October 6th, 2010 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “tallest”

  1. I am not the tallest person in the world, but i think i know who is. Theres a boy in my yeah names mitchell barber and he is mighty tall, taller than trees, taller that buildings, hes the tallest person i know!

    By Brittany thomson on 10.06.2010

  2. The tallest guy in the store was an 80 year old white male, cheeks rosy and skin glistening with sweat. He pulled a gun from his waistband and began shouting. All he wanted were cigarettes… but who would have known those cigarettes would end so many lives…

    By Zoe URL on 10.06.2010

  3. i think of beautiful trees in northern quebec. you know those vast ones that touch the sky, creating an illusion of fall. of being alone. it’s the nicest feeling the world. it feels free.

    By Paige on 10.06.2010

  4. he was the tallest in his family and she was the smallest in hers. but height doesn’t really matter when hearts are in tune. still, she often yearned for a dance partner her own height.

    By finny URL on 10.07.2010

  5. When I was a child at school I was the tallest person in my class. I was also the cleverest. Thus, I used to associate intelligence with height until I met Martin Carr who was six feet six and as thick as two short planks. Now I’m suspicious of tall people who appear clever.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.07.2010

  6. It’s not important to be the tallest. They hit their head on shit all the time, and that can’t be fun. Plus they never really get to have someone fit perfectly under their chins, more like under their shoulders.

    By Lala on 10.07.2010

  7. I was the tallest girl in class, and I hated it. They boys teased me, the girls hated me and the teacher outright tormented me. I suppose I deserved it though; wearing high heels every day is not the smartest thing to do.

    By Maria on 10.07.2010

  8. He was the tallest in the room, standing by the wall like a cramped redwood tree. At the time, I was into tall guys–height was a guarantee of my attention, practically. I couldn’t see that he was ugly. His face was too high up.

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.07.2010

  9. she was the tallest girl in the class, even taller than most boys are. She loomed over the teachers and did not listen to anyone. Her parents though were very short

    By Diptee on 10.07.2010

  10. He was quite the tallest person I had ever seen, and the handsomest, although he stooped as if embarrassed at the height, as if he had been given more than his share.

    By jessie URL on 10.07.2010

  11. the tallest man ive ever known once told me that if i ever wanted to be as tall as him id have to eat my vegetables. not only did i start eating my vegetables i started breaking them down to powder and snorting them . well, i felt stupid when i woke up in the hospital that night.

    By johnny on 10.07.2010

  12. He was considering the trees before him, which was the tallest, which one still had leaves that would block the wind.

    By gino on 10.07.2010

  13. She wasn’t the tallest in her class, but she got the highest, higher than anyone else. She was always high, always feeling tall, until her mother brought her down. And then she felt lower than the kid in her class who was ‘legally a midget,’ and all she could think about was being the tallest again…

    By Airotia URL on 10.07.2010

  14. the tallest tree in the biggest forrest is the only tree that you can see when you are standing near it. Sometimes problems in your life look like that tree but really you have to climb to the top to see the forrest!

    By Bethany on 10.07.2010

  15. I found myself at the tallest point of the building. It wasn’t even the rooftop. I was standing aboard some makeshift room left behind by a scavenger or a bum who needed a place to stay and above it, I saw the rest of the city and the undead, lumbering about craving for blood.

    By yin URL on 10.07.2010

  16. The tallest man in the world walk home, pondering on his toughts. He wondered, “What must it be like to be short, instead of me?” He walked on.

    By echuaco URL on 10.07.2010

  17. Heads above the rest. Your light shines. It’s not your height, but your integrity and character that elevates you.

    By Soft URL on 10.07.2010

  18. The tallest building in Berlin is the Fernsehturm, which isn’t a building per se, so maybe it’s not the tallest building, if it’s not a building… But tall still.

    By LotteZwo URL on 10.07.2010

  19. The tallest tree, the highest mountain, the largest planet, the most humoungus solar system. I have always wanted to be taller, not “tallest” just taller. To be the “tallest” would mean to be the “longest” as well, surely? And to be the most light headed?

