything and i want to be good at lots of things but i’m too fickle and none of this has anything to do with thirst when is this gonna be over i dont’ remember how long i am supposed to write for i wish i was more observant, speaking of which, i am not observant at all people will tell me things and i dont even remember them even though they are really important and i feel like i dont have anything to tell them in exchange

    By Bertha on 04.10.2011

  3. I am thirtsty right now I would love to have the lemon juice that is in my fritch in my room. I think I will be even more thirsty after I drink that, because it is a lemon juice maybe I sh

    By Innesita on 04.10.2011

  4. outside my window it is raining, big large drops from the sky. Moistening the ground, and my appetite for something more, something deep, something meaningful and fulfilling.

    By Hilary on 04.10.2011

  5. I am very thirsty right now. I can’t wait to get to my room and take a big zip from my lemonade juice. I am so thirsty I really want some water right now. I wonder why I am thirsty because only a few minutes ago I had a bottle of water

    By Inessita URL on 04.10.2011

  6. there is water in the desert — but there is obviously the thirst i feel when i first wake up, when all i want to do is get up and cross the crackly hardwood of my boyfriend’s apartment and brush my teeth, get the night dry air out of my mouth and start the day — but to do that i have to erase the night, and the weird fitful way i moved towards then away from him, the way i saw his back like a mountain range…

    By mc on 04.10.2011

  7. He could feel it in his throat. Burning, aching. He downed another glass of whiskey quickly, trying to relieve it. There was no hope. It was there, always burning.
    “Nadine, we’re never going to find him.” He heard a familiar voice behind him, sitting at one of the tables inside the Inn. He didn’t turn around, his heart racing. How could she be here?
    “Solita, you can’t give up hope. We will. We’ll find him and help him.” Another voice said soothingly. The bartender came over, filling up his glass. He held onto it tightly though, unable to move. Solita. She was here?”
    “He’s gone. It’s been months.” She looked down. “It doesn’t matter anymore.”
    “Solita, we WILL find him. The boy at least deserves to know you’re carrying his child.” His eyes widened, and the glass fell from his hand, smashing onto the bar top. The women behind him looked over, Solita’s eyes widening.
    “I think that’s enough for you, mate.” The bartender grumbled, cleaning up the mess. He couldn’t breathe. She was here. She was pregnant?

    “…Ashwin?” Came her hesitant voice behind him. He turned, meeting her green eyes. Oh god. She was here.

    By Claire URL on 04.10.2011

  8. This word describes a feeling when you are getting somewhat dehydrated. Or it can also refer to a yearning of some sort. Example: I have a thirst for electronic music; it makes me feel happy. You need to quench a thirst.

    By Savannah on 04.10.2011

  9. I thirst for what once was my life. I still wonder if those days will come again…. if not, let me thirst for more. Perhaps if I try harder…they will come my way.

    By Baylee on 04.10.2011

  10. The force that keeps us locked in our bodies until the end of time. Itchy sandpaper and delusions of water falls have us chained to our bodies and we thrash to get out.

    It is the companion of hunger, the life-force that we need to always always keep on going.

    It is a natural indicator, and if we ignore it, we are lying to ourselves

    By Talia on 04.10.2011

  11. Thirst is the worst. Ha, that rhymed. But really, when you are super thirsty and can’t get to water, it’s the worst feeling. Humans today are wimps. We don’t know what it’s like to REALLY be thirsty, so we can’t handle even the most basic dry mouth. What would we do if we were really without water?

    By JSB on 04.10.2011

  12. its never water that I am looking for
    never food or money
    i thirst for worth
    i thirst for wanting
    no more rejection
    no more another
    darkenss will be light
    i thirst for whole – totality-

    By Kat5 URL on 04.10.2011

  13. Thirst is the feeling when your tongue is so dry that you just have to have a drink, no matter how disgusting that drink may be. Thirst drives perfectly sane people to drink their own urine, and small children to drink baileys Irish creme. thirst is a simple and painful way to die

    By Jasmine on 04.10.2011

  14. When I think of thirst, I become thirsty. I think of a past time where I had supplied a friend with water when he/she was thirsty. I often wish I would never be thirsty again. But if this happened, I would not be able to enjoy the wonders of Coca-Cola Zero.

