September 9th, 2014 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “tailgate”

  1. someone is driving right behind you almost hitting your bumper

    By star on 09.10.2014

  2. someone behind you driving to fast

    By star on 09.10.2014

  3. The trunk opening of any car. This is also for any back car opening.

    By hunter on 09.10.2014

  4. Should I or should I not go to the tailgate party? Inside, I said, “of course I should. I can do anything sober that I can do drinking. I have no limits.” Then, once I was there, I looked down. My hands were shaking. My higher power was screaming at me, “go, now.” Self-will run riot could have turned into a drink that day. Thanks to a pair of shaking hands and a last minute date, it didn’t.

    By Diane on 09.10.2014

  5. I used to tailgate in college. It was one of the bittersweet experiences in my collegiate career. I love hanging out with my friends, but sometimes it got a bit too crowded. I happen to be a little claustrophobic. So that affected me sometimes.

    By Souls on 09.10.2014

  6. I wanna tailgate you. I never really learned what tailgate meant, because I’m not into football. But it sounds like hanging on to the back of you, probably while you’re speeding forward and I’m along for the ride. And the view doesn’t suck, either. I just wanna grab hold of you and let you do your thing, and I’ll just let the breeze blow through my hair while you run, and I’ll just draft behind you.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 09.10.2014

  7. I never understood the point of tailgating. You sit around outside all day, grilling food and hide from the sun – or rain or whatever – and then what? The game just goes on! That’s what! You all look as ridiculous as a Bieber fan camping outside his CD signing just because you can.

    By Angelie Bobe on 09.10.2014

  8. He felt a tap on his shoulder. A breeze whispered, “Right behind you, darling.” The chill ran up his spine as a little death flickered in out of the dappled light that danced through his passing shadow. The leaves rattled. His soul rattled. His teeth chattered. Somewhere in the distance he heard a tailgate drop. Gravel crunched and bit at the gravediggers’ persistent shovels. Methodically and rhythmically they worked in tandem. Digging deeper and deeper, only stopping long enough to grab the rope and pull him in, inch by inch, until the time had come to finally call it a job well done.

    By Intuition on 09.10.2014

  9. The gates were pushed open by the twelve hulking masses as the Elf king was welcomed with song and cheers. His solemn eyes looked straight ahead, ignoring the crowds and cheers. He had seen enough war to not be uplifted by his returning to the country. Too many people died and too many lost. They had won the war and almost every battle but Evilin was gone and so was any happiness he could have had.

    By Flesh on 09.10.2014

  10. Tailgate me and I’ll whip your tail out of line.

    By Krys on 09.10.2014

  11. I like to tailgate, because someone will get intoxicated, and then most likely fall off something and break their leg or arm. Football is a plus I guess, but the party is what is fun.

    By Thomas on 09.10.2014

  12. There are many different meanings of the word “tailgate,” though all bring a fondness to my heart. Perhaps that is indigestion though.

    By Brenden on 09.10.2014

  13. football

    By faith37love on 09.10.2014

  14. The lights had got so foggy,
    as I had drawn nearer.
    I lost my focus; but in that
    I found you.

    Tell me why
    I see all the stars in my rear view
    but they just can’t compare at all to you.
    Tell me why when the big moon shone,
    it took my baby,and left me all alone.

    By Marissa on 09.10.2014

  15. h

    By h on 09.10.2014

  16. We all gathered in the parking lot outside Giants Stadium before the game. It was a cold, bleak December morning, but the grill was hot and the burgers were sizzling, and the kids were keeping warm tossing the ball back and forth. Despite the gentle flurries dancing their descent, none of us froze.

    By Joe on 09.10.2014

  17. My mom tailgates a lot. I ask to come all the time, but it’s not for kids. My mom hates when she’s alone in the house with us. kids annoy her, which is funny. She has 4. My dad hates it too. They’re young and need to go out constantly. Us ids are weights holding them down.

    By kalyynn on 09.10.2014

  18. cars and parties, my little brother innocent and growing. king of a woodland hills family that misses him. school university and life waiting for him. A family at strings’ end woven from the same mother, everyone missing each other quietly. different colors, different landscapes, life together and apart

    By josephine on 09.10.2014

  19. She is measuring the tomato sauce with a clear cup. Half cup, one cup, one and a half. She was the annoyance that made the men leave the tailgate; she rationed their pepperoni per slice and their beer by ounces.

    By Lauren on 09.10.2014

  20. I went to the tailgate party not knowing what to expect, but before I not there. I fell off my bike, ran off the sidewalk, flipped over the handlebars, and faceplanted it. One of the cars driving by stopped to ask if I was OK it said VROOM VROOM. No really the persons todlar said that. The person said I

    By S on 09.10.2014

  21. The person was on my ass. He was right behind me! The nerve! There’s a person in front of me you asshole, I can’t do anything about it. Don’t you under-oh, go ahead, try to pass me! There isn’t any room in front of me. Ok you’ve seen that. ARE YOU TAILGATING ME. GET OFF MY ASS.

    By Carissa on 09.10.2014

  22. oh boy
    you sighed a little to loud
    and blew out the light
    let’s go inside
    and stay away from this mass invasion.
    sometimes there are dandelion seeds that travel a little farther
    than necessary.
    i feel like we’ve hit a salt field,
    my dear.

    By Kairn on 09.10.2014

  23. Anonymous item, red and rusty.
    Jaw to the vehicle.
    8 letters taunt me.
    I do not drive.
    Online dictionary.

    By Kira on 09.10.2014

  24. dont stick your tail in my gate i will cut if off.

    By james on 09.10.2014

  25. As soon as I arrived at the party I knew I shouldn’t have come. I thought I saw him through one of the windows, but I told myself not to listen to my eyes. They lie, you know.
    But not this time.

    By ulimonster on 09.10.2014

  26. If you’re driving too slow, you have to watch your tailgate because the car behind you must be tailgating you. It’s not safe.

    By jocelyn URL on 09.10.2014