September 11th, 2014 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “stay”

  1. i would have liked to stay longer in the US. it’s been great. I had a really good time with my family the whole month. Moreover, my stay made me think about going to live and work there.

    By gbernaus on 09.11.2014

  2. The clock ticked, counting down the seconds till you had to leave. I turned over and snuggled into your chest, caressing the soft hairs that twirled and meandered down to your stomach, cradled in the warmth of your body as it rose slowly with each breath. I did not want this moment to end, I wished we could stay like this forever, two souls entwined in bliss. The world could wait, or it could just go away altogether, I cared not which. For all that I wanted, all that I needed, held me in its arms now, and nothing else mattered.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.11.2014

  3. If I stay, will you hold me closer instead of backing away? Will you let my share your drink, spare a sip of your straw, instead of pour half into a distant vessel? Will you tell me that my eyes are beautiful today – crystal clear, free of tears, bright enough to send the room spinning in a rainbow – rather than looking down, averting your gaze, wondering when the monster will force me out again?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.12.2014

  4. Stayin awake for late hours at night might cause you health problems. On the other hand, staying in bed for long time in the morning is also not good.

    By Khaled Alsheikh on 09.12.2014

  5. (so won’t you stay with me
    that’s all i need.)

    By flowerthinkshimmers URL on 09.12.2014

  6. “You could’ve come back,” she snapped, gray eyes stormy and wet with tears. “You could’ve STAYED.”
    “I…” she dropped her eyes, “I didn’t know you wanted me too.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.12.2014

  7. stay the night … she said too him
    but they will find us out , he said
    i don not care ,
    if they find us , your father will kill us both
    then let us die together , tan live separated she pleaded

    By Hashim URL on 09.12.2014

  8. You taught me about the constants in Chemistry –
    Avogadro’s Number, Boltzmann constant, Gas constant.

    You taught me about life –
    you were once a devoted Christian but now
    thinking that it was all naive;
    faithless atheist.

    You taught me about the minuscule, the unimaginable –
    atoms, molecules and their

    you’d never know –
    All I could think of was bonding time with you,
    praying to God to bring you back to church,
    that somehow I can plant a seed of faith in you.

    you’d never know –
    All the constant
    thoughts of having you in my mind, in my dreams:
    dimpled cheeks, deep red lips.

    You taught me that loving you
    things will never stay the same.

    I erupt at the thought of us making love,
    leaving my body so empty and needy for your
    beautiful fingers.

    By flowerthinkshimmers URL on 09.12.2014

  9. January loved playing ridiculous games. In the car, in the shower, in bed. In the middle of a movie. Nowhere was safe. It got to the point where I would physically itch when I could sense another one coming on. What’s the craziest name you can think for the royal baby? Think of a number between 1 and 10. Where would you live if you won the lottery? And her favourite; tell a story in five words.

    She decided not to stay.

    By bb333 URL on 09.12.2014

  10. She had the fortitude to show up every morning; to sit there with her cup of tea and twiddle out a random sentence, sometimes a paragraph, a snippet from a story. But she gave up believing she had a novel inside of her. She couldn’t stay in the story. Years of anxiety attacks had left her skittish and her mind completely fragmented. She could clarify a single thought but never the big picture.

    By bb333 URL on 09.12.2014

  11. ‘In one place for such a long time…’ he said looking at her with his look of envy. ‘Bet you never actually managed to do that, did you ?’ reponded a man in black on his right. ‘I never managed to stay with one girl for more than 2 weeks and you are telling me about lifetime in one spot !?’ uttered the blonde man looking at a dea woman laying on the floor.

    By Omnix URL on 09.12.2014

  12. i stay last night in my aunty house .

    By ami on 09.12.2014

  13. Stay health, Stay wow. health is big concern we need to thinks about it. So stay on your excerpts program, good food etc

    By Tapasya on 09.12.2014

  14. At the top platform, the wind reigns. It is impossible for them to stay long enough to complete the repairs: after ten minutes, their frozen hands refuse to cooperate, they are gasping for air.

    By eleia on 09.12.2014

  15. i once stayed in a budget in in herkimer. it was nasty. it smelled like a retirement home. i will never stay there again. bad memories. it was on the way to niagra falls. we stayed in alot of motels but the nicest one we stayed in was a super 8.

    By jakob on 09.12.2014

  16. “You know, the decision to stay was all mine,” She said. “I was nt to be the best Mom I could possibly be. You don’rt make that easy. So why don’t yoou help me by being a Good dad”

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.12.2014


    By ALEENA ELLIOTT URL on 09.12.2014

  18. yadda yadda – done this already adfafafas why won’t you take my writing, you silly website – let the writing stay where I put it instead of erasing it over and over. this is the third time i’m writing about STAY!