    By Justin Hernandez on 04.10.2011

  15. Another morning and I wake with thirst
    for the goodness I do not have. I walk
    out to the pond and all the way God has
    given us such beautiful lessons. Oh Lord,
    I was never a quick scholar but sulked
    and hunched over my books past the hour
    and the bell; grant me, in your mercy,
    a little more time. Love for the earth
    and love for you are having such a long
    conversation in my heart. Who knows what
    will finally happen or where I will be sent,
    yet already I have given a great many things
    away, expecting to be told to pack nothing,
    except the prayers which, with this thirst,
    I am slowly learning

    By Jasmine on 04.10.2011

  16. I thrist for everything I think we could be. But at the same time, I dread falling into step with you, talking with you, looking at you. There’s some part of me that’s doing all it can to drive us apart. Our future is cloudy.

    By Veerin URL on 04.10.2011

  17. I am so dry. My throat is closing, and I cannot swallow. I cannot continue any longer with this thirst. I will collapse.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.10.2011

  18. water quench bubbles dry gulp swath guzzzle burp drip drizzle splash burst ahhhhh hot day cold drink

    By kai neddersen on 04.10.2011

  19. i thirst for lemonade, in summer. a place where i might see a flower grow or a baby smile. a place where the sun shines relentlessly and everyday is a gift, a wonder, a promise that breaks a the first fallen leaf of fall.

    By Tiffany Creed URL on 04.10.2011

  20. i thirst for attention. not from other people but from the powers to be. i thirst for attention from fate, so that life may put me in the spotlight for once. i don’t want to be famous. i want to be worthy. i thirst for attention from karma, so that i know the good i do in life will somehow be done for me.

    By kai URL on 04.10.2011

  21. Thirst,A 6 letter word that doesnt have a very important meaning…THIRST. the feeling of not being hydrated THIRST.

    By Sam URL on 04.10.2011

  22. The thirst was deep, grinding, unyielding. It plagued him every day and every night, relentless. He could have no other thought in his mind but to sate it – but to sate it, that would be wrong. Grandmother’s words rang in his head whenever he thought of giving in. You must never let it rule you, you must rule it, or you will be nothing but beast.

    By Cana URL on 04.10.2011

  23. THIRST: The atheist,no doubt,will find this secular and religious time space continuum agreement mere coincidence.yet this meeting of the minds proves one thing:that space is yet another illusion.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 04.10.2011

  24. I am thirsty at this very moment. I am parched, actually. Not just thirsty in the literal sense, but also thirsty for friendship. I’ve been longing for new friendships. Sure, I am secure in the ones I have. But I would love to get to know new people. People across the universe.

    By Autumn on 04.10.2011

  25. Man I am thirsty. I could really use a drink. I have been at the bottom of this ravine for days now and I am going crazy. The thirst is killing me. I’m dying. I know that I am, and there’s nothing that I can do about it. What shall I do to get out of this predicament? Cut off my arm? I don’t think so…

    By Shannon McLeod on 04.10.2011

  26. in the desert i was really thirsty i was craving a margarita so i went for a swim in the lake and got myself one, at the end i wanted some food so i went for some chips in baja. later that night i craved some milk with my cookies, i am really thirsty.

    By Emily on 04.10.2011

  27. The need to have a drink of water. Some people in the world experience this feeling on a daily basis. Thirst for water. There is also thirst in a different context, thirst for knowledge, thirst for glamour, thirst for fame, thirst for acceptance, thirst for adventure. Thirst. a very interesting emotion. A lot can be said about thirsty people. Are they insatiable greedy idiots? Are they just high achievers?

    By Gwera Kiwana on 04.10.2011

  28. Thirst. Nothing seems to quench my thirst the way mello yello does. I should choose water for healthy reasons but honestly, there’s nothing I like better than a nice cool mello yello!

