September 10th, 2014 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “tambourine”

  1. He played bass, and she played guitar, and I was always stuck with the tambourine. I could play keys, I’d protest loudly. I could try fiddle or accordion or reeds. I could even kill on the vocals, but no. Little Joanna played the tambourine. Little Joanna always played the tambourine. Even when she was fifteen years old, grungy, and riddled with acne. Like it was even remotely still “cute.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.10.2014

  2. I cannot imagine someone would call himself a respectable musician as a tambourine player… it requires little skills and probably would help shy vocalists to overcome the fear of crowd

    By Simon on 09.10.2014

  3. Tambourine man Hey. Don’t know why anyone would care green tambourinne. Why is this word not prevalent anymore in everyday language or popular songs? The times have changed.

    By Olaf on 09.10.2014

  4. The crowd encircling a brightly colored vitsa was a common sight; there were always street performers in the capital. After all, it was the heart of the empire – one could hardly get anywhere without passing through the ivory walls of Alabastra. But, this time, something was different. Danika found herself arrested by the sight of one of the dancers, a girl no older than herself. The way she was there and then not, leaving nothing in her wake but the flash of color and the sound of a tambourine.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.10.2014

  5. i shook the tambourine until it gave me answers.
    “talk!” i said.
    “no!” said the tambourine.
    “fine… then i guess… i’ll… microwave you”
    “that’s messed”
    “tell me something i don’t know”
    “you suck”
    “you misunderstand”

    By Estevan URL on 09.11.2014

  6. I like to take part in a show with my tambourine group. We pracrice very hard before .

    By cikgu ita URL on 09.11.2014

  7. “Ai la la Ai la la…”

    From the shadows where Brunie was tied he could hear the tribe signing, tambourines shaking, people cackling in drunken stupour.

    Gods, he had to get out of these ropes before daylight or they’d skin his hide! Think, damn you.

    By joycronje URL on 09.11.2014

  8. a percussion instrument

    By Tanuvi on 09.11.2014

  9. do not know what that means but will give it a try . may be a musical instrument ? or some geological term.

    By ezat on 09.11.2014

  10. Two hours into the karaoke session from hell, the old hag was still slapping the tambourine anywhere between a quarter- and a half- beat out of time with the music. If she was doing it to annoy me, it was a masterstroke. I chugged down my whiskey, watered down to tastelessness, and prayed that I could escape to the refuge of my usual little izakaya and some fine Niigata Sake.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.11.2014

  11. I like to play the tambourine. I play at church. It seems to bother the people sitting next to me, but I do not care – I love the way it sounds

    By Danielle Hawsey on 09.11.2014

  12. Well the one instrument that he really wanted to play was the illustrious tambourine. It wasn’t hard. all you had to do was be able to keep a beat but his Mother, being a concert pianist, said that that was completely out of the question.

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.11.2014

  13. My kids love making music – love it. And at only 3 and almost one-year-old, these kids make some loud music. My oldest, Maddox, takes the tambourine with the built-in drum and bangs it as he walks all around the house. While, my nerves are frayed, he’s having a blast!

    By Marie on 09.11.2014

  14. I don’t think I ever understood why people love the sound of tambourines.
    It’s a harsh, sharp sound, like falling and spraining your ankle.
    Maybe people that love the sound have never understood the pain of falling down.

    By Al on 09.11.2014

  15. She lifted the tambourine, she hadn’t held one in years, but hear she was about to play it, all to become the woman he wanted her to be. The jingle of bells, was different from any other instrument she knew.

    By kirsty on 09.11.2014

  16. I always wanted to play the tambourine. It shakes and it shimmies better than I ever have. There are better instruments, sure, but none quite like it. Half cymbal, half drum, it’s the best of all the percussion instruments put together. Plus you can dance with it.

    By Amber on 09.11.2014

  17. a drum to use for playing music with friends and relatives.
    make funny sounds and children love them so much
    quite popular in tropical countries where people have frequent festivals.

    By Tam Hong on 09.11.2014

  18. “It’s a musical slam dunk,” I said to you. “A little like High School Musical, but yeah.”

    “Musical slam dunk?”

    “It shakes and gives off a shrill cheer like what happens when you guys do a slam dunk.”

    You glare, almost annoyed. “Our fans don’t cheer ‘shrilly’.”

    I shove it towards you, and shrug. “Try it.”

    By Ollie on 09.11.2014

  19. The sound of the priest’s tambourine exploded in the forest silence. The small group of people at the clearing, all dressed in long white robes adorned with colourful ribbons stood around him in a still circle.

    By eleia on 09.11.2014

  20. he stared longingly at her as she swayed her hips and shook her tambourine seductively to the beat. It was as if she was dancing just for him.