    By Amber on 10.07.2010

  20. He was the tallest man on the earth after the great meteor collision. The effects of the radiation had affected the growth patterns of the rest of the world so that they not only were born shorter but shrunk as they grew older. He was very alone now. All of the regular luxeries he used to enjoy were now gone; no more vehicles that fit his size, none of the chairs fit his body and they no longer manufactered clothing that would fit his “enormous” size.

    By stnly on 10.07.2010

  21. I was the tallest! I couldn’t believe my luck! I’d done all my stretches every night for three weeks now, ever since I learnt that where I stand in school photos is effected by how tall I am. God how proud I am. Grade one is off to a great start!

    By Jacinta on 10.07.2010

  22. “Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair, and tell me who’s the tallest in all of fantasia?”
    “You are my queen, but you’re getting your fairytale lines mixed up…”


    By crazyoctopus URL on 10.07.2010

  23. this is the nicest word since i am tall, surrounded by tall bw, and that makes me as happy as i can get. plus it distracts me.

    By ollo on 10.07.2010

  24. I found myself standing outside the tallest building in the area. I had tried walking horizontally to no avail; I’d try my luck vertically. I climbed the stairs all the way to the top floor and looked out. Nothing. No people. No birds. Nothing but me.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.07.2010

  25. Tall stories, jokes, lies, whatever you want to call them. All imaginative ideas or complete rubbish? You decide.

    By lorraine URL on 10.07.2010

  26. It was the tallest tree she’d ever seen. At the top, her friend, Catherine, sat in awe at the diminishing ground beneath her. The tree was growing, fast and steady, into the cosmos above. A growing divide engulfed them both with fear. She shouted, but she was travelling well over the speed of sound by the time she could call for help.

    By joey on 10.07.2010

  27. I already did the tallest one word, right? Yes, I did. Hmm. I was talking about horses. I did it yesterday, I wonder where this web site thinks it is? Perhaps I am in a time warp and have actually gone back in time like in the Terminator movies!

    By purpleink URL on 10.07.2010

  28. I’ve never known what it’s like to be the tallest, even the tallest in the room. At 2′ 10″,there’s always someone towering over me, even if it’s the table lamp.

    By Henry URL on 10.07.2010

  29. I am not the talest girl inte class, in fact I am probebly omne of the shortest one in the class. I always wanted to be taller…but I am starting to realise that that is not going to happen.

    By michaela on 10.07.2010

  30. tallest tree

    By viktor on 10.07.2010

  31. He was tall.
    Always the tallest in the room.
    I loved that about him.
    It was different, unique.
    Freakish, even.
    For him, it worked.

    By DM URL on 10.07.2010

  32. Penis in Space.
    (Housten, please meld!)

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.07.2010

  33. when i used to dance i was always the tallest
    always in the back behind all the smaller and more petite girls
    as much as i loved being tall, i hated being stuck in the curtains
    i wanted to be seen

    By Rachel on 10.07.2010

  34. tallest

    By abdullah altwairgi on 10.07.2010

  35. she was the tallest girl of the group and also a natural leader. It was like an unwritten rule. But her presence was bigger than that of the sky scrapers surrounding us in this big concrete jungle. EWhen she was around, she made my heart thump in my chest.

    By Eririn on 10.07.2010

  36. buildings and we can connect this with what was said the other day- long and lithest so high and yet so small and short, never able to be alive, never able to feel what the air feels like this down by our heads and in our ears, the air is thinner up there, isnt it?

    By H on 10.07.2010

  37. don’t forget me
    standing like a tree
    unwilling to move.
    you left.
    but here i am.
    only wishing your return.

    By Wetterhound on 10.07.2010

  38. symbols of power, wealth and presumed importance
    record breaking and ultimately pointless

    By Nath on 10.07.2010

  39. my dad is the tallest in our family. but I have this other friend who is crazy tall! He plays tennis actually. Random but true. I don’t know who’s tallest. dad or my friend

    By Hihi on 10.07.2010

  40. it’s the highest height.
    higher than arms can reach.
    than mountains can climb.
    than shuttles can travel.
    it’s beyond the sky.
    beyond the heavens.

    By NuSol URL on 10.07.2010