    By Deanna URL on 04.10.2011

  29. there is a thirst within that can not be quenched. No matter how long I have worked on not wanting it, every now and then it comes back and powerful. I try to keep my heart open but it seems to only get me hurt. I wish I understood why people prey on decent yet lonely souls. How can people be so cruel? I really was foolishly hopeful that this person would turn out to not screw with me.

    By sudra on 04.10.2011

  30. thirst for love. thirst for inspiration. thirst for that one, clean, refreshing sip of clear cold water. thirst for the need to feel cared for. thirst for the need to feel love. thirst for excitement. thirst for energy. thirst for life. thirst to hug.

    By Daniela Powers on 04.10.2011

  31. drink a pepsi and it will make you feel better. I thirst no more and am quinched by the word of life. Drink. have some free iced water. thirsty no more now that i have jesus

    By josh on 04.10.2011

  32. Thirst. That dry, scratchy feeling that lays in the back of your mouth. The thing that drives people mad if it isn’t quenched. If it isn’t squelched. Thirst will drive people to do crazy things. To kill. To pursue a life of something they don’t believe in. It’s the one thing that connects us to the animal world.

    By Alexandra Grace URL on 04.10.2011

  33. Thirst. I see this word and I think about how some people in this world, even this country I live in, have it every single day of their lives, and how I really don’t know what it’s like to be THIRSTY. Sure, I want something to drink sometimes, then I complain about the tap in out kitchen and demand a water bottle. Some people can’t even do that. And that’s so upsetting to me, it makes me just want to help.

    By Alexis URL on 04.10.2011

  34. i have a thirst for living a more meaningful and energetic life I thirst for the love and passion that dreams and ideals are made of I thirst for the sweet sweat of my lover, I thirst for happiness in the end.

    By sam URL on 04.10.2011

  35. That thing, where you don’t have enough liquid in your body. Dehydrated, as if there isn’t enough water inside of your system. Parched and looking for some source to fix it.

    By Naomi on 04.10.2011

  36. It isn’t arrogance. It is even a love of letters or syntax. What it comes down to is a thirst for stories. The universal translator is great for the facts, but it when it comes to knowing an individual, in learning the whole story, she needs the nuances and how all those little pieces fall into place.

    Aboard Enterprise it is a thirst that is always quenched with first contacts and delicate negotiations. It is everything she could want.

    Or at least it is until she wakes up the day after finalizing a codex for a new dialect of Standard and finds she can’t vocalize the command to stop the alarm. In fact, she can’t even name the sound blaring in her room.

    Here whole life feels like it’s at the tip of her tongue.

    By supergeek19 on 04.10.2011

  37. i am thirsty right now, i kinda want water but my cup is all the way downstairs, it’s kinda funny that i would get this word seeing as that right before i pressed “go” i was thinking to myself, “man, i could really go for some water right now. my mouth is watering so bad.”

    By Amanda Marie on 04.10.2011

  38. My thirst for nourishment stops me from seeking it. It is as if I am standing in a vast desert, and the oasis is right in front of me, yet I do not step toward it for fear that it is an illusion. I must learn to step forward, because be it illusion or not, I cannot quench my thirst unless I know. The next one might be the real thing.

    By Lotus Bloom URL on 04.10.2011

  39. To drink and drink and not be replenished. Sort of like the thirst for creativity. One needs to constantly drink.

    By Susan URL on 04.10.2011

  40. I’m not very thirsty right now. Well, actually, yes I am. I wannt apple juice. I have some in the fridge, but I dont want to get up and get it. I want cheetos too. I may get up after I write this. This seems like something my english teacher would show us. It’s actually king of cool. Not king, kind, but I dont want to wast time correcting it. The bar at the bottom of the screen tells me how much time i have left, i just realized that. Ugh I am bored. I had a good salad at Macaronni Grill today. Parmasean Chicken. Yaaaaa buddy. Woo hoo! times up!

    By Austin on 04.10.2011