    By Jenny URL on 09.11.2014

  21. ‘comes the mailman. He’s tapping his tambourine today. Up the walks, under trees, playing for squirrels. If he’s got a message, we’ll know. We’ll hear it in the way the tambourine shakes. But for now, nothing. Not a single thing the wind doesn’t already know.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.11.2014

  22. Same old dance, same crowd, same damn song. Sometimes Saran wondered if the tips were really worth it. She tried not to roll her eyes as the man in the front row threw her a wink while his wife glared on. Kick-ball-change. Pivot turn to face the band. They had a new member, handsome with deep brown eyes and a tambourine in his hand. With a small smile and steady shake of his wrist, he gave Saran a new dance.

    By Soft URL on 09.11.2014

  23. what is a tambourine? what does it do? how do you use it? what is it for? why is it called a tambourine in the first place. its an instrument use to play. I’ve never used one before but i would like to though hey it could be fun for all we know.

    By slora33 on 09.11.2014

  24. Coloured fabric flashed tambourines in their dark hands. Happiness rang out in the air. Drums. Laughing. Dancing. Singing. This was the definition of pure happiness. The carefreeness of celebration.
    Smiles flashed. Dark hands pulled me from my sitting position. In a language I couldnt understand they encouraging me to join. The bright colours of their loose clothing swinging with their bodies as they spun around creating a cloud of dust that added to the excitement. No shoes needed. No problems found. only happiness in what they had and the celebration of nothing desired.

    By Brittany on 09.11.2014

  25. At the ball, my sister-in-law danced by herself and played the tambourine that the band had with them. Everyone joined in a circle and danced with her!! She became the belle of the ball for one night!!

    By Jan on 09.11.2014

  26. I love the smell of your tambourine. I never liked musicians cause the only thing they care about is music. But this round instrument assured me that you must be someone reliable.

    By Dreamscape URL on 09.11.2014

  27. I have a tambourine that sits on top of my shelf in my room. I bought it a year ago to play while playing guitar I thought that playing it with my feet while playing guitar would be cool but it’s actually pretty forky. Oh well, I still enjoy using my tambourine as a percussion instrument.

    By Maddi on 09.11.2014

  28. All I can think about is ABBA,
    Until they drag me away to the padded room,
    Where I can dance like a dancing queen all night
    and all day long,
    Fuelled by the power that celebrity and media gives me.

    I feel free.
    I am free.
    Free falling.
    If I was a bird.
    I am a bird.
    I’m like a bird.

    I will be the greatest groupie of all time.
    Here we go.

    By Siege URL on 09.11.2014

  29. i never learned to play the tambourine. always liked the movement of the cymbals and of course the sound, but have always been intimidated by instruments, except piano. but hen, i’m intimidated by so many things and yet i hate to miss out rand the tambourine reminds me of that

    By elaina on 09.11.2014

  30. It makes a clashing sound. I read a newspaper article about a handicapped boy who used a tambourine and was asked to not use it during the service. People were mad about it but I understand. There is a time and a place for everything even tambourines. They are not my favorite sound.

    By Danielle on 09.11.2014

  31. jingling in midair the tambourine shakes

    By star URL on 09.11.2014

  32. an instrument that people play. It’s a type of percussion instrument that also has bells. People shake it to make the bells ring and hit it for a drum sound.

    By carolyn on 09.11.2014

  33. loud fun learning ancient animal skin

    By janine yope on 09.11.2014

  34. I already did this

    By janine yope on 09.11.2014

  35. people play tambourines. they are round. they have bells. they are a musical instrument. I would not want to play the tambourine. I don’t know what else to write.

    By stephanie williams on 09.11.2014

  36. an instrument used in purcusion to make a jingle noise. It is made with wood and metal plates that your shake to make noise.

    By Sarah URL on 09.11.2014

  37. It is a mustical instrument

    By mhess on 09.11.2014

  38. Do you remember Esmeralda from the Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? I immediately wanted to learn to play the tambourine after that. There’s probably way more skill than just banging it against your hand and waving it about, but I can’t figure it out. Esmeralda fail? Or did Disney just make it look way more impressive?

    By The Procrastinator URL on 09.11.2014

  39. The crowd gathered on either side of the street clapped as she danced down the parade route, tambourine in hand. She and the rest of the dance troupe were dressed as gypsies and the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance judging by the cheers as they passed.

    By _Kate_ URL on 09.11.2014

  40. My tambourine sat in a cabinet by my kitchen table. I had forgotten it was there until my granddaughter began to explore my tiny one bedroom apartment.
    Grandpa, she asked, what is this?
    That, baby girl, is Grandpa’s tambourine.
    She shook the tambourine. She hit the tambourine. And she did exactly what a tambourine is supposed to. She made beautiful noise.

    By Jacquelyn on 09.11.2014