    By paula on 09.12.2014

  19. stay with me, means that please pay me more attention for sakes of god, stay means please seat down and listen to memore and more

    By Reza on 09.12.2014

  20. I stay hear. My brother stays there. Where you stay. Mi daughter sta

    By anabon on 09.12.2014

  21. I hate it when I have to stay at home on a Friday night. It is really annoying. I just watch tV ou browse on the internet. I wish I could go out with my friends and try something

    By Carmem Foltran on 09.12.2014

  22. told to wait to stay here when im going somewhere you tell your dog this lol

    By shane URL on 09.12.2014

  23. i like to stay in a big house but sometimes it can be dead boring. i hate when it comes to gardening and doing the house chores i wish it was lot more fun…

    By Rawinder Kaur URL on 09.12.2014

  24. Running after him seemed so pathetic, so she remained by the door and watched as he walked away. Her fingers clutched the doorknob as tightly as the hope she clung to that he would turn around. Even as annoying tears blurred her sight and the vision of him began to fade, she stood there, waiting.

    By Soft URL on 09.12.2014

  25. she knew she would stay, although he had hurt her before, she loved him too much, and he wanted change, so she’d help him, with their friends supporting her.

    By kirsty on 09.12.2014

  26. with me cause your all i need you see love is fair to see cause your all i need

    By janine yope on 09.12.2014

  27. Dont leave not to leave the setting tell someone to stay and work,

    By Sarah URL on 09.12.2014

  28. I pretended to be asleep this morning,
    Or last night,
    Both have been blurred together,
    So you wouldn’t have to feel guilty when you inevitably gather your shoes and choose to sneak out as the sunset sneaks in through the blinds.
    Maybe today won’t be like every other time…
    But when I open my eyes, this dream will stop.

    Fake a snore,
    Control the breath,
    And try not to break.

    By Siege URL on 09.12.2014

  29. “What did you do?”

    I swallow hard, trying not to meet his eyes. He already knows what I did, everyone knows what I did becuase it’s what everyone wanted to do. And what nobody wanted me to do.

    “Sam,” he grows.

    I turn to him, trying to match his gaxe, “I asked her to stay.”

    By DeionDakota URL on 09.12.2014

  30. My grandmother never really seemed to give a shit about us, even after we ran away for a few days, sleeping over at Hayen’s home. She stood locked up in that tiny little apartment and had “no reason to leave” as she liked to put it that way. Sometimes I found myself imagining what would happen if she just adopted the apartment walls as her new body and in a way, she did. But not the way I had expected.

    By Assassin URL on 09.12.2014

  31. He stayed em his hause, but me, I stayed in the

    By anabon on 09.12.2014

  32. I want you to stay here with me, looking out the rainy window and never looking back. I want you to stay with me inside the house- our house, and watch movies with me at night time and when the dusk turns into dawn. I want you to stay. But I know you won’t. I know You’ll find the next best thing and you’ll never stay anywhere because you’re an adventurer.

    By Karisa on 09.12.2014

  33. I want you to stay, though I know you never will. you’re an adventurer and you wouldn’t want to stick with me, hanging back and just enjoying the light of the normality. You’ll never stay with me because no matter how many times you tell me you love me, you love living more.

    By Karisa URL on 09.12.2014

  34. Staying in one place is not so much fun, I wish we could all keep moving. However, staying in one place allows you to see what you wouldn’t regularly see because you are moving. Stay is a word we use with dogs. When we want them not to move around and be out of our control. Stay is a controlling word. It is static. It is not fun. I don’t like the word stay. I like the word wiggle.

    By Judie on 09.12.2014

  35. Stay, pup. Just stay here and be safe.
    No. Instead of that, I’ll go and enjoy myself. I’ll go be free while I can, and if I get hurt…. well. The worst that will happen is hurting the others. But I can’t stay. I won’t stay. I’m tired. I’m in pain. We’ll fight for this and win it by trial and error, and it will hurt, but we will do it anyway.

    By kurookami on 09.12.2014

  36. Someone needs to teach me how to love
    and accept the love I should deserve.

    I once begged you to stay but now it’s all different.
    I don’t even know why I have a fetish to avoid love given to me
    and make myself so miserable.

    Perhaps its the insecurities –
    do they dread my thorns or
    will they love my fragrance and
    do they accept that I come in blood
    red colour?

    It is dysfunctional.
    I must be.

    By flowerthinkshimmers URL on 09.12.2014

  37. i asked if i should stay and the answer never came. the withheld answer proved to be answer enough. leave, it said. dont make it hurt like it hurts–just leave. i left. physically. emotionally i stayed in that room and i’m still there, wishing i’d never asked.

    By Safon URL on 09.12.2014

  38. “Who’s woods are these, I think I know.”

    Does he even stay near to watch them fill up with snow?

    By Intuition URL on 09.12.2014

  39. I would not stay in Iran. I wanna go to Australia!

    By masoud on 09.12.2014